Jan 26 2011 1:00pm

Read an Excerpt of Original Sin

Original Sin by Lisa DesrocherThe sequel to Lisa Desrochers's wildly popular Personal Demons, Original Sin, is out from Tor Books on July 11. But the first chapter is available now, only for registered users of!

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Personal Demons introduced psychic Frannie and her very own angel and devil duo. But now Frannie, Luc, and Gabe are in more trouble than ever. Things weren't so bad when it was just Luc and Gabe competing for Frannie's attention, but now that Luc has left Hell behind for her, they've got a whole horde of Luc's former allies hot on their heels...and their angelic protector is feeling a little devilish, himself.

We hope this excerpt whets your appetite! Stay tuned to for giveaways and more.


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