Jan 13 2011 4:56pm

Pixar Builds a Zoetrope Made of Pure Win

Inspired by Studio Ghibli’s “Bouncing Totoro” zoetrope, the folks at Pixar decided to put together their own Toy Story zoetrope to showcase the magic of animation. The resulting awesomeness can be seen at either Disney’s California Adventure or Hong Kong Disneyland. In related news...ZOMG, there’s a Totoro zoetrope!!! Why are there no decent videos of this thing on YouTube?! Why are we not in Japan right now? So many questions.

Jon BSer
1. Jon BSer
Very cool short.
The old Blue Man Group theater in the Luxor had a large Zoetrope that was a dancing circle used to great effect during concerts.
Mark McKibben
2. Manzabar
Likely there's no YouTube clips of the Totoro zoetrope because it's at the Ghibli museum and the museum forbids photography and video recording. Given the awesomeness that is the Ghibli museum; who's going to risk getting thrown out to make a video of just one of the exhibits?
Jason Henninger
3. jasonhenninger
I'm glad there's good footage of it. I've seen this in person dozens of times and it blows my mind every time. I generally understand the science behind it, but still, every time the strobe starts, my mind goes, "ooh, magic amazing stuff!"
Jon BSer
4. mirana
Agreed with Manzabar. No recording or photography of anything inside the museum period, end of story. Even the books you can buy don't show a lot of the inside. The tourists are very respectful of this rule, and even if they weren't, there are staff everywhere. The zoetrope is only one of many really awesome things going on there. If you ever go to Japan, it is well worth the advance booking (VERY advance booking) , timed tickets and off-the-beaten-path location to check it out. My fav animation "trick" was the one with the Laputa robot and birds. They also put original concept art on display...just pinned to walls. They give you used pencils from the animators, a viewing of one of three exclusive Ghibli animated shorts, and cute film-embedded tickets. One of the best museums ever, seriously.
Mark McKibben
5. Manzabar
@mirana: I'd forgotten about the film-embedded tickets! Those were great, kind of wish I'd been able to keep mine. While I did forgotten about the tickets, I'll never forget the short film. I was there back in 2004 and the museum was doing a special Pixar exhibit. So rather than seeing one of the exclusive Ghibli shorts, I got to Boundin'. *sigh*
Jon BSer
7. hardcandy685
I was just at Ghibli Museum today! I try to go once a month while I"m living in Tokyo so I can see all the short films. January's film is about a group of mice who keep losing sumo matches, so a man plumps them up with dumplings to win! There may be picture of the Totoro zoetrope online, or perhaps I can scan a picture of it. There is one in my program guide I could upload to my blog :)

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