Jan 5 2011 12:30pm

Giveaway: Fashionpunk Novel Yarn by Jon Armstrong

Yarn by Jon ArmstrongTane Cedar is the master tailor, the supreme outfitter of the wealthy, the beautiful, and the powerful. When an ex-lover, on the run from the authorities, asks him to create a garment from the dangerous and illegal Xi yarn—a psychedelic opiate—to ease her final hours, Tane’s world is torn apart.

And thus Jon Armstrong’s latest fashionpunk sci-fi novel Yarn kicks off. You can read an excerpt of it here, and today, thanks to Night Shade Books, you can also win a free copy signed by the author!

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post—duplicates won’t count—in the next two days (until Friday, January 7th). Five winners will be randomly chosen from these comments.

Please check your email in the 24 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from the winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

1. PhoenixFalls
Am I first? Cool giveaway!
2. Matt Imrie
Looks like a ripping yarn!
3. rcutshaw
Ripping Yarn like the TV series.
4. JordanaF
Would love love love to win this!
5. Teawench
This looks like an awesome read
6. JRVogt
Sounds like fun. Thanks for the contest!
7. wandering-dreamer
For a second I thought you guys were giving away actual steampunk-ed out yarn and I was super excited, but a book is always good too!
8. Po(sey) Sessions
I was just tweeting about how fabulous this book looked yesterday. Thanks for the contest.
S Cooper
10. SPC
Count me in! It looks interesting!
11. BitterOldJoe
"Fashionpunk" might be the coolest name I've heard recently.

12. Susan Zed
Oh, oh, this sounds like a fun read. I'm adding it to my must-read list. Of course, it'd be extra spiffy to read a signed copy. ;)
13. Susan Petroulas
I've heard very good things about this novel. Please sign me up!
14. KwanTi
I got a sweater for Christmas. However, it has neither psychedelic nor opiate properties.
Nina Lourie
15. supertailz
This book looks awesome! Tailoring and fashion and punky sf/steam! Win
17. TheaMR
Awesome giveaway! Crossing my fingers!
19. Beardmonger
Odd idea, but the excerpt makes it look good. Sign me up.
20. Azhreia
Looks interesting
Matthew Caulder
22. MattCaulder
Read the excrept from this. Was pretty good.
23. John Taber
Sign me up! :D
26. Lis Carey
Sounds like a fascinating idea! I'll be watching my email in the hope of winning.
27. irishmak
Ooh, looks like a good read!
Melissa Shumake
28. cherie_2137
read the excerpt and was intrigued, would love to read the whole thing!
29. bksgoddess
Sound interesting! I'd love to read it!
31. Lisa (starmetal oak)
Count me in!
32. Alden Ash
Sound interesting, and since I haven't heard back on any of my Halo entries I might as well keep trying. I have yet to encounter a bad, free book.
33. marciepooh
The excerpt has me hooked.
Stephen Zielinski
34. zsaz1029
That sounds interesting. I admit, I'm intrigued.
35. Rory Martin
I want to read this after I read Grey.
36. Chris G.
Fashionpunk. Huh. Sounds interesting.
Mouldy Squid
38. Mouldy_Squid
I loved Grey. It was bizarre, punkish and high-bit rate. Sounds like this is set in the same universe.

If you haven't read Grey, do so; fantastic novel.
39. Pamela Blome
Sounds intriguing....
41. Jaime Callahan
I keep hearing about this book and how unique/awesome it is. It's definitely in my TBR list.
Sim Tambem
42. Daedos
Statistically, I should eventually... ...nevermind, that never seems to work.
43. SueRed
Fashionpunk? Thats a first. Sounds fascinating.
45. photon
i liked the preview chapters.
46. RobynC
Would love to read this!
47. Heather Perkins
sounds like a cool read.
Michelle Morrell
48. Vylotte
Well that's a whole bunch of my favorite things in one convenient package!
49. EliasC
Count me in, please
Matthew B
51. MatthewB
Fashionpunk? Really? I'd give it a chance.
Kevin Jackson-Mead
52. jacksonmead
The excerpt was excellent. Can't wait to read the book.
Melissa Tabon
56. kiara
The compulsive knitter in me is now twitching to read this. Thanks for making my TBR shelf that much bigger. ;o)
Binyamin Weinreich
58. Imitorar
Fashionpunk, huh? I'm beginning to wonder what you can't make a sub-genre out of. Still this does look interesting, so here's my bid.
61. shinythings
Ooh, fashionpunk.
Ethan Glasser-Camp
62. glasserc
WANT so bad I can taste it. (It tastes like mittens.)

63. debby with a y
Oooh! I'd love to read the rest of this!
64. Rowanmdm
I'm so intrigued...
65. Nicole F.
Awesome, count me in.
66. HaphazardJoy
Pick me, pick me!
67. RobJohnson
Count me in!
68. Pinkhamster
In case you're just joining us, I demand a copy of this book!
Jessica Reisman
69. jwynne
Sweet scissorly skirts and cravats! I want I want!
70. Shoy1964
Sounds a very interesting story, grabs your attention straight way, would be great to have one, I would definitely comment on it.
74. Kvon
I saw this listed in the Library Journal, it was the one sf that caught my eye last month.
75. @mitydad
This has GOT to be my lucky post! I need signed books like I need a hole in the head. (Nose, mouth, ears.. Signed book)
76. Alexandra Preis
Fashionpunk?! Why am I always the last one to know about a new genre?
Seriously, this book sounds amazing, and I would love to win it.
Dru O'Higgins
77. bellman
I've never heard of this book, or Fashionpunk! Is that a real genre, or are you messing with me?
79. aliwood
This sounds very cool!
82. booksnyarn
Oh, this looks great!
Lloyd Viente
83. lloydv
Sounds interesting. Trying to avoid the obvious pun and hoping I win.
Matt Wright
84. matty42
This sounds awesome. My wife is a knitter and she would really dig this book!
Fred Coppersmith
85. FCoppersmith
Grey was really great, so I'm looking forward to reading this one too!
88. AgentKaz
Attach a -punk to anything in science fiction and I'm there! Haven't read this one yet, but Grey was amazing.
Jeff Parent
89. Roundabout
For months I had planned a vacation
Of travel and relaxed liberation
But I quickly yelled 'Darn!'
I'd forgotten my Yarn
So I unwound with some self flagellation
92. Galena
this looks really cool :)
Gillian Conahan
93. hanabi
My fascination with tailoring is about the only thing that rivals my science fiction habit in geekery. Accordingly, this is relevant to my interests.
95. Miscellaneous Steve
I'd like a copy.
Margaret Fisk
97. MarFisk
Between the term Fashionpunk and the description, this sounds like a fun read. Please include me.
98. aladygma
wow i would like one :D
Geargoyle Geargoyle
99. Geargoyle
I've never read fashionpunk before, but since I love cyberpunk and steampunk and everything else punk, I figure it'll be a fun new read! Thanks as always for the great giveaways!
100. DRickard
Stitch me up!
102. Packet
This sounds unique. I'd never heard of fashionpunk before, but now I rather want to read Armstrong's work!
104. wolri
How can yarn be an opiate? I can only find out if I win the book!
105. tldaisy
looks pretty interesting!
106. dwndrgn
Sounds like a good yarn...
108. raygarraty
cool giveaway!
109. Matt Carpenter
This book is tailor made for me
111. voyageur
Always ready for a good yarn.
Rammy Meyerowitz
112. m5rammy
"a good yarn"
I see what you did there
Jacob Hasson
113. jhass777
I've heard good things about "Yarn" and would love to give it a read. A free copy would be wonderful. Thanks!
114. NCBill
This is a bit of a yarn, don't you think!
Maria Lardizzone
115. mlg7145
I have a copy of Grey and personalized signature of Jon Armstrong. Thank you so much! I have enjoyed reading the book.
Would love to read "Yarn".. a free copy would be wonderful. Thank you in advance.
116. zenspinner
Wow, a novel about yarn! I'm a spinner and weaver myself, when I have the time and equipment, so one might say I have a vested interest in this (if one likes really obvious, lazy puns, that is). I hope I'm one of the winners!
117. MrAndy
Fashionpunk? I'm down!
118. Redalth
Fasionpunk? Sounds quite interesting!
119. Arithmos
Seems interesting. Hope I win.
120. Ben N.
I think my roommate is a fashionpunk.
121. AmyG
I heard Jon read from this at a NYRSF reading last year. Can't wait to read the book!
122. bayonetta131
would love to get a copy of this book! i asked for it for xmas but did not receive it :( would make me a tremoundsly happy person to recieve it finally especially signed!
123. Leah Hansen
Fashionpunk? Coooooool. Pls to read!
Lisa Grabenstetter
124. magneticcrow
I've heard really good things about this book, but my local library (unsurprisingly) has not ordered it. Would love!
Katie Nolan
125. esotaria
This makes my knitter's heart go pitter patter!
126. Sophie Gale
Just forwarded the link to my SF/F book club. We've been together almost 7 1/2 years. This isn't like anything we've read before!
-- --
128. Trekka
I love the obligatory positive critic's comment on the cover. "Jon Armstrong is a genius, with an umlaut, to the fifth power."
Holly Johnson
129. HollyAnn
The excerpt is fascinating. Would love to win a copy of this book!
130. MysticTeal
Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the contest!
131. Martha Colon
Ok, I'll put down my knitting as soon as I get my copy of "Yarn" so I can tangle myself in a good read! Hope I win! ;)
132. auraesque
Want--the excerpt was fantastic. :)
134. Kethry Chlurain
This looks *awesome*. ...I will avoid making yarn&knitting jokes. *lol*
135. Amy Johnson
Count me in! I'd love to read it!
136. twelvedaysold
I'm in! Sounds like a really interesting concept.
137. Calvenwants
Fashionpunk? Fabulous!
139. Kayleighbug
Very cool!
Erika A.
141. brownjawa
Fashionpunk? What a strange and neat concept! I'm definitely entering to win a copy. :)
143. Jennnnnnn
Yarn and books? Sign me up.
144. cnote
this looks very interesting...sign me up.
Other Alias
146. ghostcrab311
Hmm, just took up yarn work this year, weaving and so on - this sounds most intriguing!
147. Bill Philibin
Fashionpunk is Grey
149. SFinsider
I want it. Now.
150. BD87
Sounds like a read with a difference and the Chabon recommendation is a clincher!
151. borderorient
Sure, why not?
Mark Argent
152. argent
posting in this thread to win a book.
Gristle McNerd
154. GristleMcNerd
Not sure about this one - "fashionpunk" does sound a bit odd - but I'd like to give it a try
155. rmbellovin
I'd like to read it.
156. f_lupercus
loved Grey... well, actually I haven't read it yet, but I want this anyway
160. Phishmanr
I think this sounds interesting...
161. Laura D.
I'd like to be entered. Cool contest.
George Baker
162. wraeththu
I've heard good things about this author. I'd like to win this book.
163. manakalita
Jon Armstrong told me to comment here.
164. Prominent Nonentity
Chuck Holt
166. conspiracytheorywackadoodle
I really enjoyed Grey -- been considering giving this one a read too.
167. 'nother Mike
Hum... sure, why not? Fashion punk? Is that an oxymoron of some kind...
168. Kestrel 630
sounds like a good one!
Adelante con la moda
171. deadjack
Hmmm been seeing this book around the interwebs and interest has been piqued...
172. Weasel of Doom
looks interesting!
173. SaraC56
Not quite sure what fashionpunk is exactly, but it sounds right up my alley!
Matthew Kuhl
176. pattonmat
"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard." -H.L. Mencken
Madeline Ferwerda
178. MadelineF
I went looking for you, Jon Armstrong, and I found your iPhone game Mondrian!
179. druif
*Fingers crossed*
180. DragonRose
This looks great! I'm always on the look out for subgenres of which i've never heard.
Rudi Dewilde
181. BalRatMort
If I win, I will happily read it, and put it in the public library of Ostend, Belgium, so more people can enjoy it! ;-)
larry shirk
183. lorenzo
I wonder if he could put me on to his taylor?
186. krock19
Sounds like fun
188. Brenda H.
I've read the previews, count me in!
Rafael Penaloza
189. rpenalozan
After Grey, another Armstrong book sounds delicious!
Greg Lincoln
190. glshade
Jon Armstrong is a pretty cool writer....
191. scribbler
Enjoyed Grey, looking forward to this one.
192. jharris22586
I'm interested in reading this...fashionpunk huh? I wanna give it a try...
Dovile Petrasiunaite
193. dova113
I loved the excerpt, it's certainly different from other novels I've read.
195. rubydog
I've heard good buzz about this novel.
Please enter me.
Goetz Kruppa
198. goetznl
Grey, his previous novel, was great! I have this on my shopping list, but free is better for the budget...
199. Jobi-Wan
looks cool sign me up.
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