Jan 6 2011 5:58pm

First Look at the Doug Wheatley Cover for Conan: The Road of Kings #5

Click for larger imageDark Horse Comics just sent along the finished cover for the upcoming issue #5 of Conan: The Road of Kings, adapted by Roy Thomas and drawn by Mike Hawthorne and John Lucas.

The cover artist depicting Conan’s forthcoming (and messy, judging from the angle) execution is longtime Conan and Star Wars artist Doug Wheatley. His portfolio is up for persual here.

Conan: The Road of Kings #5 comes out on April 20th, the first issue is on stands now. Thanks to Dark Horse for the sneak peek!

2. lagormorph_Rex
I do not think it is adapted from that novel... I think it simply makes use of the possibly spurious geographical feature, the Road of Kings..
3. Duncan Long
Nice angle shot and lots of tensions (literally) waiting for the ax to fall. The shadowed person (creature?) adds another level of interest. Nicely done.

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Chris Lough
4. TorChris
@2. That is indeed the case, lagormorph. Thanks for the correction.

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