Jan 21 2011 6:22pm

First Annual Geek Girl Con Coming in October!

Some people balk at the idea of things that deal specifically with gender in the sci-fi/fantasy community; who are tired of “Women In [insert male-dominated genre/art form here]” panels at conventions, because wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t need those? As if those gender-specific panels or events were themselves the cause of there not being as many female creators or women involved in fandom.

Thing is, they’re not. As much as women have progressed in the comics industry, or sci-fi/fantasy entertainment industry, or in the gaming industry; as vocal as female fans have become in asserting themselves in the sci-fi/fantasy/gaming/comics communities, there’s still a huge disparity between male and female representation at established cons.

This is one of the many reasons why I’m excited for the first annual Geek Girl Con, a convention “dedicated to promoting awareness of and celebrating the contribution and involvement of women in all aspects of science-fiction, comics, gaming, and related Geek Culture,” which is being held October 8th and 9th, 2011 at the Seattle Center’s Northewest Rooms in Seattle, WA.

Geek Girl Con has been generating buzz on Twitter for quite some time (you can follow them here: @GeekGirlCon), seeking volunteers, getting feedback, and most importantly, raising the necessary funds to make this event to happen! I’ve been following their efforts very closely, because in addition to putting a much-needed focus on women creators and fans, and in addition to providing a place where the geekgirl comes first, it just seems like it’s going to be a fun weekend! The fact that one of the first things they did to raise awareness of the con was to have a Hero of Canton sing-a-long sold me right away:

Bonnie Burton, Trina Robbins, Greg Rucka, and Jen Van Meter have all already signed on as guests, and there are more fun music, TV, film, and game-related events being planned leading up to the big weekend in October! Passes to the con are already on sale, and these early sales will help Geek Girl Con build a successful event! Keep up with Geek Girl Con at their website, on Twitter, or on Facebook; get involved as a volunteer, or by suggesting a panel or event; let the Geek Girl Con team know exactly the kinds of panels you’d like to see and guests you’d love to meet; and get in on the ground floor of an event that has the potential to be wonderful and important to geek girls everywhere!

I hope to see you at the con!

Teresa Jusino is two years older than Buffy Summers. Her “feminist brown person” take on pop culture has been featured on websites like,, Newsarama, and Her fiction has appeared in the sci-fi literary magazine, Crossed Genres; she is the editor of Beginning of Line, the  Caprica fan fiction site; and her essay “Why Joss is More Important Than His ‘Verse” is included in the upcoming book Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon By the Women Who Love Them, coming in March 2011! Get Twitterpated with Teresa, or visit her at The Teresa Jusino Experience.

JS Bangs
1. jaspax
Are boys invited, too? Because if I'm in the area come October, I'd love to come to this. I have to do something to make up for the fact that I can't come to Potlatch this year...
Teresa Jusino
2. TeresaJusino
Boys are definitely invited! The straight girls at this con will need SOMEONE to make out with!

I mean...

Erica McGillivray
3. Erica McGillivray
Thank you, Teresa for such a wonderful article about GeekGirlCon!

@jaspax -- Yes, guys are invited too. We aim to celebrate women, not exclude anyone, and we encourage anyone who wants to, to support and come to GeekGirlCon.

-- Erica, President and Marketing Director, GeekGirlCon
Erica McGillivray
4. Kethry
OMG, this would ROCK! If I'm done with most of my healing up by then and can swing the expenses, I would *SO* love to go...if the medical expenses have sponged up too much this year, I'd definitely go next!
Eileen Snider
5. eileensc
I was a geek before the boys were geeks. At age 4 my favorite movies were the Japanese flying saucers. At age 7 I saw Jane Goodall on the cover of Nat Geo and decided I could be a scientist too. At age 10 my mother gave my 'I Robot' and the whole universe opened to me. Oh hell yes, I'm so there.
Madeline Ferwerda
6. MadelineF
Ooo. Tempting. Just last night I was at a pickup gaming thing (2 tables, and then it was also Magic:tG night for another 5 tables) at the local game store, and at one point heading to the bathroom I realize that of like 25 people there, I'm the only woman. I mean, fuck. There was another, but she and her fellow had left earlier. You can't help but wonder how that comes out in the interactions.

I love being around other geek ladies.
Erica McGillivray
7. shelleybear
Trans women also?
Erica McGillivray
8. Elayne Riggs
I hope this takes off on the East Coast soon. I haven't been to a geek girl con since Shoujocon back in the '90s.
Erica McGillivray
9. Jinian
Jen van Meter! I am so there. (Assuming trans policy as queried above is friendly, that is; plenty of trans women have done cool geeky stuff and should be celebrated.)
Madeline Ferwerda
10. MadelineF
I hope the con is for trans geeks too! There are some fantastic geek transladies!
Erica McGillivray
11. Jennifer K. Stuller
Hello All! We absolutely support trans individuals!

From our website:

"GeekGirlCon focuses on women geeks of all ages, races, sexual orientations, gender identities, creeds, physical and mental abilities, and familial statues. While we do not actively market to male-identified geeks, we do not discriminate against them or discourage their support."

Jennifer K. Stuller
Programming Director, GeekGirlCon
Erica McGillivray
13. Annette Klause
GeekGirlCon sounds great. I'm going to keep an eye on that. But east-coasters who can't travel that far, should check out ConBust at Smith College in March for a geek girl oriented event on our side of the continent.
Erica McGillivray
14. Cynic
Is it going to be like this?

Sorry, couldn't help myself :)
Kristoff Bergenholm
15. Magentawolf

The only no-go is that it's in Seattle, which is approximately the furthest distance something could be for me, and remain in the continental US.
Erica McGillivray
17. Manicmom
Really looking forward to being @ GGC! My artist friend, Anne Timmons is on the panel on Sunday & she invited a few friends up to Seattle for moral support!! I also finally get to meet her good friend, Trina Robbins! I hope you have an excellent 1st convention and that this will become an annual event! Good luck GGC! See you Sat & Sun!!

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