Dec 3 2010 6:11pm

You’re in the TARDIS! What’s the first time/place you go to?

We were in a Doctor Who sort of mood this morning and threw a question out to everyone: What’s the first place (and time) you would ask The Doctor to take you?

We put the question out there to both our Facebook friends and our Twitter followers, and here are some of the replies.

Our very favorite answer was off of Facebook:

Marc Dolan: The TARDIS would make the perfect NYC apartment: phonebooth-sized on the outside, at least 3-bedroom within

From Facebook:

Mary Alice Kropp: I think I’ll let him pick! It’s bound to be interesting, wherever and whenever it is!

Abdel Masdoua: The Medusa Cascade! [Stubby: But it was full of Daleks that one time!]

Helen McNamara: I’d like to see New Orleans during the jazz age myself.

Andrej Gadzo: November 5, 1955. Hill Valley, California.

Leslie Annis: I’ll just flag my answer as not FB appropriate right now... XD

From Twitter:

To the Library of Alexandria before its destruction, of course (rescue the scrolls!) !

It doesn’t matter where you ask the doctor to take you- you’re going somewhere completely different. You’ve seen him drive.


1969 to greet astronauts on the moon

Gettysburg Address. Me, the Doctor, Lincoln. We’ll get our Vampire slayer on.

@ _dger_
I always loved the entropy room in Logopolis! (Old school dr who!)

Some beautiful galaxy, of course, to just look out of the TARDIS door. I love space!

We are boring and would just tell him to send us back a week so we can finish our work on time, but how about you?

Emmet O'Brien
1. EmmetAOBrien
Given any time-travel option with less of a chaos-magnet nature than the Doctor, I have a long list of plays I wish to see, or see again, before I go anywhere I want to tweak.

Seven is about the only Doctor I can see sitting through an entire really good play without something dire happening.
Mouldy Squid
2. Mouldy_Squid
H.P. Lovecraft's funeral. Then, I would use it to go back several years before that and meet the man himself.
F Shelley
3. FSS
Christmas - zero AD (or zero BC).

Good Friday - roughly 33-36 years later

Easter - 3 days later

It'd be nice to know for certain, wouldn't it?
4. Rowanmdm
I've been saying for a couple years now that I want to see the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in their heyday, and then go to some random planet way in the future.
David Goldfarb
5. David_Goldfarb
There's a ton of places I want to see eventually. First? Low earth orbit. I want to get the Space Station view with my own eyes instead of just pictures.
Sean Banawnie
6. Seanie
Initial answer : 16 months from now to get a copy of A Memory of Light !!!
Billions and Billions of years ago ( Thanx Carl! ) to see the Big Bang....I don't ask much , eh ?
lake sidey
7. lakesidey
@ Seanie: I'd go 20 years from now (just to be safe) so I can pick up not only A Memory of Light (added advantage - first edition typos will be corrected!), but also all the others I have been waiting for....such as the rest of the Kvothe books, and Shadows in Flight, and A Dance with Dragons. And of course the rest of aSoIaF, if it's come out by then.

Then I'd go to the Eye of Orion (is that the place? The one with a high ozone level, where the 5th Doctor goes in The Five Doctors I think...) to sit and read for a week or three...I hope the TARDIS has hammocks (can't remember seeing them, but you never know!)

(Alternately, Squornshellous Beta....with all those mattresses, it should be a comfortable place for a novel and a gargle blaster!)

Tina Pierce
8. scissorrunner
1st place? who knows? I think I'd opt to let the Doctor chose. There isn't a place (or a Doctor) that'd not be covered with awesomesauce. After all, the Doctor can turn a simple outing to a park or library into an amazing adventure.
9. beket
Oh, I like the idea of trying to save some scrolls from the Library at Alexandria. But, usually, when imagining myself off with the Doctor someplace, it's a lovely picnic in the desert as we watch the pyramids at Giza being built c.2500BC. And then the running starts. (Sorry Doctor, I'll just hide in the TARDIS, if you don't mind.)
Madeline Ferwerda
10. MadelineF
A nice future! Given the scope of the future, there are plenty of icky futures, where the TV show often happens... But there are bound to be pleasant futures, too, where for decades on end nothing goes incredibly wrong right at that location. And it'd be nice to see a bit of how it turns out.
Evan Thomas
11. EvanThomas
I'd go back in time and save the tapes with the missing William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton episodes.
Michael Grosberg
12. Michael_GR
I'll go to the far future - maybe 10,000 years forward - just to see if Duke Nukem Forever is out yet.
13. Sanagi
Obviously there are tons of things to do with a time machine, but there is only one first thing you have to do, and that is to find out what dinosaurs really looked like.
Ilona Fenton
14. felinewyvern
Anywhere. I would be too busy exploring the TARDIS and looking for all the rooms it's supposed to have to worry about where/when we are :D
Nathalie Campistron
15. Prince of the Raisins
Hm... First I'd propably go in all the Tardis' rooms (if it's possible) to see what there is in there.

Then... yeah, dinosaurs. Or when Mars still had atmosphere. Or in the 18th century, when France was the coolest place to be! :)
Tina A
16. Tinaa
oooh, wibbley wobbley timey wimey!

The restaurant at the end of the universe, definately. We would pop back a decade or so and pick up James and Harriet for a drink.
Christopher Turkel
17. Applekey

Some beautiful galaxy, of course, to just look out of the TARDIS door. I love space!

I second this.
Linden Wolfe
18. Lilith
I am also all for the scroll-saving at the Library of Alexandria, although I suspect the Doctor already has them stashed away in some forgotten room in the TARDIS, anyway.

There are so many amazing people and moments in history, that it would be fun to visit, that it's hard to choose. I'd like to meet Boudicca, Shakespeare, Einstein, Darwin, da Vinci, Maimonides, and Jackie Robinson. I'd like to see the big bang, the end of time, Lady Godiva's ride, to hang out the TARDIS door and wave at Yuri Gagarin as he passes and then do it again with John Glenn. I'd want to visit distant planets circling twin stars and cities of crystal spires, and get up close and personal with a black hole.

I think the hardest thing about visiting the past would be not to interfere in some way that would cause major problems for our present. How painful to have to sit back and let tragedies unfold when you know you could change things, but that it would then change everything, so you can't act.
19. Gorbag
Caesar's assassination.

Maybe the theraputic amputation of the Sun King's head, done with the aim of improving his constitution.

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