Dec 7 2010 5:08pm

Trailer Review: I Am Number Four

Based on the popular young-adult novel (one of whose co-writers, I was highly amused to learn, is James Frey) comes the no-expenses-spared cinematic adaptation I Am Number Four. Overseen by the inimitable Michael Bay—famous for his quiet, sensitive, meticulously observed meditations on the human condition—and directed by D.J. Caruso (Disturbia, Eagle Eye), the movie version appears to be the tale of a very pretty young blond boy who meets a very pretty young blond girl, with whom he shares supernatural powers that facilitate the whomping of bad guys, who look like the Romulans from last year’s (awesome) Star Trek movie.

I’m torn between expecting a campy, intoxication-friendly guilty pleasure and a catastrophic train wreck, but it is virtually certain that fans of the books will complain, at the very least, of a loss of nuance in the adaptation, as this appears to be a Bay/Caruso collaboration on the order of Eagle Eye, itself rather loud and—after a certain point—extremely stupid. But we must remember not to be too harshly prejudicial. It may very well be an excellent movie. It certainly stars very attractive people, and will feature at least one scene of Timothy Olyphant hollering exposition at the pretty hero. So there’s that to look forward to. As well as what looks like some competently directed action. If nothing else promising is opening in February, this might be worth a look.

Edith Isaacs
1. Edith Isaacs
They're making a movie out of a LAME book??? It sounded interesting and started off well, so I read it, but the execution was pathetic. So many logic and plot holes! I'd list them all, but they would contain spoilers. It was so bad I won't be reading any more in the series.
Sarah N
2. callmecayce
The movie seems to have been made before the book was even published. I believe it's one of the James Frey novel factory books as well. It's not surprise that it's, well, bad.
Edith Isaacs
3. Andrew S. Balfour
If by "co-writer" you mean "tricked the author into signing the worst contract in history allowing Jimmy to take credit regardless of his actual involvement", then yes, Frey was a co-writer.
Danny Bowes
4. DannyBowes
Wait, you guys aren't James Frey fans? Dammit, I thought everyone loved cynically opportunistic liars who are in it for the money.
Mieneke van der Salm
5. Mieneke
Is it bad that when I saw "the pretty girl" all I thought was Oh, that's Quinn!? Yeah, end of movie right there. Though I adore Glee and Dianna Agron, it's never good when I watch a trailer and only think of what other roles these people might have played :S
Edith Isaacs
6. Gerry__Quinn
Bad books often make the best movies.

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