Dec 7 2010 11:36am

Syd Mead, 2019: “A Future Imagined”

Syd Mead, the concept artist behind Blade Runner, TRON, and Alien, reflects upon the nature of creativity and how it drives the future.

2019: “A Future Imagined” from Flat-12 on Vimeo.

1. kid_greg
I enjoyed this feature.
I remember seeing Blade Runner when at the movies when it first debuted. It's imagery and story have both stuck with me in an almost haunting kind of resonance.
I work in IT support. Sometimes things I see at work, and on the news, often have me making comparisons to what is now our reality and that 80's movie. While many things have not come to pass as it was portrayed, there is somewhat of an eerie accuracy in our current society and how the role big corporation and commercialism infulences it.
2. Pat Lewis
Great video! Syd Mead has some great insights into current society and future. Not sure about all technology being based on past technology, sometimes there's the flash of insight that leads scientists into other directions or out of necessity. I love his comment about the need to be three different creative people. All too often that third person seems to be looking away or unwilling to be objective. I just wish they had showed more of his art!

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