Dec 9 2010 5:14pm

Steampunk Links and Resources SteampunkFor steampunk fans, or those curious to know more about this sub-genre, Ay-Leen over at Steampunk has put together a handy list of steampunk links and resources! We’re re-posting it here, as it’s just too darn useful.

Author’s Echo -

The Airship Ambassador: Information for the Steampunk Community –

Beyond Victoriana: a Multicultural Perspective on Steampunk -

Brass Goggles: the Lighter Side of Steampunk (Forum: & Blog:

Clockwork Couture: A Fine Steampunk Clothier -

Dr. Steel -

Free the Princess -

Girl Genius Comics: Adventure, Romance, Mad Science! -

Mad Hatter’s Review: Edgy and Enlightened Literature, Art and Music in the Age of Dementia -

Multiculturalism for Steampunk -

Nancy Overbury’s #Steamtuesday Feature -

NY Steampunk Artists & Enthusiasts -

Off the Beaten Path Bookstore: Store with steampunk art & book selection -

Parliament & Wake -

Sephiachord -

Silver Goggles - -

STEAMED! Writing Steampunk Fiction -

Steamfashion on Livejournal -

Steampunk Canada -

Steampunk Chat - (and on Tumblr:

The Steampunk Empire -

The Steampunk Scholar

Steampunk Tribune: Reporting on Steampunk Since 2007 -

Steampunk Writers & Artists Guild  -

Xadune: Steampunk LARP in Georgia –

Feel free to mention anything that may be missing, here or on Steampunk!

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4. Sally-Ann
Announcing two new UK based Etsy shops run by trained modelmaker siblings:
Matt makes beautiful prop Steampunk and sci-fi guns, props and will be adding Supplies of moulded bits to his range. Keep an eye out..I've seen what is lurking in his workshop, almost ready to be brought out into the light of your computer screen...

As for me, I suddenly found myself making various adornments. 'Upcycling', re-using, finding a place for odds and ends and scraps of fabric. Waste not, want not. See my range of Steampunk inspired chokers, hairclips, gloves and more to come, here:

If you like these, do pass on the links. Many thanks!

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