Dec 21 2010 6:05pm

Eclipses & Poetry: Solstice Countdown Wrap-Up

If you missed North America’s winter solstice lunar eclipse last night, William Castleman made an amazing time-lapse video of the hours-long event. Notice how the moon turns completely white as it enters the umbra...

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse from William Castleman on Vimeo.

And on that note we conclude the Tor.com Solstice Countdown giveaways. We want to give a big thank you to everyone who has entered (and may still be entering a couple posts down...) and in particular, we want to thank commenter Roundabout who quietly created a series of poems within the countdown.

We were very tickled by the effort and have collected them all below for posterity. Check them out!

Solstice Countdown Day #5 Giveaway: Macmillan Audio pack!

I missed the first four giveaways
Held here on some previous days
I was busy with stuff
But enough is enough
Something, something Rutherford B Hayes

Solstice Countdown Day #7 Giveaway: He Is Legend

I’d like to declare, I am legend!
It’s not something I have to pretend
Some may call it grandstanding
But I’m brave and commanding
It’s a wonder I’m lacking a girlfriend.

Solstice Countdown Day #9 Giveaway: Paul Park’s Roumania series!

Tyger, tyger black and white
Looks like velvet art, all right
Perhaps inspires soft rock hits
With drapey, soft-edged lady bits
But that tyger, boy oh boy
Works better with Siegfried and Roy.

Solstice Countdown Day #11 Giveaway: Star Wars Pez!

Just a little verse today
It’s kinda early wouldn’tcha say?
For candy bits and flip-top heads
Aw what the hell, we all love Pez

Solstice Countdown Day #13 Giveaway: Anthologies from Prime Books

Now that I’ve seen
Giveaway thirteen
I’m still keen
On my rhyming routine
But my luck’s in the latrine
So I don’t mean
To make a scene
But before fourteen
I’d like to ween.

Solstice Countdown Day #14 Giveaway: The Unremembered by Peter Orullian

Too quickly dismissed
Now, not quite in mind
On the tip of my tongue
Thought vaguely defined
Just give me a minute
Get my memory centered
I haven’t forgotten
I just unremembered.

Solstice Countdown Day #16 Giveaway: Very Big Quite Insane SFF Bookshelf

The mailman will sure be pissed
If he ever sees this list
Of books you plan to give away
O’er the span of one full day.
It’s gonna herniate his discs
Or maybe give him nervous tics
That’s a fair thing to assume
Considering the mass and volume.
Perhaps he drives that little truck
But if it snows it might get stuck
While the engine thunks and sings
To the ugly twang of broken springs
So while I want to win this prize
I may get a rude surprise
When my postman has a fit
And soaks the pages with his spit.

Solstice Countdown Day #15 Giveaway: Spectrum 17, Signed

I love it when my books are signed
On covers lovingly designed
The autographs all get transcribed
By forging them I can then subscribe
To dirty magazines, hooray!
And it’s not me that has to pay.

Solstice Countdown Day #19 Giveaway: Jo Walton book pack!

Solstice in just two more sleeps
Then by degrees the daylight creeps
A little longer at the edges
Sunlight cutting little wedges
Into winter cold and dark
A steady climb to springtime’s spark
The brilliant end to winter’s fix
Dreams of all tomorrow’s picnics.

A big thank you to our Tor.com commenters! And an extra special hand to Roundabout, who may or may not be receiving something in the mail for his efforts...

Jeff Parent
1. Roundabout
T'was the day of the Solstice
When I logged into Tor
Seems Stubby's announced
Something I can't ignore.
I sprang to my feet
With a fuss, my chair clatter'd
But I just waxed the floor
And my poor coccyx shatter'd.
Despite socialized medicine
It took me awhile
The waiting room line
Seem'd to go on for miles.
I had to wear home
An embarassing cast
A cumbersome thing
Made to restrain my ass.
I made way to my desktop
And logged in again
Visions of free porn
Danced in my head.
Then I remembered
This honour most high
That's when I thought I heard
A jolly noise from outside!
So I limped to the window
And what should appear?
Actually, nothing-
All the action's in here.
So I pulled down the blind
And I fist-pumped 'Alright!'
Merry Solstice Tor, all
And Tor, all, a good night!
Irene Gallo
2. Irene
Hurray for Roundabout! That is awesome.

And a big thanks to Chris and Adam for working behind the scenes to organize everything. You guys rock.

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