Dec 3 2010 3:17am

Solstice Countdown Day #3 Giveaway: Star Wars Art: Visions

Star Wars Art: Visions

The Solstice Countdown Day #3 giveaway is the new Star Wars Art: Visions book! This huge coffeetable book contains more than 100 new art pieces inspired by Star Wars, in a vast range of styles and scenes. (You can see the trailer for the book here.)

Note: This book contains nudity and may not be appropriate for minors.

The Official Rules: To enter, leave one comment in this post—duplicates won’t count—in the next four hours (until 6:17 AM Eastern Standard Time). A winner will be randomly selected from those comments. Please check your email in the next 24 hours; if we don’t hear back from the winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

Congrats to today’s winner, Galadriel! Who knew The Lady of Lórien was such a George Lucas fan?

Info on’s Solstice Countdown can be found here.

1. Proteuscrow
Looks like a great book!
4. wil whalen
If the cover is any indication, that book will be awesome.
5. C. Whetzel
This book is really impressive! I was lucky enough to flip through it at a local comic book shop. So much awesomeness...

Enjoy the Day!
7. Eric Lofgren
Who wouldn't want this book? :)
9. Abigail Ryder
Heck yes! The examples of artwork I've seen from this book really blew me away... amazing stuff!
Tonje Clausen
10. Monkeymaniac
That is one of the most impressive Star Wars books I've seen. :o
11. AOlson
The book looks amazing!
13. Elias C.
I want it!!!
Sean Dustman
16. dustmans
That book could totally live a fine life on my coffee table:)
Jürgen Geuter
17. tante
Looks amazing and would also look great on my coffee table!
18. KKincaid
May the force be with me....
19. Kai Charles
Cool please enter me
20. Kai Charles
Cool please enter me
22. Francesco Gorni
26. Gizmo1
I've glanced through the book , and it does have a really nice mix of artists. It's definitely interesting to see what each artist creates based upon the Star Wars mythos.
27. Maren T
I'd be superhappy to win this! Looks great.
28. SE Yoder
Looking forward to seeing the artists' renditions!
29. TImpa
I once dreamt that I had a 8 foot Executor Super Star Destroyer as a toy when I was 10. Ive never been so dissappointed when I awakened. Except last sunday after all that tequila. I think she was too though.
31. Carl Knox
whoo! I've been digitally stalking this book online. looks just killer.
33. Stasha
Looks fantastic!!
34. jp1000cash
Seeing the Art of Star Wars books prompted my switch from an Industrial Designer to an Illustrator. Star Wars has been a huge part of my life - from playing with toys and watching the movies every week when I was a kid, to trying to figure out how to make my own light sabres and speeder bikes as a teenager, to having a large impact on what career path I chose. I would love this book. Check out my work at
35. critter42
I would love this for my coffee table!
36. Jamie Gibbs
Wowza! That looks pretty damn awesome. Consider myself entered, I want it :)
37. Ninjapenguin
One comment.
38. Wade Svec
That looks awesome!
Matt Menke
39. Neokold
So much fantastic art in this book. It's a must have for any fan of the SW universe.
40. ChaossControl
I COVET this book. It looks amazing.
41. Sarivar
Veeeeeeeeery nice!!!
42. Phasmus
The perfect addition to any StarWars fan's coffee table...
44. mirana
LOVE that cover.
46. RebeccaS
Oooooh, that looks very cool! Striking cover.
Linda W.
53. lateniteknitter
Thank you for giving us night owls a chance! :-)
Donald Spainhour
60. cleigh
Now I'll have to buy a coffee table.
61. Galadriel
My goodness, that's a gorgeous cover. I can only imagine what the inside is like.
62. mplatt
Great Christmas present!
65. TommyO
I like it too.
66. druif
May the Schwartz be with me in winning the book.
Steven E. McDonald
67. StevenEMcDonald
Looks like a nice piece for the old coffeetable. :)
69. jordiepurple
This would make a perfect Geekmas present for a good friend of mine!
71. Nancy Loomis
I would love to have this book, it looks awesome!
73. slanagat
Between 2.15 and 6.15 AM? Oooh, Stubby, you are a mean and cruel rocket, you are.
74. topknot

EDIT: Looks like I was to late, according to the time stamp on the comments, only the first 66 made it in time.
75. booktumbling
Hope I am in time!
Tony Warren
76. AdrianConquest
Vader! Vader! He's our Man!
But if he can't do it, Yoda can!
77. Hysteries
I love star wars
Rammy Meyerowitz
78. m5rammy
Am I in? I hope so.
In any case, good luck to all that are.
Is that silly to say? "good luck to all"
I mean, if everyone's luck factor increased, what difference would it make?
Everyone else would still have the same chance as you.
In that case, good luck to you if you see this before the drawing.
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