Dec 13 2010 6:23pm

Solstice Countdown Day #13 Giveaway: Anthologies from Prime Books

Prime Books anthologiesToday’s Solstice Countdown Day #13 giveaway is a set of three recent anthologies from Prime Books! (A big thanks to Prime for sending them along!) You get:

  • People of the Book: A Decade of Jewish Science Fiction & Fantasy. Out, edited by Rachel Swirsky and Sean Wallace. Out tomorrow, Tuesday, December 15th. You can read Sonya Taaffe’s story from the anthology, “The Dybbuk in Love” here on
  • The Way of the Wizard, edited by John Joseph Adams
  • Zombies: The Recent Dead, edited by Paula Guran

All three anthologies feature stories from a host of people, including Neil Gaiman, Michael Chabon, Max Brooks, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Peter S. Beagle, George R. R. Martin, Lavie Tidhar*, and more!

*Who is Lavie Tidhar, you ask? Read about Jason Sizemore’s search for him...

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post—duplicates won’t count—in the next two hours (until 7:23 PM EST). The winner will be randomly chosen from these comments. Please check your email in the 24 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from the winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

Info on’s Solstice Countdown can be found here.

Andrew Lee
4. alee
Please enter me to win these books. Thanks!
Kerwin Miller
7. tamyrlink
attempt number 13ish or something...but who's counting
Kevin Faulk
8. Kevin Faulk
Looks interesting.
Kevin Faulk
12. J-Ro
Free books! Yay!
Kevin Faulk
14. eugaet
Here we go, entering again...
Jacob Silvia
16. aethercowboy
Pick me! I need more books! It's a medical condition!
Drew Urmey
17. urmey1
Well, this is the earliest I've gotten in on one of these things. I can pretend I have several percentage points of a chance to win, even.
Catherine Mahan
18. cmahan
Fantastic! At least one of those books is already on my hope-list.
Kevin Faulk
19. nin_shark
Ooo zombies!
Bobby Berry
20. bvberry
Love your feed. Keep up the good work.
Kevin Faulk
21. Kvon
I particularly like the picture of the girl with the stories popping out of the book.
Kevin Faulk
22. Kevin G1701
Yeah for Zombies!!!
Binyamin Weinreich
23. Imitorar
Oh Lord, I've been wanting to read People of the Book since I first heard about it back during the "Jews can't write fantasy" debate in March. This one I REALLY want to win.
Kevin Faulk
25. Careyja1
Would love to win these! Count me in!
Kevin Faulk
29. BeautifulMonster
I'd donate these to my library if I win! Except People of the Book, I might keep that one.
Kevin Faulk
32. ninjapenguin
Bookses...yesss, my precious.
Susan Meek
33. smeek1958
What a great giveaway; one I'd like to win very much! I might even share with my son and husband. Maybe.
Kevin Faulk
34. topy23
Will I ever win?
Kevin Faulk
36. bponto
Neil Gaiman now comes in three flavors: sweet, epic and undead.

I'd sure order some for dessert!
Danelle Mallen
37. astrophilia
I think I want this more than the star wars pez dispensers...and that's saying a lot!
Kevin Faulk
38. Lighttheart
Great giveaway yet again!
Jordan Kimbrell
41. Isabeau Saraid
*Crosses fingers* This looks amazing!! I hope I get them!
Kevin Faulk
42. Brittany555
This giveaway is my favorite so far.
Ruth X
44. RuthX
I love a good short story anthology!
Kevin Faulk
45. Charlotte's Library
Here's my comment! Thanks!
Kevin Faulk
46. rissatoo
Zombie anthology? Count me in! :p
Kevin Faulk
47. Utheran
I can feel them in my hands!
Kevin Faulk
50. Dabbycool
Count me in. Thank you!
Kevin Faulk
52. Ozzie Steele
I'm in. Way to cool.
Kevin Faulk
55. wenat
Awesome, I'd love to enter!
Kevin Faulk
56. Green Eggs and Sam
Please pick me. I love zombies and I never win anything.
Kevin Faulk
57. RJK
Jews! Zombies! Wizards!

I can relate to all of the above.
Chris Robertson
58. theantichris
I'd love to enter! Some great names on those covers.
Kevin Faulk
61. hidden20
if i don't win i'm going to cry
Kevin Faulk
62. Maren T
There is Neil Gaiman! And lots of other fabulous authors! Yes, please!

*crosses fingers*
Zaphod Beeblebrox
65. Captain_Zaphod other lucky number.
So many great authors...
Kevin Faulk
68. katster
Ah, why not, I'll give it a shot. Hopefully me. :)
Kevin Faulk
69. RobynC
Those look great!
Kevin Faulk
70. SaraC56
want these books!
Kevin Faulk
71. Ben JB
always so many comments on the give-aways!
Kevin Faulk
72. Rowanmdm
I really want People of the Book, so I hope to win this one!
Kevin Faulk
73. Randall Newnham
Yay, books!
Kevin Faulk
74. Jobi-Wan
I like books and free things, sign me up
Kevin Faulk
75. Lizabeth S. Tucker
Ohhh, love free books! Actually I love books, free or otherwise.
Kevin Faulk
76. Autumnsflame
Oooooooooo *drools* I'm a sucker for anthologies.
Eduardo Gisbert
77. xgisbert
I've been holding back since I won another giveaway, but these books are great.
Kevin Faulk
80. lockestep
The books look most cool.
Kevin Faulk
81. NatalieTor
Free books are always welcome!
Kevin Faulk
82. 1derwhy
I like books! Especially free books.
Kevin Faulk
84. KwanTi
My entry's in. I'm really looking forward to John Joseph Adams' collection, The Way of the Wizard. I was looking at that one in the bookstore the other day.
Kevin Faulk
86. JCHicks
I love, love, love anthologies. Count me in.
Sim Tambem
87. Daedos
Does this count, or do I need to be witty like everyone else?
Other Alias
88. ghostcrab311
Nah, I usually write post, wittiness is beyond me most of the time. :)
David Thomson
90. ZetaStriker
Max Brooks was enough to cause my drooping eyes to perk up here in the final ten minutes of my work day, and I'm always happy to try new authors. These anthologies sound like the perfect answer to the void my finishing Dust of Dreams will leave in my life in the next few days.
Kevin Faulk
91. RobinM
Free Books ! I need more books.
Kevin Faulk
93. AndyT
Please! I luvre anthologies!
Kevin Faulk
95. jharris225
Oooooo! I would love these books!
Kevin Faulk
96. borderorient
Yes, -please-.
Kevin Faulk
97. jlesgold
Wait, there's actually one of these I found before it expired?
100. drift75
Short stories are like miniature candy bars! Perfect bite size indulgences!
Kevin Faulk
102. Narag
Mm anthologies.
Kevin Faulk
105. Agamede
Love anthologies!
Alex Sberna
106. writermanalex
I want to read those anthologies very badly.
Kevin Faulk
107. Fyrefall2k
Under the wire....
Kevin Faulk
108. wandering-dreamer
Did I make it?
Kevin Faulk
110. chromiumman
in in time?
Jeff Parent
113. Roundabout
Now that I've seen
Giveaway thirteen
I'm still keen
On my rhyming routine
But my luck's in the latrine
So I don't mean
To make a scene
But before fourteen
I'd like to ween.
Kevin Faulk
114. Heather Perkins
I should love to win
Kevin Faulk
116. spork856
A winner I would like to be.
Greg Lincoln
117. glshade
Ahhhh... another group I would like to get please
Kevin Faulk
118. nepeta
Am I still on time?
j p
119. sps49
What's with these short participation windows, "Stubby"?
Kevin Faulk
120. Skarl the Drummer
I'd love to win this one.
Kevin Faulk
130. dwndrgn
These two hour giveaways confuse me. Especially when they seem to run for over 7 hours? No matter, put my name in the hat please!
Fred Coppersmith
131. FCoppersmith
I'm guessing the contest is already over, huh?
Ilona Fenton
132. felinewyvern
Wish I could remember how to work out UK time against USA time :(
Kevin Faulk
133. FollowYourMuse
After reading so many 700+ books recently, it is time for some anthologys!
Kevin Faulk
135. cnote56
Kevin Faulk
136. meganlynae
free books! yay!
Kevin Faulk
139. MeliJ
zombies and the solstice... interesting combination

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