Dec 12 2010 1:38pm

Solstice Countdown Day #12 Giveaway: Manga Omnibus Pack

Avalon: The Warlock DiariesToday’s Solstice Countdown Day #12 is a manga omnibus pack from Seven Seas! Three out of four of the books on offer are omnibuses, so this is a great chance to jump on board some of the following titles:

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post—duplicates won’t count—in the next four hours (until 4:38 PM EST). The winner will be randomly chosen from these comments. Please check your email in the 48 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from the winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

Info on’s Solstice Countdown can be found here.

2. kbpennellyor
I want to win
Mieneke van der Salm
6. Mieneke
Oh I'd love to win this for my hubby :D
7. Kai Charles
Great contest!
Jordan Kimbrell
10. Isabeau Saraid
This looks amazing!! And I'm really hoping you guys meant 4:38 PM EST, not AM. I would be sad otherwize.
Corey McKinnon
12. CMcKinnon
I never win these but I'll keep entering anyway.
Dru O'Higgins
13. bellman
I'd love to win these! And can someone block these comments from the latest comments display?
14. mmarques
Sweet prize pack!
15. Cynan Machae
That's a great pack!
19. JasonB
nice! Count me in!
Rie B
29. toggit
I haven't read any manga in forever!
DA Ford
31. Ford75
Haven't really been exposed to that much Manga. But my duaghter would love it regardless.
33. Erotic Horizon
Love the line up....

Both myself and the boychild are manga readers...

34. David Forrest
Always wanted to try this stuff.
35. NCBill
just learning to like Manga!
36. Charlotteslibrary
Thanks very much for the giveaway!
René Walling
37. cybernetic_nomad
I'll take a chance on these

and thank for the giveaways
Samuel Walker
41. lambada
Count me in - if the UK is eligible that is.

(Please can you make such geographical restrictions explicit in future competitions!)
James LaFreniere
42. jacksaw
Can't say I have read any of these but I do love free!
44. spork856
I like free things! :D
46. Dracos
More manga for the family collection please. :)
Danelle Mallen
48. astrophilia
must...feed...manga...addiction (seriously, it gets expensive!)
49. voidhawk
Love it! Can't wait to win :)
50. Justin Reads
enter the contest
because manga is the best.
51. Jstanley
In like Flynn
52. seatterry
I wanna be a winner.
53. dawn the glass beadmaker
my daughter would love those :)
54. Wade Svec
OMG my little girl is going to love this, I have got to win. PLEASE!!!
55. topy23
55 always wins.
56. wandering-dreamer
Meeee please!
59. NatalieTor
It's so pink - my daughter would love it!
61. Maren T
I was afraid I'd be too late, I'd love to win these!
62. Sevvy
Great prize pack, count me in for this.
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