Dec 20 2010 11:30am

Solstice Countdown Day #20 Giveaway: Wheel of Time eBook cover print!

The Fires of Heaven ebook cover by Dan Dos Santos

The Solstice Countdown Day #20 giveaway is a large print from one of the Wheel of Time ebooks!

Which one? Your choice! You can peruse the gallery of covers here.

We’re giving folks the opportunity to enter twice in this contest. Once here on and once on Fantasy. (Remember, you need to comment under the Wall post about this giveaway to enter.)

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post and/or on Fantasy saying which ebook cover you’d like—duplicates won’t count—until 11:59 PM EST). The winners will each be randomly chosen from these comments. Please check your email in the 24 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from the winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

Info on’s Solstice Countdown can be found here.

Brandy Thomas
1. Roese
Well, maybe I will win this time. More art is always good.
Binyamin Weinreich
2. Imitorar
Ooh, more pretty pictures. Hard to choose just one, though. I'd have to say... Winter's Heart. I just love Rand in that picture.
Sam Mickel
3. Samadai
I would love to have one of these prints
4. Lighttheart
Wow, best of the giveaways yet!

Oops, I forgot to mention which one I'd like. I hope this doesn't count as a double post? :| I love the one of Dumai's Wells. Been my wallpaper for ages.

Daniel Goss
8. Beren
A print of The Gathering Storm would be awesome.
11. BobG
I would love to win this one! Please pick me.
Greg Lincoln
12. glshade
I cant resist.... have not read Jordan for a while but the call of the art is too great
Agnes Kormendi
14. tapsi
Ooooh, I'd so love to win!

All of them are breathtaking, but my favourite is The Shadow Rising... that is just Made Of Awesome
Joe Terrenzio
15. Terren
Oh yes please! The Shadow Rising, but The Great Hunt is a close second.
16. Purslane
The Winter’s Heart cover is gorgeous.
David Jameyson
17. Aneid
All the covers are awesome, would not mind having any of them.

Paul Ripley
20. matt1616
cool - lord of chaos!
the shadow rising is my runner-up
21. Utheran
Fires of heaven please!
22. Cremnitz
I'm going to have to go with Lord of Chaos too.
Jason Thurlo
24. cypher3378
I would love a Fires of Heaven print, please.
Jody Crocker
25. Jei
The Fires of Heaven is my favorite, but I like them all.
26. vitiosus
I love the Shadow Rising one the best I think, because I think it is an excelent one of Mat. Although, a close second would be Knife of Dreams because I love that artists work.
Dan Benjamin
28. bandenjamin
The Shadow Rising

Or any other they are all awesome
29. Travis B.
I would love me some WOT ebook cover art!!!!
30. clementinesdaddy
Knife of Dreams, por favor!
31. Cyphon88
I'm quite glad you used this as one of the Sosltice pieces, I'd missed the orginial artwork series (as a newcomer to and I always find people's translations from text to the mind's eye fascinating. I just spent twenty minutes 'working' looking at all the artwork articles. Great stuff all of them.
Richard Caywood
32. rcaywood
Ooh, yes, another vote for The Shadow Rising.
Federico Bianco
33. talen
I'l gladly go with "Lord of Chaos" :)
Brook Smith
34. bsmith51
Pick Me!
Lord of Chaos.
Please and Thank You
Marlin Day
35. marlinday
I want, I want, I want. Oh, please pick me!
Andrew Blackburn
38. ajbcool
It would be AWESOME to have something to decorate my walls with, relating to the Wheel of Time no less!

Oh, and I'd love Winter's Heart, please!
39. Mike Hump
Awesome possum, cool ghoul, Neato bandito,Nice Mice,Good in the hood,Great Skate, Excellent um...Thats all I got.
Steven Dunaway
40. denari6
The Shadow Rising please

...time to toss the dice~
41. jefff
More goodies! Yes....
Kelly Mayberry
42. Keslynn
I would love to have The Great Hunt (still my fav WoT novel) or Path of Daggers. Awesome contest!
Michael Reagor
44. mreagor
There are so many good ones, but The Fires of Heaven is my favorite. I wonder if I can get Moraine to sign it if I win?
Clay Blankenship
45. snoweel
Sign me up.

Are these prints available to buy?
46. whiteknight83
This gift would make my year great.
47. endymion
shadow rising, please
48. Webcudgel
It would have to be Crossroads of Twilight as it is the only one that depicts Perrin, my favorite character.
lisa bonnet
49. lisabonnet
Cross Roads of Twilight please! I love how stark it is!
Bobby Berry
50. bvberry
I love that Fires of Heaven cover. Thanks.
Kev Hamm
51. cavynmaicl
Oooooh, I want Knife of Dreams or Path of Daggers. Or, really, any of them. They are schweet!
janet vaughn
54. geochic1
ohhhh pretty!!!
Crown of Swords, pretty please.
Thank you
55. Rebekah L
Knife of Dreams would be amazing!
Kathryn Dix
56. Alopex
Oh, I would love A Crown of Swords. One of my favorite scenes, and done so well!
57. alden ash
The Shadow Rising
58. wandering-dreamer
The Gathering Storm would make an awesome poster (although honestly all of them would, I'm just biases towards dragons).
59. DubsAA
Could you have made this any more difficult? Next year how about one of each a day?

As much as I love Perrin, or the colors of PoD, my choice is definitely The Shadow Rising and Matrim.
Happy Holidays!
Todd Johansen
61. Gher06
Lord of Chaos would be cool.
Nathalie Campistron
63. Prince of the Raisins
I would so love to have Winter’s Heart or The Shadow Rising!
Scott Sherris
64. ssherris
Very difficult to choose. I have to go with Fires of Heaven for Moiraine. But I also liked CoT and CoS. You know, in case there are extras.
66. Shaari1
Gorgeous. Path of Daggers is lovely but they are all very nice.
67. Francescogorni
Contami e spedisci se conta qualcosa
Carol Witt
68. carolwitt
I'm not sure which one my son would like best, so I'll go with Dragon Reborn.
Tom Knapik
69. tknapik
The Shadow Rising would look awesome on my wall!
70. Serenamontesissa
Count me in
71. Kathleen Moon
I'd like the cover from The Dragon Reborn, I think. But they're all nice!
Alice Arneson
75. Wetlandernw
That's a tough choice. The Shadow Rising, I think.
Dovile Petrasiunaite
79. dova113
I like the cover from The Fires of Heaven.
Kurt Lorey
80. Shimrod
What a Merry Christmas for some lucky winners!
DA Ford
81. Ford75
THIS is the BEST giveaway yet!
Tough choice, but if I can only pick one I think probably Fires of Heaven (second choice would be Lord of Chaos I think).
Tranylle Simmons
82. tranylle
This is awesome. The Shadow Rising for me!
83. deadjack
Shadow Rising
Autumn Hiscock
84. Owldaughter
I'm torn between Crown of Swords and Fires of Heaven... but if I'm forced to choose, it would be CoS, I think.
Dru O'Higgins
85. bellman
Hard choice, but I think I'll go with Path of daggers.
Boyd Meier
86. bwmeier
Oooh... Boy that's a hard choice - Knife of Dreams most likely...
87. Silver Salmon
Ohh, I'll have The Path of Daggers then, if you don't mind.
88. Kwhopper88
Crossroads of twilight- Perrin was always kind of my favorite, next to Egwene
89. Longadan
The Shadow Rising please!
Matt Wright
90. matty42
It is a tossup between Fires of Heaven, Winter's Heart, and Path of Daggers. I would love any of them!
91. LMH
Fires of Heaven, please.
92. rubydog
Great contest!
'The Shadow Rising'
Michelle Mulford
96. DervishJ
I'd pick The Dragon Reborn. The light is just beautiful.
98. trench

stop twisting my arm, i'll comment.

OWWWW quit it
Sarah Bylund
100. shrain78
I'd love to win a print of Fires of Heaven. *Crossing my fingers*
Cori Hull
102. yarnandtea
One of these would be a lovely compliment to the WOT map we keep meaning to get framed!
105. elerla
Love the Fires of Heaven!
socrate badeau
107. socrate
Shadow Rising or Fires of Heaven for me. WOW...
108. Maren T
Oooooh, WoT prints! :D Hard to choose, though. I'm torn between The Gathering Storm, The Shadow Rising, A Crown of Swords, and Crossroads of Twilight.

I think I'll say The Gathering Storm, because it is the one that looks most fantasy. It introduces me to new people, in a way. But I would be happy with any of the others I mentioned, as well.
112. PhrozenFear
Nope, love the thought of them all, but this one is my favourite. Gotta have me Fires of Heaven - I miss Moiraine, and think she's awesome !
113. Idlewilder
Got to be Fires of Heaven
Brandon Daggerhart
114. TankSpill
Dumai's Wells here - fantastic art for a fantastic scene.
116. Samsynn
Lord of Chaos! (please!)
117. Band of The Red Hand
shadow rising please
S Cooper
118. SPC
Winter's Heart or Knife of Dreams - so hard to decide. Winter's Heart, I think. The closeups look even better than the whole picture - I can't imagine how awesome an actual print would be.
122. Darren A. Jones
The Fires of Heaven was my favorite cover, mostly because I love that shade of blue.
Jim T
123. nabcif
The Gathering Storm. I might change my mind later, though. :-)
Michael Peloso
124. mpeloso
All I want for Christmas is the Blue Ajah.

Fires of Heaven for me, please.
125. Azhreia
Knife of dreams
James Yarker
127. jamesy
If I won, I'd choose The Shadow Rising.
128. J-Ro
I love the picture on this post!
Israel Gonzalez
131. Gonzalez
i'ld like The Fires of Heaven or The Shadow Rising please.
134. Narlock
Any one of them would be nice
135. Pogiboy
Love The Path of Daggers.
136. Targul
The Shadow Rising definitely! Amazing art of Mat
Lisa Grabenstetter
137. magneticcrow
Ooh... I adore the new ebook covers (that series desperately needed better illustrative pairing). To own a poster would be excellent.
Abdel Masdoua
139. TheDarkOne
That's Awesome! Winter's Heart would be great!

141. tom mack
I'll take one, ooh yeah
143. Lou Bones
Waiting for the ebook art to come out one by one since last year, almost as anxiously as waiting for the book itself, has been really enjoyable thank you. Great to see such talent portraying WoT in their own way.
For me I would have to say my favourite cover is Crossroads of Twilight and would be a very special thing to own.
Azara microphylla
144. Azara
It's so hard to choose!

A Crown of Swords.
mark Proctor
145. mark-p
I like The Shadow Rising's cover best.
146. KellieO
I would love to have the Path of Daggers cover.

=crosses fingers=
147. xinranliu
The Dragon Reborn! I love Donato's work :)
ana liese
148. analiese
A Crown of Swords, please! Nynaeve is my favorite character and I would love a print featuring her.
149. Meggie-girl
The Fires of Heaven
Irwin Primero
152. time_to_read
Difficult to choose! But I'm leaning toward The Dragon Reborn.
153. ShivanPhoenix
Ow this is awesome!
Very very hard to choose between LoC and TSR... but:
The Shadow Rising it is...

Crosses fingers.
158. Rachel L.
Fires of Heaven. TGS is amazing as well, but gotta go with FoH.
Lindsey Turnbow
160. Obi
The Shadow Rising! Because it's awesome. :)
161. Stacym
The Shadow Rising. I love that cover!
Matt Patchin
162. solicemoon
I would like the Shadow Rising cover cause Mat is awesome!
Hillary Mark
165. hillary80
I like them all, but The Shadow Rising is my favorite!
Tess Laird
166. thewindrose
tSR;) Whoops this isn't WoT blog - The Shadow Rising please:)

167. T Kilsdonk
The Shadow Rising is just an incredible cover.
Philip Crowley
170. dragonbane79
Hard to choose... but i would go with Knife of Dreams
171. taloncarde
The Shadow Rising is also my favorite cover
173. Eilidh
Oh please please please sell these as prints!

I would buy all of them like *that* (that being possibly slowly, over the course of a year, since I'm a poor Student) but seriously, I would save to buy all of them - they are amazing! :)

I'm completely torn between the Fires of Heaven (I adore Moiraine), and Crossroads of Twilight because of the subtle greys...

I think it has to be Crossroads of Twilight.

(Seriously though - please sell me these things! :P)
176. Ron Derry
The Dragon Reborn
177. Shaun1
Knife of Dreams!
178. WLancaster
Fires of Heaven is good, but The Shadow Rising is better.

The Shadow Rising, Tack!
Samuel Walker
179. lambada
Assuming the UK can enter (again, PLEASE make eligible countries explicit!) then I would like The Gathering Storm please!
Tyler Bridwell
181. goodLose
While they are all great my favorite is the cover for The Gathering Storm.
Greg Lindsey
182. glindsey212
Knife of Dreams is such a rad cover!! I would love a print of it! Even though they are ALL so beautiful! I never win anything like this, so who knows?? Maybe I'll channel my inner Matrim and have some Solstice Luck! :) Thanks Irene and Tor!!!!
Htet Htet Aung
183. hhaung
Love the covers! I never win anything but it'd be awesome if I do!!!
184. DarkSmileyX
Knife of Dreams
185. Moshiah
That cover art is awesome.
186. Dadawa
Some fantastic cover art
Stephen Lyon
188. skaftafell
I think I'll go with "The Fires of Heaven."
Kim B
189. Amaranthine
Ooh, I would love to get the cover art of The Fires of Heaven.
David Simmons
191. bgdaves
I would like "The Shadow Rising" art it was a hard choice but that is the one I would go with.

Thank you,
Matthew Kuhl
192. pattonmat
I think that I'll go for The Gathering Storm, kthx.
193. CGK
The Gathering Storm!
194. YaronD
I'd love a print of The Gathering Storm. Though, really, wonderful work on pretty much all of them.
196. sdgjake
I have plenty of empty wall space that will make a nice home for one of these prints.
197. Wallpaper
Knife of Dreams
Stephanie Ellis
198. Steph.Ellis
I'd love to win a print of The Shadow Rising!
199. Leah Hansen
Woah! Fingers crossed for this one! I LOVE all the covers and I've been following their development eagerly. My walls would adore a print!
202. cytherea
Gods above. I so badly want a print of Dan Dos Santos' cover of The Fires of Heaven, it isn't even funny -- I'd happily pay for it, if you'd let them be sold.
204. Leah Hansen
Bugger! I forgot to say which cover I'd like. >. The Eye of the World. (I sincerely hope I'm not disqualified now. *crosses fingers*)

Good luck to all!
Chris Battey
205. DarthParadox
Yeah, I think you picked the right preview image here. They're all nice in different ways, but cover for The Fires of Heaven is absolutely gorgeous.
Barry T
208. blindillusion
The Shadow Rising would be a most welcome addition to my library wall.
209. Shawn Baczkowski
The Fires of Heaven please. Moiraine Damodred looks so amazing :)
210. Minnea
I'd just love the Shadow Rising on my wall :)
Brian McCullogh
211. webmccullogh
The cover for The Fires of Heaven please. Simply a beautiful piece of art.
Evan Braun
214. gilbetron
What a great giveaway! I would have to choose The Dragon Reborn. I love how it metaphorically presents the core themes of the series without depicting an actual moment.
Tricia Irish
215. Tektonica
I'm in. I'm in. I'm in!!!

Oh boy.....this one I'd really like to win! The ebook covers are spectacular! Thanks Tor!

Rand Al'Thor in Winter's Heart, please!
Nathaniel Gulick
216. PresN
So hard to choose... The Fires of Heaven
Jessica Quenzer
217. NegativeQ
There is a huge white space on my wall that would love one of these! I'd go for Shadow Rising, Lord of Chaos, or Gathering Storm.
Janet Hopkins
218. JanDSedai
Although it is not textually correct, gypsy-Mo is a dramatic piece of art! And the blue is very calming...
219. boquaz
The Shadow Rising.

Many of the covers are great, but I would love that one on my wall.
220. Zxarien
Gathering Storm please!
221. AlexFerrie
Fires of Heaven !!!
222. Shingetsu
The Shadow Rising. It's Mat. (Though tough choice between that and FoH)
Ron Garrison
223. Man-0-Manetheran
I would LOVE to have The Dragon Reborn. Pretty please!!!
224. sweetpea57
Path of Daggers or The Fires of Heaven are my favorite! All of them are beautiful though. Thanks for the chance to win such a prize.
225. Jay Booth
I have to say Fires of Heaven. Not only beautiful artwork, but also one of my favorite books in the series.
Rikka Cordin
226. Rikka
The Shadow Rising or Lord of Chaos for sure.
Mike Jackson
228. MRJackson
Shadow Rising, Fires of Heaven or Knife of Dreams. I'd take any of them, please.
jimmy huckaby
229. lazysk8r
dragon reborn. please, o pretty please.
Sarah Guenther
230. SarahGuent
Wow, tough choice!

I would love the Gathering Storm one!
Evan Langlinais
231. Skwid
Oh my goodness, yes, please!

I'd take any of them, although The Shadow Rising, Fires of Heaven, and Lord of Chaos are my favorites (amusingly) in that order.
Nyna Derringer
232. nyna
The Eye of the World! ...I may be the only one who thinks it's amazing, but whatever, Rand was always my favorite. (I know, how uncool is that?)
Mitchell Swan
233. mcswan
Gotta be Shadow Rising. Matt is just too cool not to want to have him on your wall!
234. Dont Drive Angry
Thanks for the contest!

The Path of Daggers
Eric Carlson
235. Tennerock
I'd happily take any of them, but if I had to pick...

Winter's Heart.
Noneo Yourbusiness
236. Longtimefan
All of the artwork is just spectacular but Perrin at Dumai's wells is a top favorite.
Cara Adams
240. Argidysparken
I would love the Crossroads of Twilight cover. Perrin is by far my favorite character, and that moment had such a huge impact.
Rich Bennett
241. Neuralnet
They are all so good, can't really go wrong, but Shadow rising is my favorite if I am fortunate enough to win.
Gabrielle Rashad
242. neverearth
I really love The Shadow Rising and The Eye of the World covers. I really love Mat, but I think I'd want the Eye of the World print.
243. Qtip the Sixth
I would adore this print!
244. svolker
Would be hard to choose one...
They're all great...
246. nepeta
The Dragon Reborn
248. Justin Reads
I would very much like the Fires of Heaven Print out that would look great as a poster in my room.
249. murwen
The Shadow Rising
250. cheeb68
This series is the best. Anything related to it would be awesome!!
Susan Meek
251. smeek1958
Fires of Heaven would be my choice, although all of them are excellent!
252. PooBah
The Fires of Heaven would be my fist choice. Otherwise any other.
And a festive Yule to you all!
Derek Dominquez
253. fomartorch
The Shadow Rising of course! Though it it would be nice if these prints were available outside of this contest...
Jim Tryon
254. jtryon
The Fires of Heaven is the one that "moves" me the most.
Tim Cottrell
255. Wolfbrother87
Crossroads of Twilight, please!

Wolfbrother Out!
256. jpryb
Fires of Heaven is amazing!
Poojitha Sitaram
257. sitarap
I hope I win! I've been eyeing these ebook covers ever since they've been out!
I'm shooting for either The Shadow Rising or Lord of Chaos! Please please? :)
David Weidendorf
258. Oberndorf
Lord of Chaos, if you please. (And if it please the Rand-om number generator)
260. AlexAdam
Oh guys, couldn't you have made it a little harder?
Choose one? Sheesh. Ok, I narrowed it down to 2 and finally, after what feels like hours of contemplation, decided for....

The Fires of Heaven.

Yay, Moiraine!
261. wolfcooper
the path of daggers
262. Redalth
Shadow Rising is the cover I like the best!
264. Mrs. B
The Fires of Heaven completely rocks and I love that Moiraine is on the cover. I would proudly display this in my library.
Tracy Durnell
265. kaeldra
I would love a copy of The Shadow Rising cover...and repeat the call for these to be available to purchase as prints!
266. JHanke
I'll go with the Fires of Heaven cover.
Adam Shaeffer
267. ashaef
That's a tough call. I don't know how I'd choose b/w Crossroads of Twilight or The Shadow Rising. They're both AWESOME!
Ben Kane
269. NerveAgent
Yay for free stuff! Fires of Heaven...gimme!
270. dwndrgn
I want all of them! How would one choose???
272. Asha'manoftheLight
The Great Hunt is my favorite!
274. Stacie H.
Definitely Fires of Heaven.
Taylor Evans
275. Wyndham
The Path of Daggers, though The Fires of Heaven is a close second
276. Virin
The Shadow Rising, because Mat FTW
277. birdinthesky7
I really love The Shadow Rising cover...such a dynamic scene!
ricardo perez
281. byzkitt
Mat is my favorate character so i choose The Shadow Rising
S Diller
284. CuenDiller
So hard to pick, but if there had to be one it would be The Great Hunt
285. Trystann
I love this print. Hopefully I'll win! :)
287. Trystann
Sorry, by "this" I meant Fires of Heaven.
288. chromiumman
i'd love to win one of these
Kaitlin Houle
290. nettin
So many fantastic covers... I'll have to go with Knife of Dreams.
291. Thuyho
It's so hard to choose just one, since they'd all look fantastic in print.

I think I'd go for The Fires of Heaven (...and then The Gathering Storm, The Dragon Reborn, and The Shadow Rising. Heh, even I can barely narrow it down.) So exciting!
294. mkd127
Tough call, but I think I'd like Gathering Storm best. Choose me!
David Thomson
296. ZetaStriker
The cover art for each of these novels is all gorgeous, and I would love a large size print to proudly hang the wall of my new apartment. And, happily enough, the above-pictured Fires of Heaven cover is exactly the one I'd choose!
297. clinton_blue
Aargh. Forced to choose between Moiraine and Nynaeve. THAT scene with Lanfear or when Nynaeve finally surrenders. It's like Sophie's Choice. On balance, I guess A Crown of Swords.
298. Dianeli
The Shadow Rising or the Gathering Storm, please!
301. B. Durbin
The Fires of Heaven. But ooh, what a difficult choice.

Of course, my FAVORITE choice would be for those covers to be on the print versions, not just the e-books. They're gorgeous.
302. gnatnate
Lord of Chaos would be great, though its tough to pick just one!
304. Akallabeth
Oww ! I'd love The Dragon Reborn one !
305. Ainulindale
If only I could be as lucky as Mat... I think I can almost hear dices rolling in my head....
My choice is Winter's heart!
Tim FItches
306. El Fitcho
I don't know if this is in time (no idea of the time difference from the UK!) but if it is, then please count me in for the Knife of Dreams cover.
Thanks Tor!
307. Tezmo
No clue if I'm still in time here in Europe.. but hej, might as well try!

I'd love The Fires of Heaven on my wall ;)

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