Dec 15 2010 1:06pm

“The Trains That Climb The Winter Tree” Insider Writer Info

The Trains That Climb The Winter TreeMr. Michael Swanwick, of the Philadephia Swanwicks, deals out the scoop on “How to Write a Collaborative Story,” sharing the tale of how’s 2010 winter holiday tale “The Trains That Climb the Winter Tree” came to be written by Mr. Swanwick with Ms. Eileen Gunn (late of the East Cambridge Ostrogoths), and later published by Like everything ever posted to a blog by a professional science fiction writer, Mr. Swanwick’s narrative is 100% true. Because they wouldn’t let it go on the Internet if it wasn’t true.

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Alex McKee
1. mckale
Thanks for the link, that was a great behind the scenes look. And wow, are you guys really that fast on your submission responses? If so, that's awesome :)

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