Dec 15 2010 5:02pm

Orson Scott Card’s The Lost Gate Audio Excerpts

The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card audiobookWith many thanks to Blackstone Audio, we’re delighted to be able to offer two audio excerpts from The Lost Gate, the latest novel from New York Times bestselling author Orson Scott Card. The audiobook is narrated by Stefan Rudnicki and Emily Janice Card and will be released simultaneously with the hardcover on January 4, 2011. 

The Lost Gate is the first book in The Mither Mages series, and though it starts small—with one boy in the hills of Virginia—it won’t stay that way. Danny North is a son of Odin trapped in a world without magic, but when Danny discovers his rare and forbidden talents, he finds himself at odds an ancient pact...a pact the Families will do anything to uphold.

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3. surgio98
Def an excerpt. I was hoping for at least a prologue or a chapter. Oh well at least We can hear a voice sample.

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