Dec 2 2010 2:35pm

Modern Times, TRON-ified

Greetings, programs! Last week, the always awesome Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News issued a challenge to readers to TRON-itize their favorite vintage film moments. Of course, the internet responded with some really fun entries (TRON-itized Aliens, anyone? How about A Clockwork Orange? And there’s always The Big Lebowski, featuring Jeff “Clu” Bridges...).

You can see all the winners and runners-up here, but first check out Nick Tierce’s epic TRONification of the Chaplin classic Modern Times, in which The Little Tramp tackles the old-timey Master Control Program at the heart of the Great Depression...or something. Just watch:

1. Laughingrat
Nifty effects, but it doesn't add anything to the original, which already had messages of social criticism and disruption of the dehumanizing machines (literally and figuratively) of relentless conformity.
2. Chad Ethridge
That's great!
Alex Brown
4. AlexBrown
Because I am a Buster Keaton fan, I gotta say that this is my fave of the bunch:

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