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A Smithmas Smorgasbord of Doctor Who Crafting and Building

Doctor Who Dalek cross stitch

Happy Smithmas! The Doctor has always celebrated and encouraged the best in humanity. In my book, one of the best things about humanity is our desire to create and to share our creations and designs. So in honor of the new Christmas episode and the 12 Doctors of Christmas, I’ve gathered together a smorgasbord of Whovian crafts, spanning both runs of the show.

All Kinds of Stitchery

Most of the crafts and patterns I found were for kitting, crocheting, or cross-stitching. Near the end, there’s a smaller section on Doctor Who fans who are builders and makers—working with wood and metal and machines.

Note: All free Ravelry pattern links require one to be logged in using a free account to view or download the patterns. They’re marked with an (R) after the link as warning. All patterns are free unless otherwise noted.


Doctor and Companion Amigurumi

For those unfamiliar with the term, “amigurumi” is a Japanese word for crocheted or knitted little stuffed dolls. As amigurumi are currently en vogue, people have created a number of patterns for Doctor and companion dolls. Here are a few of my favorites:

Pixelated Mushroom has the most comprehensive free pattern set, including a smaller, older type of doll and a newer, slightly-larger one. Compare her 10th Doctors:

Tenth Doctor amigurumi Tenth Doctor amigurumi

She has new patterns linked from the page above for the Tenth Doctor, Rose, Captain Jack, Ianto, and older patterns for the Eleventh Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Ninth Doctor, Fifth Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Third Doctor, and First Doctor. She also has an adorable new pattern for the Eleventh Doctor with fez which is only available on Ravelry right now (R).

The other good set I found of Doctor/companion amigurumi patterns are made available on Livejournal by Snuffykin.

Ninth Doctor amigurumi

Her patterns include Rose, Ninth Doctor complete with big ears, Tenth Doctor, and The Master (as played by John Simm in the new series).


The Doctor’s Scarf

Just as the Fourth Doctor had a plethora of scarves, so there are a plethora of patterns out there. But there is no one who has put as much time or effort into researching and creating patterns for the Doctor’s scarf as Tara Wheeler, who outlines it on her site Witty Little Knitter (from the quote “Madame Nostradamus made it for me—a witty little knitter. Never get another one like it—” —The Doctor, “Ark in Space”).

The Fourth Doctor’s scarf

She’s spent years matching colors and working on patterns. She has one for every season he wore it as well as video tutorials, tips, and extras. It’s really a one-stop-shop for the Doctor’s scarf and an impressive project in its own right. While knitting such a scarf takes quite a while, it’s a fairly simple project if you have the time and the yarn and know the basics of knitting.

As a bonus, she’s recently posted a knitting pattern for TARDIS socks that made a smash online. They’re a bit more complicated than the scarf and require a knowledge of sock-knitting.

TARDIS socks


Rose’s Accessories

Of all the companion wardrobes in the new series, only Rose’s has garnered much crafter attention—perhaps because hers had a few knitted accessories.

This pattern is for the knitted wrist-warmers Rose wore in Bad Wolf Bay in the Series 2 finale “Doomsday.” Pair them with a leather jacket and you’re ready for heart-breaking goodbyes.

Rose’s wristwarmers

Then, there’s this cunning knitted hat, which includes a link to a picture of Rose wearing one of almost the same design. She didn’t say which episode it was from.


Creatures and Machines

I found a small and delightful assortment of patterns for creatures and machines (and creatures that are machines). Unfortunately, the only Ood pattern I found had been taken down, apparently at the BBC’s request. I think one might be able to start off with a Cthulhu pattern and work from there, but I haven’t tried it yet.

The baby Adipose introduced at the beginning of Series 4 were so adorable that a number of people have come up with ways to knit or crochet them, and you can also buy squishy stress-reliever Adipose dolls. Of the patterns I found, this crocheted Adipose (R) was my favorite.

This knitted Mini K-9 (R) should almost go in the amigurumi section, but also feels like it belongs with the Doctor’s machines. Perhaps that’s because I’ve only seen K-9 in the new series. It’s tiny and adorable and is a great way to work up some leftover yarn.

And then, for those up to a challenge, here’s a pattern for a clever little knitted sonic screwdriver.


Doctor Who Cross Stitch

There wasn’t a lot of Doctor Who cross-stitch out there, and I’d intended this to be primarily free patterns. But I couldn’t pass over these cross-stitch patterns available for sale on Etsy. I’d immediately feel more welcome in a home that had the “TARDIS, Sweet TARDIS” or even the Dalek sampler below hanging in its entrance hall.

Doctor Who Dalek cross stitch


More Doctor Who Crafting

I didn’t find the Crafty TARDIS Livejournal community until I was mostly done researching for this post. Their tagline? “For when you absolutely, positively must have a macrame Dalek.” Users posts pictures of their creations and links to patterns or items for sale. It’s a great place to get ideas, find patterns, and see what other people are doing.

What I wish I’d found? A good raggedy doctor pattern. Anyone know of one?


Builders and Makers

For those who are a little less interested in hooks and needles and would rather get out and build something, here are a few fun projects and project groups.

Want your own working* K9? Dad Can Do has a diagram and directions for making a foamboard K9. *the definition of “working” is a bit liberal as this K9 will not play chess, but it lights up & can even be remote controlled.

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, there are alliances of TARDIS builders and Dalek builders which provide schematics, discuss materials, etc. Word of caution, should you decide to become a Dalek-builder, you may be put on U.N.I.T.’s watchlist.

Crafters, to your stashes! Builders, to your tools! Allons-y!

RuthX is a mild-mannered librarian by day who serves the dread lord Cthulhu after dark and often dreams of a man in a blue box who’ll take her to frolic with baby Adipose.

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That Neil Guy
1. That Neil Guy
Did you see these Doctor Who nesting dolls? http://twitpic.com/3k3tdx

By https://twitter.com/Molly23
Irene Gallo
2. Irene
I want to become a Doctor Who fanatic just so I can earn the right to wear those socks. (Of course that also means I need to learn how to knit.) So much catching up to do!
Ruth X
3. RuthX
@ That Neil Guy - Yes!! I saw those last night & they made me so happy. :)

@ Irene - we only started watching it a couple years ago, but we've caught up on the whole new series and it was very worth it! This series is making me want to start stealing my friend's older Doctor collection.
That Neil Guy
4. Teawench
I'm learning to knit just I can make the scarf. I have the stitches down, just need to learn to change colors & I'm good to go!
That Neil Guy
5. kimu
Adding to your crafty smorgasbord: freezer paper stenciling, my son in his K-9 Onesie. You can basically take any Doctor Who related stencil (a surprising number are out there!) and stencil it onto shirts/etc using freezer paper and fabric paint. Easy peasy.

Another sock knitting pattern: Dalek socks.
That Neil Guy
7. Maren T
Thank you for the links! I will definitely knit those socks, and a Tardis sweet Tardis sign will look good in my house/apartment. (When I get one of my own, that is. Until then, it can hang on the door to my room, which must be bigger on the inside to make room for all the stuff I've put in there....)

I need to learn how to crochet soon, there's so much I want to do with that. Doctors now added to the list!
Darice Moore
8. daricemoore
I just gave a Dr. Who-themed set of knitted washcloths (a TARDIS and a Dalek) to my Whofan sis-in-law for Christmas. She loved them!

And apparently, you can enter homemade TARDISes on http://www.wheresthetardis.com/ (BBC America sponsored) for a prize. Get crafty!
That Neil Guy
9. pixelatedmushroom
Thanks so much for the feature Ruth ^_^
and for the heads up that Matt wasn't added to my blog pattern list (silly me!) - he's up there now, fez and all :D
That Neil Guy
11. Tansy Rayner Roberts
I used to have a copy of the Doctor Who Pattern Book published in the 80's which includes such marvellous things to make as Tegan's boob tube and a TARDIS console cushion. I loved for many years the stuffed cybermat my mother made me, and was so sad it was lost shortly before I had kids myself. I recommend crafters who like the classic series hunt up old copies of this on eBay...

And we're definitely due a new edition, wouldn't you think? There would definitely be a market for a proper licenced book which included all manner of craft patterns from the modern show.

While we're at it, with so many books out there about the making of monsters and Doctor Who special effects and scriptwriting over the years - where the hell is the coffee table book on the history of Doctor Who costuming? I long to buy such a thing!
Ruth X
12. RuthX
@Tansy, that pattern book is available on Amazon, too, from private sellers. But we're definitely due for a nice, licensed new series one. I wish the BBC would look into it...I suppose someone could write up a proposal for it.
That Neil Guy
14. Chronographia
I'd like to point out that you can build your own Key To Time, given the right instructions. And who wouldn't want that?
That Neil Guy
15. missallen
There's an OOD mask/balaclava, posted as a free Ravelry download, just a few days ago. Membership in Ravelry is free; many other Whovian and SF/F delights await you there...
That Neil Guy
17. benebu
I spent an indecent amount of time browsing for a link to the pattern of Rose's wrists warmers. It's available there:


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