Dec 20 2010 4:53pm

Congratulations to Tor/Forge Books on 20 Bestsellers in 2010

Congratulations to our namesake, Tor/Forge Books, for achieving their 20th New York Times bestseller this year! This sets a new bestseller record for them in their entire 31 years as a genre publisher!

As of the end of this week, those 20 books are:

The terms in parantheses are the list the book appeared on. MM is Mass Market, HC is Hardcover, and TP is Trade Paperback.

Congrats to all the list-makers and thanks to Tor/Forge Books for sharing many of these authors and their works through and the Tor/Forge blog.

John Massey
1. subwoofer
Well done TOR- If you print it, they will read!

Speaking of which, how is it possible that "A Dog's Purpose" snuck by my radar. I must investigate this further...

j p
2. sps49
Congratulations, authors and publishers!

and, too!
James Hogan
3. Sonofthunder
Congrats, all!!! :) I feel happy that I was able to contribute to four of those bestsellers(All three of Brandon's and Ender in Exile).
4. Sarivar
Congratulations! The new record is well-deserved! Keep up the good work!
Tricia Irish
5. Tektonica
What a great stable of work! Congratulations!

I see I contributed too....5 on the seem to be my publisher of choice.

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