Dec 13 2010 10:38am

Announcing Science Fiction and Art Department Science FictionOn the heels of’s Facebook and Twitter extensions for Fantasy and Steampunk, we are thrilled to announce two more members to the team:

Mark Chitty will be hosting Science Fiction on Facebook and Twitter. Mark has been covering science fiction on his blog, Walker of Worlds and we are proud to have him aboard!

Tor’s own art director, Irene Gallo, will head the Art Department on Facebook and Twitter.

We’re excited to welcome Mark to the group, along with Amanda, Ay-Leen, and Aidan. Utilizing these arenas allows us to dive into each subgenre on a more individual level than we can on the broader site. So much great stuff to explore and interesting people to talk with.... Our away-teams are raring to go.

Ay-leen the Peacemaker
1. Ay-leen_the_Peacemaker
Very excited to see these additions to the family. ^_^
Tracy Durnell
3. kaeldra
I'm super excited about the art department...but I wish it were its own blog instead of on facebook! Any other facebook foes in the house?
4. goodfellow_puck
Yeah, hate facebook. I also wish these were regular blogs. Nice art dept icon though!
Steven Halter
5. stevenhalter
Yes, it would be nice if these were shadowed here.
Joe Tortuga
6. JoeTortuga
Will there be RSS feeds of these? My twitter feeds roll on so fast I'll never see most of what you post there, and I refuse to use facebook. Is there a problem with the standard RSS model, or are all these feeds part of the RSS?
Matt Ostrom
7. Mattimage
Hi. I’m Matt. I am new to a friend showed me Tor. A few weeks ago. I am an Illustrator, and 3D Artist. I did illustrations for a childrens book recently called God Gone Confused. It’s on I am also illustrating a new book that is due to be published before Christmas, Called Pedro the Pelican.
I am interested in learning as much about Tor as I can. I love sci-Fi and Fantasy. You can see a lot of fantasy Art I did on my website. I would love to be a part of Tor Art Department. Is there a way for me to apply for Art jobs For Tor? Is Tor Art department still interested in more Artists? now or in the next year? How do I apply? Thank you so much for any help you can give me. Thanks. Matt Ostrom. :)

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