Dec 7 2010 11:56am

Announcing Tor.com Fantasy and Tor.com Steampunk!

Tor.com Fantasy and Tor.com SteampunkTor.com is really proud to announce two new Tor.com Facebook and Twitter sites: Tor.com Fantasy and Tor.com Steampunk! These new sites will feature lots of specialized news, links, and giveaways that you won't find on Tor.com.

Over the course of any given day, we here at Tor.com find ourselves coming across cool online sites and news that the site’s architecture doesn’t allow us to feature in a timely manner. But that doesn’t stop it from being cool! Hence, these handy new Tor.com satellite Facebook pages.

Tor.com FantasyTor.com Fantasy is hosted by Aidan Moher of the science fiction and fantasy blog A Dribble of Ink. Aidan is also a contributor to Tor.com, SF Signal, and “the lackey for io9’s Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast.”

Not a fan of Facebook? You can also follow Tor.com Fantasy on Twitter.

Tor.com SteampunkPrefer your SF with brass, goggles, and gears? Tor.com Steampunk focuses on everything and anything steam-tastic. Tor.com Steampunk can also be followed on Twitter.

Both pages are also hosting giveaways this week to celebrate! Head on over to those sites today for more information.

Also, a big thanks to Gregory Manchess for designing the steampunk and fantasy versions of Stubby the Rocket!

Ruth X
2. RuthX
Very cool! I'm not very much into Steampunk, but I'd love to get more fantasy (and maybe see less steampunk in my timeline). Win win.
David Fortier
3. NewGuyDave
Steampunk Stubby has nice additions like the tail-fin, propeller, and gallery to give it a zepplin-like appearance. Sweet.

Methinks the fantasy version of Stubby still looks too sci-fi, unless I'm missing something. Perhaps it could have magical characteristics like dragon wings, or parts of several beasts like a gryphon. Just an idea. Stubby is still cool as is.

4. rushmc
Excellent! Now can we move all the rom-fan and steampunk crap off this site to those, please?

Also, vampires.
5. japiowjapiow
i think that's very cool. Sometimes Scifi and Fantasy grouped together seems schizofrenic. But please promise me that you won't move all fantasy over there!?! prettyplease?

and on a more technical note: why facebook? In comparison with your very nice and clean look it looks very cluttered and unwieldy. And I don't have facebook so will i be able to post there (said the man who is just writing his first post)? It seems a little bit to closed for that.
6. trench
greta idea. but please dot make them to seperate. I like a little Steam with my Fantasy.
Irene Gallo
7. Irene
No worries, guys. Tor.com-proper will remain a good mix of everything and (as the masthead says) related subjects.

Ay-leen and Aidan, welcome aboard Stubby the Rocket!
Alex Johns
9. almuric
A 1930's style, Buck Rogers rocket for 'Fantasy'? Really?

Look, it's your site. Do whatever you want with it. But as someone who's been reading Sci-Fi and Fantasy for over 30 years I'm gonna say that whoever was in charge of that doesn't know what the dividing line between those two genres is.

(Yes, I've read a little bit of fantasy that has spaceships in it. John Carter of Mars, for example. But if I'm supposed to think fantasy when I see that logo, then we have a dis-connect.)
Irene Gallo
10. Irene
Sorry, it's the Tor.com logo. We’re stuck with it. We even kinda love it.
11. link_rae
Wot rushmc said !!!
12. rushmc
>>Tor.com-proper will remain a good mix of everything

A good mix would be great. Unfortunately, it hasn't been that for months now. 10 steampunk posts for every non-steampunk post has me on the verge of deleting the site from my RSS reader, and I used to enjoy it a lot. But I don't read steampunk and never will, no matter how much of it you throw at me.

As someone above said, it's your site, and obviously you have your steampunk fans, but you might give some thought to giving the rest of us some REAL science fiction coverage to accompany your fantasy stuff.
Nevin Steindam
13. TheNevin
So the new direction for Tor is... Facebook sites, plus some Twitter accounts that link back to those Facebook sites?

It's disappointing, since I don't use Facebook. Can you explain what these give you that a standard blog (like steampunk.tor.com) wouldn't give you as well?
David Fortier
14. NewGuyDave
Facebook = millions of potential viewers. Social media is a great way of attracting mainstream people back to Tor.com.

Twitter is the same story, different medium. At least that's my uneducated guess.
Nevin Steindam
15. TheNevin

Yes, I'm sure the plan is something like that. It just seems weird to me - There are millions on Facebook, but all those people (and more) can get to Tor.com if they want. And having it Tor on a separate web site than my social networking gives me MORE control over how I want to view it: Follow in RSS, open the page every few days to catch up, whatever I want. With the new sites on specialized networks, I don't have that flexibility.

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