Dec 3 2010 3:48pm

A is for Ackbar! Star Wars Nursery Alphabet

A is for AckbarWhen artist Brandon Peat and his wife Emma had their first child, they came up with a novel, endearingly nerdy way to decorate their son Tycho’s bedroom: an illustrated Star Wars alphabet.

A is for Ackbar, of course, and V is for Vader, but D isn’t for Death Star, and L isn’t for lightsaber. Brandon explains:

Selecting each letter was a lengthy process. The characters who made the cut are primarily from the Original Trilogy (no Prequel characters here!), with a few from the Expanded Universe of books, comics, and video games. We also tried to keep the illustrations as non-violent as possible (in the words of Wuher, “No blasters!”) for maximum kid-friendliness.

Check out the whole alphabet at the above link. They’re not yet available for purchase as wall decals, but for $15 you can get a book.

(Found via Storybird)

Bridget McGovern
1. BMcGovern
Aaaaand, I just bought the book for my nephew, who just rocked a Yoda costume for his second Halloween (first Halloween he was a tiny baby dragon). I hope to turn him to the Dark side eventually, of course :)
2. WebCudgel
I would love that as a poster.

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