Nov 4 2010 1:00pm

#WoT Tweetup with Brandon Sanderson on Nov. 8

Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan and Brandon SandersonCan’t make it to one of the Towers of Midnight tour stops? On his last day on tour for Towers of Midnight, Brandon Sanderson (@brandonsandrson) will be stopping by Twitter for an hour at 1:30 PM EST to discuss all things #WoT, #TofM, #WoK, and maybe even #aMoL!

Join Brandon and the rest of us by following the #portalstone hashtag…but be forewarned if you haven’t read, spoilers may be discussed!

There will also be another member of “Team Jordan” on-hand: the cagey Maria Simons(@MariaLSimons), Robert Jordan's literary assistant for 12 years, whose famed poker face could face a sore testing in the twitterverse. Special guests @Theoryland (Matt Hatch of, @zemaille (Linda Taglieri of the 13th Depository WoT blog), @portalstones (Steve Godecke of, and perhaps even @dragonmount (if someone can drag Jason and Jennifer from their day jobs) will also join in. So brush up those theories and watch out for RAFO cards, I hear Brandon’s getting quite the throwing arm…

If you’re new to Twitter and would like join in, Twitter 101 does a nice job explaining the basics. After you sign-up, search or click the #portalstone hashtag to follow along. To direct a question or comment, mention the specific user(s) by username, preceded by the @sign. If you have any questions or problems, folks from Tor (@torbooks), as well as (@tordotcom) will be on hand to help.

Update: The Wheel of Time team has left the tweet-up but we've assembled their answers to your questions here. Check out the hashtag on Twitter, as well, as Tor Books is currently hosting contests on it!

Elena Vaccaro
1. EarthandIce
Would it be possible for Tor to make a transcript of the session and post it somewhere? I think many of the fans would appreciate a 'hard copy' as much as I would.

Irene Gallo
2. Irene
Good idea, we'll try to piece it together.
Chris Davis
3. SirSarek
What time is this? I don't see anything about what time this is going to happen in the story...?
Barry T
4. blindillusion
That was great. And I got two of my questions answered.

Thanks Team Jordan and Tordot.

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