Nov 9 2010 6:18pm

Wishful Thinking: Ender’s Game Movie Trailer

Fan Steven Davis has used his seriously formidable editing skills to compile a veritable mega-mix of science fiction films (with a twist of Harry Potter) in his quest to create a trailer for the much-rumored, long-awaited Ender’s Game movie, sampling everything from the Star Wars prequels to Serenity, with some Star Trek, Tron: Legacy, and Starship Troopers thrown in for good measure:

What else is there to say, except let the next round of “Who Should Be Cast as Ender Wiggin?” commence!

[via toplessrobot]

1. Agrajag
On the one hand, that's a really great trailer, and it made me want to see more. On the other hand, I don't know if Ender's Game would really translate well to the screen. I mean, so much of what makes it such well-loved novel, and Ender such a relatable character in it, is Ender's internal struggle, his desire to be left in peace, and a buch of other things you can't really express properly in film. Without a clear expression of Ender's internal struggle it's just magic genius boy kicks everyone's ass. I fear that if the film were ever made it would just be another soulless special effects bonanza that disappoints fans and non-fans alike, like what happened with Queen of the Damned.
2. mike#numbers
what he said
Sim Tambem
3. Daedos
People shouldn't make trailers just to ruin my day. It ain't right.

For an instant--before there's time to take in all the information--all I see is Ender's Game Trailer, and my heart skips a beat...

I guess I'll just keep waiting...just like I've been waiting for the last twelve years.
4. Nduncs
That was actually really fucking amazing, and holy shit I really wish it was real.

On a side note, I feel like there are people out there who could pull the movie off very well, why be so negative about it, sure it won't be exactly a match to the book, but it has a lot of potential to be done splendidly.
Beth Mitcham
5. bethmitcham
Was that clips from The Soldier? I didn't think any else had ever seen that movie.
Michael Burke
6. Ludon
What else is there to say, except let the next round of “Who Should Be Cast as Ender Wiggin?” commence!

If you were casting from who's available today, I wouldn't have a clue. If the question could be who could have been cast as Ender I'd have to say Haley Joel Osment without hesitation. After seeing what he did in an episode of The Pretender, I think he'd have been a great Ender Wiggin. In that one key scene he moved me to tears without saying a word. (Come to think of it, neither character had a line of dialogue in that scene.) An actor with that intensity could have brought some of Ender's internal struggle to the screen.

Would Ender's Shadow be an easier story to adapt to the screen?

Was that clips from The Soldier? I didn't think any else had ever seen that movie.

I've not had a chance to look at this trailer yet. Are you talking about that 1982 feature staring Ken Wahl? I haven't seen that one in ages but I remember enjoying it.
James Hogan
7. Sonofthunder

And yes, I have no idea how a good movie could be made of this...but I'd like to see it tried, at the very least. It would need to not be an action movie, though. And that would be a hard sell. To sell a space-war movie...with no space battles? Heresy! The only shots of space I'd want to see would be in the shuttle rides to and from Earth. That's it. Beyond that, we only need to be seeing dots of light in a simulator! The best action scenes of course would be in the Battle Room, and those have beautiful potential.

I'm just afraid that if this movie came out, it would focus on a war between humans and the buggers...rather than on Ender. But it COULD be properly done. We just need the right script and the right director.
Pamela Adams
8. PamAdams
I was hoping for the trailer to end with "The enemy's gate is down!"
Daniel Goss
9. Beren
I would love to see this, but I can think of one major reason that we never will.

Child Actors.

A great ONE might come along once in a generation (and it will take a great one to pull off Ender) but what about Bean? What about Peter and Val and all of the other similarly-aged kids who would need to be able to give nuanced performances? The only way to do this with any hope of success would be to 'age up' the characters, and a great deal of the tension of the books comes from seeing all of this stress heaped upon a child as young as Ender is. I'm sorry, I will hope for this to happen someday . . . but my expectations are incredibly low.
Pamela Adams
10. PamAdams
Perhaps Ender's Game, the Animated Adventure, is the way to go.
Fred Himebaugh
11. Fredosphere
@Agrajag: "Without a clear expression of Ender's internal struggle it's just magic genius boy kicks everyone's ass."
You should look up what author Orson Scott Card has said about his many attempts to write a workable screenplay for EG. He finally concluded the screenplay would have to be based on Ender's Shaddow because it would fit the Buddy Film genre, which is a genre perfectly suited for the motion picture medium.

In other words, Card is very aware that a simplistic, direct translation of the novel to film won't work. Also, rest asured he is taking a very active role in the decision process for this film (which explains the long delay). He'd apparently prefer no film to a bad film.

He's also aware of the near-impossibility of casting the children's roles, as others have pointed out here.

(Wish I could remember where I heard him say all this.)
12. Japanat
I'd make it in 2 parts; the 1st part would cover his initial training, the 2nd would begin when his "training" actually becomes real. Then in the simulator battle scenes, splice in the actual ship commanders talk. When Ender fades out after the war ends and sleeps through the war on Earth, then go CG crazy, and show Ender leading his friends spliced with newreels of the actual battles.

And I agree with the earlier comment: Haley Joel Osment would have been great, but is now getting too old. Dredge the talent pools and hold open casting. Take the time to develop teams among your young actors and build the charisma that needs to translate to the screen.

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