Nov 11 2010 1:06pm

“Spectre of the Gun” Star Trek Giveaway

Star Trek

In conjunction with today’s Star Trek re-watch of “Spectre of the Gun” by Dayton Ward and David Mack we’re giving away...a talking toy starship Enterprise! (Other toys in the above pic not included. Sorry.) Press down the bridge and it lights up and speaks! It’s a good present if you’re introducing your son or daughter to the original series, although you might have to explain why Captain Kirk is being so swaggery at them. (“Well, honey, sometimes people in charge of things really let it go to their heads...”)

You know the drill. The Official Rules: To enter, leave one comment on this post—duplicates won’t count— by noon EST, Monday 11/15. We’ll randonly select a winner. Please check your email Monday or Tuesday; if we don’t hear back from the winner in 24 hours, another winner will be chosen.

Scot Taylor
6. flapdragon
Um, I don't mean for this comment to be a dup, but I think the mug/flask choice is a copy/paste holdover from a previous contest. This week's contest is a choice between the model Enterprise and the model Enterprise.
Story Cottage
7. jc1239
mug or flask? how about the toy?
Tim Lewis
9. RaPToRFunK
Oops on the mug/flask. Neat on the talking Enterprise.
Irene Gallo
10. Irene
Whoops. We must have made good use of the flask during our meet-up earlier in the week. Fixed now.
Story Cottage
11. Alden Ash
Could I have comment #11 on 11/11?
Bobby Berry
12. bvberry
Cool. My nephews are really into Star Trek.
Story Cottage
13. dr tuka
count me in please
Paul McCall
16. PaulMcCall
I think I have a sufficient number of ST ships in various configurations.

(Oh crap!, well, I guess if I win I could stand another one!)
Story Cottage
19. hidden20
Beam me in :)
Story Cottage
24. Jeff Wetherington
Pick me randomly, please!
Story Cottage
25. Roardawg
I'd like to win now.
Jeff Parent
26. Roundabout
It would be a source of great pride
To own Captain Kirk's favourite ride
Cruising the parsecs
On imagined star treks
With a little space poon on the side.
Story Cottage
27. shdwfeather
My boyfriend would love this.
Irene Gallo
28. Irene

At some point we really need to collect all the giveaway limericks and poems posted in these threads.

Roundabout: :-)
Story Cottage
32. Raypc800
Looks like a great deal to me! Good luck to all! Please say thanks to any and all Veterans you know and their families!
Story Cottage
34. Lynne Green
I'm thinking that would make a great Christmas present for my father. It is his fault that I am a Science Fiction fan.
Story Cottage
37. Matthew Tucker
Live long and keep your fingers crossed.
Story Cottage
39. Williamwood
Dang Clantons!
Susan Meek
41. smeek1958
I remember watching this episode when it first came out (not in reruns). Yes, I'm that old :)
Story Cottage
43. Carl V.
Kids, who are these kids you speak of? I've been looking for a new starship to play with in the bathtub! TMI? :)
Story Cottage
45. Virtual_Ron
Excuse me… Excuse me. I’d just like to ask a question… What does God need with a starship?
Story Cottage
46. Nick in FL
I can use this one to create a time-travel episode with my TWoK-era ship!
Story Cottage
48. the Captain
a haiku:

"A talking spaceship
Is highly illogical."
"But's it's awesome, Spock."
Story Cottage
49. the Captain
(Sorry, typed that too fast. "But it's awesome, Spock.")
Story Cottage
50. Voronwë
Enterprise, one to beam down!
Story Cottage
51. Westley Turner
TOS, the only way to go. :-)
Story Cottage
52. sneezythesquid
Mr Spock, why don't you join us common humanoids in trying to find a way out of here and quit explaining why we can't get out of here.
Story Cottage
55. Maria L. Fennema
This is my comment. Can I have it now?
Story Cottage
56. tanukisan
The needs of this one outweigh the needs of the many or the few. Seriously. I'm selfish here.
Chuck Gregory
58. cwgregory
I hope it's a full scale replica...crew evaluations will begin shortly after the ship is delivered.
Ty Margheim
59. alSeen
Cool, I can compare these to my floorplans
Rebecca Talley
60. NlN
I want to have a battle with my Millenium Falcon :)
Story Cottage
66. Chris JB
I'd actually like the stuffed Appa more, but the Enterprise would also be good.
Story Cottage
68. jonwings40
Sign me up!
Story Cottage
69. bookwyrm
It would go nicely with my talking tribbles
Story Cottage
70. paulke
And a grim spectre indeed...
Story Cottage
71. johnkalel
Must...comment...but...can't...think ...of ...anything. At! All!
Story Cottage
72. vicki wurgler
For my son!
Story Cottage
73. Finny
Commenting is the only logical course of action.
Martin Zinser
75. zinser
Does it have the voice of the Enterprise computer ;-)
Story Cottage
77. RobinM
Can I have the ship and the tribble? Please it would make my cousin sooo jealous.
Story Cottage
80. ikkin-bot
I love how concerned Kirk looks on the cover!
Story Cottage
82. wenat
Too cool -- I'm working on turning my kids into SF nerds.
chris kenny
83. chrisblue77
I love the old Trek, I not to crazy about the new movie.
Carl Freire
84. ohpopshop
Locate the man on the other end of the blower and give him a ride to this flop. Barring that, the toy will do nicely.
Story Cottage
85. isnochys
ooh.. a talking starship!
Story Cottage
86. LiiSedai
WWJD, yo. What would Janeway do? :p
Story Cottage
87. Phleck
Story Cottage
90. Kevin1701
Beam me up!!!!
richard campleman
94. rclpb
I'll give it to the office manager who's a trekee, maybe it will be me laid!
Story Cottage
95. Whirr
My desk is surprisingly void of Star Trek toys. Won't you help, please?
Story Cottage
96. rcutshaw
a talking star ship!
Bryan McMillan
97. bmcmolo
Spock, you traitorous pig, where's your beard, where's my personal guard??!
Story Cottage
98. dwndrgn
This would make an excellent Christmas present...for me!
Yehuda Porath
99. Yehuda
A great birthday present for somebody.
J Wilson
100. bluestraggler
KIRK: Another technical journal, Scotty?
KIRK: Don't you ever relax?
SCOTT: I am relaxing.
Story Cottage
101. Stefan Llewellyn Smith
Story Cottage
107. nepeta
Count me in too :)
Story Cottage
109. firesinger
Pick me. Please!!!
Story Cottage
111. flip58
This is an awesome prize. Absolutely need a talking starship.
Chris Battey
112. DarthParadox
Ooh, I have a bookshelf that needs this topping it.
Story Cottage
113. JohnW2010
I'd like to win a talking Enterprise, please.
Story Cottage
114. That Neil Guy
I would like to win, please. kthxbye
janet vaughn
115. geochic1
Cool Toys!!! I could give this to my nephews.
Shelby Michlin
118. BaronGreystone
In honor of my showing my 8 year old daughter her first episode of Star Trek, ever, just this past Wednesday (The Trouble with Tribbles), I would like to present her with a talking Enterprise. Mwuahaha, she'll be a Trekkie in no time!
Story Cottage
120. Tialin
The only thing that has been more constant in my ife than the Wheel of Time series is Star Trek! It should be ME doing this re-watch! There ARE no more serious Trekkers....
Andrew Scott
121. ascott4321
my future father-in-law would get a kick outta that!
Story Cottage
122. Aaon80
I love it, need one badly!
Brian Young
124. trildan
would b happy with the random selection specifically being me :-)
Story Cottage
125. TommyO
I've already got one, made of 3.5" Floppy disk parts, so this upgrade would be a welcome addition to my office.
Story Cottage
126. coolvstar650
Story Cottage
127. chromiumman
hey, it's keen!

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