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From Twitter: Where in Randland?

Wheel of Time world map

Once again we were having a little bit of fun on the Twitter account.

This time we asked our readers whereabouts in Randland they would most want to live and why, and received a range of interesting replies!

“An Ogier Stedding where everything is beautiful and green” - @Nedopak

“I would live in Caemlyn or Ebou Dar, as they are beautiful cities” - @tarator17

“I’d like to live in Cairhien. I think I’d be pretty good at Daes Dae’mar!” - @goddessladyj

“I would want to be Aiel. And I will live wherever the Car’a’carn leads :-p” - @Laura_FitzG

“I’d be happy with #WOT life in Whitebridge, Tar Valon or Caemlyn, but Cairhien would be cool for the Foregate alone” - @mikepetrucelli

“Well, with what they say about Saldaen farmgirls...” - @amaryrose

So, over to you—whereabouts would you like to settle down?

1. Denari6
the Two Rivers.....after life in Philly I could use a slow down
2. Megaduck
On my Raker and leave all the shorebound behind.
lanyo lanyo
3. lanyo
One of the bigger cities, I'm no country girl. So maybe Caemlyn. It sounded a nice enough city. Not in one of the always-fighting countries out West, and not near whitecloaks. They're just trouble-makers.
Noneo Yourbusiness
4. Longtimefan
I would chose Tar Valon. Good fields, excellet river traffic, beautiful buildings, fantastic medical services. There might be a catch here or there but an armsman, merchant or farmer would do well there. Also plenty of books. Libraries draw book sellers and what does not go to the library has to go somewhere.
Sim Tambem
6. Daedos
Tremalking, hands down. Sandy beaches, temperate weather, and ancient, enormous artifacts sticking out of the ground wherever you go. My kind of place.
8. jwillis7
the black tower all the way, but in Logain's group...
9. Freelancer
The top of Dragonmount, says the guy who runs

Nice, Jason.

Hmm, perhaps somewhere between Tear and Caemlyn. Not too far from the sea, not too far from several major centers of commerce. Wait, who put Far Madding there? Drat. ::mumble::

The Two Rivers, of course. I hear the bread is the best around.
Sim Tambem
10. Daedos
The Two Rivers, of course. I hear the bread is the best around.

Are you sure you aren't thinking about the tabac?
John Massey
11. subwoofer
I have had my fill of cold days. My original answer woulda been Malkier but methinks they have a real winter. I am going for Rhuidean. I would like to while away my time in a warmer climate. Maybe sit by Avendesora after it is brought back, feel time slip on by. I think my dogs would enjoy piddling on visiting that tree;)

Edit for spelling.

Sydo Zandstra
12. Fiddler
Shayol Ghul of course. :D

Or Taren Ferry maybe. ;)

Seriously, I'd settle down in Mayene...

Nice beaches, and a pretty laidback culture (as far as I can tell).
13. sdgjake
I think Tanchico sounded really nice before all hell broke loose. I always pictured it much like San Francisco. Then again having grown up on a farm in the Midwest I think Andor would suit me best. Maybe somewhere near Caemlyn but not in the actual city itself. The only place that I really wouldn't want to live would be Far Madding.
14. trench
Mayene, its near the coast, nice and sunny, and your ruler is a smoking hottie.
Tricia Irish
15. Tektonica
I'm a city girl, and Caemlyn sounds like a beauty. Cultural amenities, well governed, kind of town.

Ebou Dar always sounded a bit like Marrakesh, with water, to me, and that would be great too. Exotic is good.

Although The Two Rivers sounds tranquil and lovely, I grew up in a similar place, and had to get out as fast as possible at 18. It's just not me.
Sam Mickel
16. Samadai
The Land of Madmen sounds like an interesting place to live, now that the taint is gone, it is just going to get better and better. Getting in now before the price of real estate goes way up.

Actually a nice lake house on that giant lake on the map in between Baerlon and Paeris-swar dark wood would be great. I imagine the fishing and hunting would be wonderful and your neighbors would be few and far between.
17. Shimmer
I'd like to be a brown sister in Tar Valon so I could access those libraries...
18. RedWorld
Hmmm, I guess it all depends on what I'd do for a living.

I could be a swordswoman in one of the Borderland countries and battle the Blight, if any of them let women fight.

I'd like to channel but I hate all the channeling organizations. Wise Women are best I suppose. Or an Aes Sedai who never spends time in the Tower.

But in the end I think I'd like to be a traveler of some kind and see it all!
Delos Rifenburgh
19. KaijuGamer
Several choices appeal to me. The Two Rivers and Caemlyn are the highest on my list though.
Dru O'Higgins
20. bellman
The Age of Legends, WAY before the Dark one was freed. Doesn't really matter where, it all sounds nice.
21. joe heron
between lanfears boobs is a place i send the rest of my short life...
Sanctume Spiritstone
22. Sanctume
Tanchico looks to be similar to Southern California.
z drake cupsford
23. zdrakec
Emond's Field. Quiet country life for me.
Bonnie Andrews
24. misfortuona
Ebu Dar for me, pre or post Seanchan. Warm, on the water, and I'd get to wear one of those cool marriage knives.

25. Pheriomalam
Either the Aiel waste or Fal Dara in Shienar, and if by some miracle the seven towers of Malkier are ever re-established then definitely there.
Rajesh Vaidya
26. Buddhacat
Bandar Eban. I hear the dresses are something to see (through).
27. drragoon83
Two Rivers or Caemlyn,are the first and second choice but any place in Andor is pretty much awesome. Also the Borderlands and Tar Valon would be next.
28. aequitas55
I would make my home in the Two Rivers, but would definitely take a page from Farstrider's book and travel the world.
Kara Lea
29. ilovevanille
I'll be a glee-woman, who happens to be very accomplished with the quarterstaff, and make my home wherever I want.
janet vaughn
30. geochic1
I would like Sheiner!!! Hottubs for everyone!!!!
Or maybe Illian(SP?)
31. Brentus
Tear, so I could learn a million idioms and analogies about boats and fish.
Michael McCarthy
32. KilMichaelMcC
I would live on Qaim.

Nothing bad ever happens there!
33. Gorbag
Rhuidean for me, too! - with visits to the local stedding to increase my library ...
Wesley Parish
34. Aladdin_Sane
Paran Disen, that's the place for me! You can keep all your Caemlyns, Cairhiens, Tears, Salidars, - no, wait ...

Manetheren! To be in Manetheren on Sunday! Aridhol's much overrated these days ... fine for a flying visit, but when even trollocs won't stay the night ... something to do with the landlords' association, I believe the scuttlebutt says ....
john mullen
35. johntheirishmongol
I don't know if it matters so much where you are as much as if you are, or be able to channel (but not til the taint is cleared)
. Something where you have some power. I don't have to be king, I just dont like the idea of being on the bottom.
36. Nuraal
Shadar Logoth... for the night life, of course.
37. Nathyx
I'd live in Ebou Dar where the Empress - may She lives forever! - stayed.
Maggie K
38. SneakyVerin
I am liking women's rights in Far Madding :() just kidding-Caemlyn for me

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