Nov 5 2010 11:46am

Alternative Titles for The Lord of the Rings! on TwitterTor created a monster amongst people following us on Twitter by starting the hashtag #alternativetitlesforLotR!

The suggestions came in their hundreds...well, their tens...umm, we got a few. From people who must have been bored. *grin*

Here are some that made us giggle:

- Frodo and Sam’s Bogus Journey (@evilrooster)
- Gondor With the Wind (@HonestHypocrite)
- “Because Isildur was too much of a putz to melt the damned thing we’re all going cross country hiking :-p” (@KMont)
- Dude, Where’s My Ring? (@Paul_C_Smith)
- We Need to Talk About Sauron (@bengundersen)
- Orcs Hate Trees (@wakkomantis)
- Frodo and Sam's Bogus Journey (@RichardFife)
 - Ring and Regality (@evilrooster)
 - So Long, and Thanks For all the Doom (@KMont)
 - He's just not that into you (Sam). (@Paul_C_Smith)
 - No Country For Old Wizards (@bengundersen)

Can you do any better? Leave your suggestions below.

1. JasonMoseley
You want the ring?!? You Can't HANDLE the ring!
2. Lsana
I'm sure our reality TV masters could come up with all kinds of good ideas...

"The Apprentice: Ringlord Edition"

"The Real Ringwraiths of Mordor Valley"

"Survivor: Bree", "Survivor: Moria", "Survivor: Rohan", "Survivor: Ithilian", "Survivor: Gondor", and for a killer final season, "Survivor: Mordor."
3. erinlb
Eowyn Kicks Ass (Oh, Yeah, And There's Some Stuff With A Ring)
4. Morlynkin
The Ring and I: How to Win Friends and Influence People.
6. legionseagle
The Elf-Lords Only Ring Thrice
7. Marc Rikmenspoel
Strange Creatures Lying in Ponds Distributing Rings is No Basis For a System of Power.

No, wait, that's The Hobbit ;-)

How about: How To Win Friends and Influence People by the Last Heir of an Ancient Bloodline?
james loyd
8. gaijin
As far as the films go, I always assumed Jackson's working title was Arwen: Warrior Princess (And Some Stuff From The Books)
9. Story Cottage
There and Back Again, Again
11. Dr. Thanatos
Dr. Smeagol and Mr. Gollum
Gone With The Ring
The Three Faces of Smeagol
An Affair to Remember, or, When Sauron Met Shelob
9 Men Out, or, The Nazgul Wore Black Sox
Withering Heights
The Compleat Necromancer
13. madmaxbt00
One Flew Over Shelob's Lair
The Good, the Bad and the Orcs
Drumline... Drumline in the Deep
My Life in Rohan
The Talented Mr. Baggins

...I could do this all day
14. Alden Ash
A Precious Journey
16. Matt Saler
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ring
Iain Coleman
17. Iain_Coleman
Blade Runner.

Yes, I know it doesn't have anything to do with anything that happens in The Lord of the Rings, but it didn't have anything to do with anything that happens in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? either, and it didn't do the movie any harm.
Kent Aron Vabø
20. sotgnomen
Ju-On: The Ring (See what I did there?)
Fear and Loathing in Mordor
The Magnificent 9
21. Alasdair Cooke
Mordor, He Wrote...
Sim Tambem
22. Daedos
The Count of Monte Doom
Waking Gandalf the White
Of Wizards and Halflings
Four Million Funerals and A Wedding
The Darklordfather (I, II & III)
Sauron Isn't Actually In This Movie
23. madmaxbt00
The Fellowship of the Travelling Ring
Fast Times at Barad-dûr
Crouching Warg, Hidden Fell Beast
Susan Davis
24. sue
Beowulf for Illiterates
There, Try to Top That, Lewis
Silmarillion III: Twilight of the Elves
Silmarillion III, Hobbit II: Silmarillion Wins, But It Was Close
Bill the Pony's Big Adventure
Industrialization Considered Harmful
25. a-j
Ring Trek
Ringbearer In A Dark Land
Of Rings & Hobbits
Master & Smeagol: Far Side of Mordor
The Hobbit With The Ruling Ring
A Wizard of Middle-Earth
26. Driceman
The Ring. Oh wait, that's taken...
27. Joe0912388274r029e7
Things to do in the Minas Tirith when you're dead
Sam's Oliphant Movie
Hobbit Pilgrims vs the world
What about Bilbo?
007, Golden Ring (see the Boromir reference in that!)
I am Samwise (the true hero of the story, dammit!)
Oh Bombadil, where art thou?
Oh Boromir, Where art thou?
The littlest Jihadi (see here:
Kill Bombadil
28. Joe0912388274r029e7
Battlefield: Middle Earth
30. longerwaves
Brokeback Mountain of Doom.
(I did not read every single post so if this is a repeat, sorry)
31. politeruin

Have Ring - will travel.
Helm's Deep's not for keeps.
Mount doom goes boom now.
Drew Urmey
32. urmey1
"Now That I've Got Your Attention, Will You Please Read the Silmarillion?" or perhaps "Trust the MacGuffin to the Hobbits, The Wizard is Busy"
33. Gorbag
Ring, Ring, why don't you give me a call?

Rings, Rings, Rings! And One Ring for me!

The Ring that Sauron made ...

The Power of One Ring.

Bonfire of the Dark Lord.

Rohan Beauty.

Gandalf and the Lost Ring of Power.

Ring, phone home.
Kent Aron Vabø
34. sotgnomen
-Get Shorty!
-The Strider Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum
-Frodo Baggins: International Hobbit of Mystery/The Hobbit who Shagged Me/Ringmember
Jenny Thrash
36. Sihaya
My Uncle Went to the Misty Mountains and All I Got Was This Lousy Ring

Ents Gone Wild
John Massey
37. subwoofer
Are We There Yet?

Hobbit's Guide to Backpacking

A Hobbit's Need for Shoes

EPA Investigates Sauron- Mount Dhoom Fails Inspection

38. fls
Frodo and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Ring

Middle Earth on $5 a Day

1000 Places to See Before You Die in Middle Earth
Sébastien Chaillous
39. Demiandre
"The Lord of the Ring, or how Rand al'Thor could do it faster than Gandalf."

"The Lord of the Ring, or how to win when all is lost."

"Hobbits, Elf, Wizard, Dwarf and
humans : 1 - 0 : Sauron"

"Why, Morgoth is not even in this trilogy!"

"A new interactive game : Where's Peter?"

"World destiny laying in a 24-carat jewelry piece with funky writtings"

(Those are just jokes. In no way I'm being critical on either "tLotR", "tWoT", or "Where's Waldo?")
40. Skribe27
The Epic Tale of Really Short People with Extremely Good Stamina

One Wizard, Four Hobbits, One Elf, one Dwarf, One man, and One king. Sounds like a party.
Frederick Huxtable
42. tegeus-Cromis
Advanced Anululogy: Expert Techniques for Ringlords

Elvish and Maian Anululogy: The Complete Reference

The Principles of Anululogy

Understanding Terminal Anululogy: A Personal History

Principles of Operation: Anululogy

Ring 1600 Programming Secrets

The Ring 1600 Object Driver Model

Programming the Ring16k: Kolbold Edition

Programming the Preciousss: Lithp Edition

Sauronic Anululogy: The Ring1600 Architecture, Programming and Interfacing
41. fro-don't
"The Orc-n-Hobbit Show"

"Even the Littlest Person Can Change the Course of the Future. Now, Don't F__ It Up"

"The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the ... Oh Wait, Wrong Universe"

"Mine Is Pointy, Yours Is Floppy: A Workbook for Loving Your Inner Ear"

"Hobbits, Dwarfs, Elves and Rings: How Many Were Going to Saint Ives?"

"The Courage to Heal (Third Edition - Revised and Expanded): A Guide for Hobbit Survivors of Morgul Blades (and Other End-0f-the-World Stuff)"

"Just Throw in the F--ing Ring Already!"

"A Tale of Two Towers"

"Can You Keep A Secret? Can You Keep It Safe?"

"Shaping the Fortunes of All: A 95 Day Fitness Plan for Tighter Buns, Tougher Feet and Saving the World."

"Happy Days"
43. Susan Loyal
With Ring, Rider, and Sandwich: A Hobbit's Guide to Rambling through Middle Earth
(proposed companion volumes):

Meriadoc's Guide to Inns, Guest Houses, and Camp Grounds
Peregrin's Interviews with Wizards (voluntary and in-)
Smeagol's Fishing Holes I Have Known
The Strider Commission's Report on How GPS* Would Change My World (*G for Gandalf)
Arwen's Reflections for the Armchair-Traveller
44. Paul Castiglia
March of the Wooden Soldiers
Wesley Parish
45. Aladdin_Sane
Ring, a Ring, a RingLord, a Pocket full of PI

The Barad-Dur Horror Show
Oscar Simanjuntak
46. Oscarsim21
Eat, Hike, Kill

How to loose a ring in 10 days

The Curious Case of Frodo Baggins

Hitchhiker's Guide to Middle-Earth

Hobbit Trek

I know what you did in Barad Dur

The Dead Nazgul Society

Frodo Baggins and the Sorcerer's Ring


Oscar Simanjuntak
Joseph Calvano
47. Aragh
All Blighted on the Eastern Front

1337.33K: Not Hot Enough for This Ring
48. Dan Holzman-Tweed
Where Sauron went wrong
More of Sauron's Greatest Mistakes
Who Is This Sauron Person, Anyway?
Well, That About Wraps It Up For Sauron

The Wraith of 'Ron
Gondor With The Wind
The Wight Rose
What's a Nazgul Like You Doing in a Place Like This?

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