Oct 5 2010 10:03am

Where East, West and Steampunk Collide: The Warrior’s Way

The Warrior’s Way is going to be a steampunk film. Let me say that again: this film is going to be steampunk.

For those of you who haven’t yet seen the film’s trailer, watch it now and prepare to be amazed.

In addition to being visually gorgeous, The Warrior’s Way looks to be a remarkable blend of the classical East Asian warrior saga and a violent tale of the Wild West. It takes the story of a deadly warrior who, due to a stroke of conscience when ordered to kill a child, turns his back on his former master and is hunted for it. But instead of telling the story entirely in an Asian setting (which has been seen before in countless films), The Warrior’s Way then carries the epic tale across the ocean into the rugged and brutal American West, a setting perfectly geared for just such a plot of redemption and revenge.

Although there appears to be no set date for when the film takes place, the Wild West motif and the weaponry witnessed in the trailer make it clear that it occurs some time around the turn of the 20th century (the most glaring proof of this is the machine gun with a water-cooled barrel at time 1:35). Add to this a beautiful circus performer and a drunkard played by the ever-charming Geoffrey Rush and you have an epic steampunk tale for the current generation.

Words cannot describe how much G. D. Falksen is looking forward to this film. Chances are he will be discussing it further on his Facebook and Twitter.

Thomas Jeffries
1. thomstel
Why does it have to look so good and so bad at the same time?

And cowboys vs. ninjas? Only one more permutation to go and we're at the high-budget classical mashup we've been waiting for...
Ken Walton
2. carandol
Cowboys and ninjas, cool! Don't think I'd class it as steampunk, though. Would you care to explain why you think it is? I'm interested in the way the definition of "steampunk" seems to be expanding to cover all sorts of things that didn't used to be included. :-) Cowboys aren't steampunk, ninjas aren't steampunk, the collision of the two might be post-modern or something, but steampunk?
Ashe Armstrong
4. AsheSaoirse
I'm pretty sure this would count more as a Weird Western than Steampunk. I'm also pretty sure the only enjoyable thing will be the fights. I kept waiting for somone to yell, "SPARTAAAAANS!"
5. Style72
If Steampunk is Victorian-era fantasy, this qualifies. The American Wild West occurred during the Victorian era. And many of the images here seem to be fantastic in nature. That's Steampunk. Maybe you're awareness is expanding. Give in to it.
Daniel Brown
6. I_Slap_Raptors
I see so many trailers for films with cool premises, that turn out to be nothing more than great trailers (Ultraviolet, Underworld, Van Helsing or Doomsday, anyone?). Just once, I'd like one of the films to live up to the coolness the trailer promises. Hopefully , this will be the one.

I'm going to stay out of the is-it-or-isn't-it-steampunk debate, since I only ever dip my toes into the steampunk scene. I do look forward to watching the debate unfold online, though. Steampunk enthusiasts are so precise. It must be a symptom of all the design and manufacturing. :P

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7. Peter Cantropus
Ehm.... I'm going to step on the side of the "I don't know if I'm gonna like this".

Fights will probably be cool, some of the scenarios look pretty neat and ninjas vs. cowboys sounds exciting...... buuuuut.... WTF are those asian guys anyways??? They look chinese, but wield katanas, but have ninjas...
And altough the locations look nice, most of them seem like the designers just went tired of finishing them and said "a coupple of houses, a gigant iron wheel and were'r ready... let's fill the rest with plain ochre colour and some dry bushes".... WTF!?
8. mchlwldr
I bet all the awesome parts where in that trailer.

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