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Upcoming Events in November

UtopialesIf there’s anything science fiction readers, watchers, gamers, and otakus enjoy more than their particular hobbies, it’s getting together to talk with like minded people. Doing so on is great, as is doing it in person.

What follows is a list of some of the events that will happen over the month of November. It in no means tries to be comprehensive, (and I skipped Steamcon II since we already talked about it in depth here) but I do try for geographical and thematic variety. Feel free to add events near you, large or small, in the comments.

Nantes, France, Nov. 10-14

Held in the French city of Nantes this is the largest event of its kind in Europe with over 36,000 attendees. The festival will gather authors and artists from around the world who will explore this year’s theme (borders…), and touches on every aspect of the genre: literature, film, comics and more.


Novacon 40

Novacon 40
Nottingham, U.K., Nov. 12-14

Novacon is the U.K.’s oldest ongoing convention. If seeing Guest of Honour Iain M. Banks and Special Guest Brian Aldiss isn’t enough, you can also meet 17 of their past Guests of Honour, attend the Nova Awards ceremony (celebrating excellence in British fanzines) and the traditional beer tasting at the dead dog party.

Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema
Waterloo, Ontario, Nov. 18-21

The only animation festival focusing on feature length animation, WFAC often offer premieres of films rarely seen elsewhere. This year’s line-up includes Takeshi Koike’s Redline, Brent Green’s Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then, and Liu Jian’s Piercing 1, China’s first independent animated feature. And if seeing the films is not enough for you, many of the directors will be present at the screening of their films.

Philiadelphia, PA, Nov. 19-21

Considered by some to be the oldest science fiction convention (the first Philcon was held in 1936), Philcon is still around and has a great guest line-up with Guests of Honour Peter S. Beagle, Mitchell Bentley and Jeff Mach.

Toronto, Ontario, Nov. 19-21

This brand new convention features Michael Swanwick, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, and Geri Sullivan in the guest list. bloggers Jo Walton and Madeline Ashby will also be at a Kaffeeklatsch on Saturday (no doubt trying not to be embarrassed by the presence of yours truly).

René Walling is a fan of SF, animation and comics, this has led him to co-chair Anticipation, the 2009 Worldcon, be involved with fps magazine for more than a decade, and start Nanopress, a Canadian small press. He looks forward to living on Mars where he would benefit from having more than 24 hours in a day. He also wishes he could teleport to make it easier to attend all these concurrent events.

Cathy Mullican
1. nolly
Loscon, Nov. 26-28, LAX Marriott. Phil and Kaja Foglio, Emma Bull and Will Shetterly, Kim and Jordan Brown
Jeff Mach
2. Jeff Mach
Might I humbly add The Anachronism NYC to this list? It's one of Manhattan's first large Steampunk events, and, much more than that, it's an amazingly eclectic night of music, shows, entertainment, interactivity, art, and vending from pretty much every single flavor of the Steampunk spectrum. It's happening Sunday evening, November 21st, at Webster Hall (yes, that means I'll be ending my GoH duties at Philcon and running like hell to New York that night) , and admission is only $10.

On top of that, if all goes well, we've been speaking to several Tor authors, and are looking to do a free salon at a nearby cafe, right before the event. Details coming soon.

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