Oct 5 2010 3:55pm

Twitter Casts a (Theoretical) Rand al’Thor

Chris Hemsworth as Rand al’ThorEarlier this morning we asked folks following us on Twitter who would make a good Rand al’Thor in a Wheel of Time movie or TV mini-series. (We haven’t heard of anything like that being planned, sorry to say. We’re just curious.) Some interesting initial responses regarding our beloved lantern-jawed loobie below the cut.

Chris Hemsworth as Rand al’Thor @Maischeph
For Rand: Chris Hemsworth aka Thor in 2011 (and George Kirk in 2009 Star Trek)
Eddie Redmayne as Rand al’Thor @westerosorg
Eddie Redmayne could do a good job, though I suppose one would want to cast nearer the described ages.
Andrew Garfield as Rand al’Thor @EwaSR
the new Spiderman lad, Andrew Garfield. He’s by far the closest to my mental image of Rand!
James McAvoy as Rand al’Thor @mikepaxton
James McAvoy
Studio Ghibli @nomadatrest
I’d rather see #wot animated, preferably in a late 80’s Studio Ghibli style.

One suggestion wasn’t for Rand, but was something we could not, in good conscience, deny:

Don’t know, but could definitely see Sam Elliott as Thom... See his face and you’ll know why.

Sam Elliott as Thom Merrilin

Who would be your Rand?

Anthony Aziz
1. aaziz
I could only see the first one as a possible Rand, but that Eddie Redmayne fellow looks like a perfect match for Mat, IMO.
2. 1guardian
I would go with Hayden Christensen or Josh Hartnett. They're a little old for the part, but both are good at brooding. On a side note, Sam Elliott is perfect for Thom. Now everytime I re-read the books, his is the face I'll see.
Chris Greenland
3. greenland
@1. Same here! That is a Mat right there.

I always saw the Emperor from Final Fantasy 6 whenever imagining Thom. (I have no idea why.) I would happily accept Sam Elliot in his place, though.
4. Aileena
I'd say, a short haired Jared Padalecki would make an excellent Rand. He is tall, he has the appropriate face for Rand except for the eyes. But that's just a small problem that can be fixed.
5. jennyb
I'd love a younger John Hamm - capable of the sweet farm boy blossoming into ruthless weapon, struggling for his own humanity.

Hey, Matt Bomer! Yep. For sure.
6. BryanZ
How about Michael Cera as Rand, Jonah Hill as Perrin, and the dude who played McLovin as Mat? :)
7. ask4thesea
I was going to say Jared Padalecki too. Although for best effect if would have been nice to have filmed some of him a few years ago, when he was sweet and innocent in Gilmore Girls http://bit.ly/birsey ... and then some, as the current Rand, more recently http://bit.ly/aQE3Na
YouDont NeedToKnow
8. necrosage2005
I was going to pick Scott Michael Foster from the T.V. show Greek to play Rand and have him color his hair red. Jesse Eisenberg for Mat since he knows how to do both comedy and drama and Taylor Lautner to play Perrin since he has the muscular body of a blacksmith.

@#6 BryanZ you have GOT to be kidding!
9. Maischeph
"From Thor to Rand al'Thor?" Awesome. Wish I'd thought of that.

@1 I concur! Eddie Redmayne does look like he'd be a great Mat.

Oh yes, I have long pictured Sam Elliot as Thom. So perfect.

@6 Don't forget Russell Brand as Nynaeve.
10. luisgiovanni1
Rand needs to have a young looking face, so I choose
William Mosley. I'm sure he could be harden enough to look the part.
11. zuzubanna
I really hope that the whole taylor lautner as Perrin thing was a joke as well as the scott michael foster thing. Eddie Redmayne is too old, I think. And I don't think Chris Hemsworth looks very much like a Rand. I would hope that the people chosen for these roles would actually be good actors unlike Jared Padalecki, Hayden Christensen, and (as much as I hate to admit it) William Moseley. And I love me some James McAvoy, but the guy's only 5'7". I would think that whoever was casting it would probably choose some no-one-guy and shape him into the character (much like what was done for Harry Potter, though I wouldn't necessarily say those were the best decisions either). And since I'm one of those people who tends to dislike movie adaptations of books (except for lord of the rings of course), I'd probably focus on all the things that were wrong in the movie rather than enjoying it as a whole. So my opinion doesn't really matter in the first place.
Rikka Cordin
12. Rikka
Eddie Redmayne is Mat all day long. I think Sam Elliot looks like Thom but sounds like a chain smoker (as much as I love his voice, I don't think a bard could get away with it)
13. WordTipping
I think the real difficulty for whoever plays the role of Rand al'Thor is to have enough screen presence to fill the role.

The person would need to covey the viewer that he is: a) the most powerful living man, b) ta'veren, c) going slightly mental and d) physically imposing.

That is an incredibly complex character. Short of Daniel Day Lewis, I don't know many living actors who could pull that off let alone do it in their early 20's.
14. Tzwolf
While I can see Sam Elliot as Thom just on his looks, I can't say that he could pull off trying to sing in High Chant. When I picture Thom I see Christopher Plummer.
15. Sarabhi
Heath Ledger if he hadn't...you know
16. randomWoTfan1776
I completely agree with the person who wanted to see WoT animated. It would be a totally epic Anime (plus, no needing to pay millions for halfway decent special effects), though I'd rather see it in the style of Death Note, Hellsing Ultimate or Baccano! than Studio Ghibli. And Crispin Freeman voicing Rand! Epic!
17. Estalia
Zachary Levi or Chris Pine as Rand... *nods*
18. Gigalew
Honestly, I dont like any of these for Rand. They are all really to old. They would possibly make a convincing 16 year old now, but certainly not in 5 years, and the movies would take decades.

If I was casting it, Rand, Matt, Perrin, Egwene and Elayne would all be unknowns of the proper age.

I would cast the adult characters with big name actors though.

Tam Al'Thor - Harrison Ford

Padan Fain- Steve Buscemi (picture the space dementia buscemi)

Lilandrian- Jessica Alba

Lews Therin: Michael Kramer ( its mainly a vocal role & hes does that so well allready)

Lord Bryn: Sean Connery (in my mind the people in camelyn are brits for some reason)
John Massey
19. subwoofer
We are playing this again?

Few things.

Like recent animation of Captain America and stuff-Nick Fury going black, I would like to see more color in WoT- not everyone outside of Tuon has to be white. Bryne could be played by Denzel Washington. Brilliantly.

Other thing- Rand is a big gallumping character. Supposed to be 6'6". Most of the Aiel are supposed to be giants too. Makes for interesting scale of characters. For that reason I like the Padalecki casting. Everyone with the exception of that Thor dude, is like a midget. And let us not forget, Hollywood has always cast older people to play younger roles. It can be done. Happens all the time.

And a year or two ago I found this and posted it. I'll put it up again for posterity. It was very well done. Got me believing:)

20. Lily of the Valley
I've always been for an animated WoT movie series, since voices age much slower than faces. However, I'd prefer it in a more Western style, rather than anime. Think Dreamworks instead of Ghibli.

And as such, I don't have a preference for actors. xD If anything, I'd be a-okay with an Eye of the World live action film, with the series continued in animated format after that. Then the character designs could be based on the actors. However, I don't know how that would actually work, so I'll just stick to my dream of a full-length animated feature. :)
Marianne Bohnlein
21. shrewgoddess
I admit to not knowing much about his acting ability, but Robert Kazinsky is what I picture when I picture Rand.
John Massey
22. subwoofer

For Mat, I am either- and don't burn me for this- Shia Lebouf- hear me out, he's a smart ass, like Mat, it fits... or somebody else like that.

Perrin- Channing Tatum or somebody else built like a tank.



Bryne- well somebody grissled. Like Harrison Ford or George Clooney or Vigo.

more to come later.

Jennifer B
23. JennB
I like the one shrewdgoddes @ 21 posted for Rand. The one subwoofer posted @ 22 would make a perfect Mat.
Brandi Lynch
24. rostanya
Gee, this is hard. I can't think of anyone I'd want to see as Rand. I also like the animated idea better. With such a long series, it'd be impossible to do the entire series with the same llive-action cast. I mean the Dark Tower is half the books of WoT, and look what they want to do with it. And the length of the books themselves would make for long movies or horrible cuts that we readers would throw fits over, natch. If they DO a movie/movie series, they should definitely find unknowns and go with accuracy of character portrayal rather than stardom.
25. Tenesmus
All three of the boys are tall; I think of them as protoypical NFL players... Mat is the Wide Receiver; long, lanky, quick, good hands. Perrin is a Lineman; broad, powerful, tenacious. Rand is a quarterback; cocky, decisive, and gets all the girls...

As far as appearances go; Mat needs a young Christian Slater look, Perrin, kind of an Eric Bana face, and Rand, well that Kazinsky guy up above is pretty spot on!
26. blueox
Let's be honest with ourselves here, people. The actors who play our favorite WOT characters will be no-names, because our beloved WOT isn't exactly going to be turned into a mid-summer blockbuster with mass appeal. And if WOT was in fact turned into such a blockbuster, there's no way the ultimate product could cover enough detail so as to satisfy us while still giving the General American Moviegoing Audience an easily digestible story. Still seems to me that a SciFi (and no, I won't call it SyFy) miniseries spanning oodles of hours makes the most sense.

OK, parade-raining over. And doesn't James McAvoy just scream "Mat"?
Maggie K
27. SneakyVerin
oooooh...good one ShrewGoddess...I like your Rand the best!
28. Crunchy
What if instead of SyFy, you could get someone like HBO to pick it up? I think that would be a perfect fit. A massive/mini-series. HBO seems to have the money to put out high production value television products (look at Deadwood and Rome).

I don't think I'd like 14 full feature movies, that would get ridiculous. Animated or High Production value television.
29. Screwtop Reviews
None of these Rands even makes sense. Sam Elliot is dead on though. I always saw Rand as a younger Wes Bentley. Starts out normal but still capable of full on crazy.
30. Tehanu
Heath Ledger would have been perfect for Rand, alas. However... I think Ryan Kwanten (Sookie's brother on True Blood) could do it. For Perrin, Joel Edgerton who played young Owen Lars in Star Wars 3 (Revenge of the Sith), and for Mat, I agree with all the other Eddie Redmayne fans. And a mini-series, not a movie, so that everything that makes the books wonderful doesn't get left out. Not that any of this is in the least likely.
John Massey
31. subwoofer
I dunno- he's gotten older, but if we had a wish list, I would like Ray Park for Mat. Weilds a mean staff.

33. white rabbitt83
only person i see playing loial is andre the giant
34. white rabbitt83
only person i see playing the inn keeper of the queen's blessing master gill earest borgnine
35. amylaine
I like Chris Hemsworth as Rand, but I prefer Chace Crawford

For Mat I like Garrett Hedlund very much

And Rachel Weisz IS Moiraine, no doubt about it.

36. wolfpaul
I connect with Perrin so well. I am he in both character and physique. I would love to portray him in the movie, but I'm sure they will find a seasoned actor who will help sell the movie.
37. laserlips
I think Natalie Portman could play a mean Moiraine, but I wouldn't cry if it were Rachel Weisz.

I think Emma Watson would make an excellent Egwene, and I can't think of a better Lan than Naveen Andrews.

Chris Pine or Dominic Monaghan would be good choices for Mat.

I think that Robert Downey Jr. would be the best Padan Fain ever.
38. jakehoe
Oh my! This is fun! I like the Rand above - Robert Kazinsky. It's always hard to sort out who I'm mentally casting. A few weeks ago I did find somebody who I thought fit Faile perfectly though - Necar Zadegan. She was on The Event. Beautiful woman and with that Saldaean nose. I've pictured Faile's folk to be more middle eastern in features. I sort of think a woman who looks like the Kardashian girl is very Berelain. Megan Fox doesn't look regal enough. I think somebody mentioned her above. Rachel Weisz is a great Moiraine. Perrin is tough, since he is a mountain of a guy - would have to be the scale of a TV wrestler! Lan and the Malkieri have always made me imagine a more chiseled Native American or Icelandic look. Planes, angles, and all of that. Shinearans a bit Korean, I think. Domani more Indian, Illianers more Greek, Tairen a bit Spanish (conquistador style helmets and beards), Altarans - Italian, Kandori - Russians, Murandians - the Irish, etc. But I digress...
40. moose_man
I think Hemsworth would make a better Perrin than Rand, mostly because he's more of a 'brawler.' I think the others- particularily Redmayne.

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