Oct 22 2010 5:21pm

Get Your Steam on II: New Steampunk Events the World Over

Chad Heird of New York’s Steampunk Haunted House

If our convention giveaway post left you in a state of “Why don’t I live in Seattle/Philly/Santa Clara!”-induced despair, then perhaps you need a steampunk event of your very own. This list will attempt to gather some of the many upcoming events where you can get involved in the community—or at least observe the phenomenon in its natural habitat.

One-time or annual events:

Recurring or roaming events:

  • Gaslight, monthly in San Francisco, CA. Next event is 11/13.

  • Chrononaut, recurring in San Diego, CA. Next event is 12/9.

  • The Clockwork Ball, recurring in Raleigh, NC.

  • Dances of Vice events. Recurring in New York, NY and Brooklyn, NY. Technically “Jazz Age, Victorian, Rococo and New Romantic Events,” but there’s a large steampunk contingent. Upcoming events include “PhantasmaGOREY: Edward Gorey Halloween Spectacular” (10/31).

The field is growing so rapidly that I’m sure I’m missing something (especially international events), but if you comment with something that I missed, I’d be happy to add it to the list until the end of the Fortnight. Enjoy your newfound steampunk lifestyle!

[Photograph by Chad Heird of New York’s Steampunk Haunted House.]

Liz Gorinsky is an editor at Tor Books. She is deeply sorry she cannot be in several places at once.

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Debbie Randolph
1. Debbie Randolph
I don't agree about your mention of Dances of Vice. I've been there a few times and I didn't feel it was a Steampunk event.
Ian Brown
2. RunawayPenguin
Awesome! Without this I wouldn't have known Arizona was going to finally have something interesting going on.
Liz Gorinsky
3. TooMuchExposition
Debbie: I don't know if we can set a single definition for "a steampunk event," but the DoVs I've gone to have had a pretty good amount of overlap with the steampunk community and Neo-Victorian garb. I suspect it also depends on which events you go to: obviously a Victorian-themed event would be more obviously steampunk than something in the 30s and 40s.
Debbie Randolph
4. VernianProcess
I'd like to mention our new monthly club night in SF called Gaslight:

It's a bit Steampunk, a bit Cabaret, a bit Chanson, a bit Trip-Hop, a bit Chamber-Pop, and a lot of Electro-Swing.
Debbie Randolph
5. ThievingMagpie
I'd have to add Chrononaut, a monthly Steampunk party running for the past 18 mos or so in San Diego, CA. The next event is December 9th. More info can be found at or on Facebook.
René Walling
6. cybernetic_nomad
I would add Renovation, the 2011 Worldcon to the list. Tim Powers is one of the Guests of Honour. And if The Anubis Gates isn't steampunk, then I don't know what is.
Debbie Randolph
7. RockLove Jewelry
COME VISIT ME! I'll be vending along this Sunday with a collection of amazing steampunk artisans at the Brooklyn Indie Market Steampunk Festival. From goggles to spats, to more accessible day-wear for the historical enthusiast, there will be vendors, goodies, fashion show, and more!

As for Dances of Vice (and the discussion within these comments) - I've been one of the original sponsors since the very first event and have to say, no not everything is "steampunk" per se, but it is anachronistic and many steamers find ways to integrate their garb to suit the ever changing themes. You can take a Shanghai 1920's speakeasy night and make it your own. Just as you can a Shipwrech Ball. It may not be as cut and dry as Steamcon but there is certainly ample opportunity to enjoy dressing up and partying with like minded artists.

Allison of RockLove Jewelry
Michael Grosberg
8. Michael_GR
Steampunk Events the World Over? Pity none of them take place in that little corner of the world called "outside the U.S.".
Debbie Randolph
9. Therru
*scratches head* Seems like there's something slightly wrong with your definition of "the World", there.
Debbie Randolph
10. Captain Quinlin Hopkins
Steampunk Creators serve up feast - New Zealand.
For the second year

You have no idea what is going on down there. Please do check in to the two newpaper articles above. We've been promised photos once available, and they get a bit of time to recover from this massive effort. I'd say this ups te bar a notch. Anyone disagree?

The Train Alone is beyond words.

Yours most humbly,
Captin Quinlin Hopkins
Debbie Randolph
11. International?
@Michael and Therru,
Remember this is a country whose "World Series" only involves teams from the US too.
Pernilla Leijonhufvud
12. Therru
I guess it's a bit like the "Miss Universe" contest, which as far as I can tell is currently only open to human females from Earth. Always struck me as kind of arrogant. :)
A Davour
13. wokka
OK, this is somewhere outside the US, although not really official yet: the Tekniska Museet in Stockholm (yes, it means technical museum) is planning a steampunk weekend in collaboration with Yours Truly, which will possibly take place in February -- in case of enough interest. We'll know within a couple of weeks. Anyone who wants to come and show some DIY stuff, or share some knowledge or experience, please get in touch with me :-) (There is no budget to bring people or things from abroad, sorry.)
Debbie Randolph
14. artvixn
To help make this a bit more international, there's also Asylum in the U.K. in 2011, September 9th - 11th.
Jeni Hellum
16. J Hellum
Also World Steam Expo in Dearborn Michigan- May 27-30th
Rev. Dr. Christopher J. Garcia
17. JohnnyEponymous
Am I misremembering or isn't there a Steampunk convention planned for Spain next spring?

Also, I've heard rumblings of a regular Russian Steampunk dance club. Anyone know anything about those?
Debbie Randolph
18. Erin_Tierneigh
Hey there! Thanks for the mention. A brief update for you:

Steampunk Worlds Fair this year is taking place in Somerset, NJ (not last year's Piscataway) Thanks!

Frozen in Time: December 4th, Somerset NJ
(A formal evening event)

And I'm not sure when exactly they take place, but the Davenport Sisters host a bi-monthly dance night "The Clockwork Ball"!
Liz Gorinsky
19. TooMuchExposition
Hey, all: Belatedly, I just added Gaslight, Chrononaut, Renovation, and the exhibit of the Forrester Gallery, Euchronia, the Tekniska Museet steampunk weekend (tentative),Asylum, and the World Steam Expo, the Mechanical Masquerade, the Midwinter Fling, the STEAM Fest 2011, Frozen in Time, and the Clockwork Ball; and adjusted the location of the World’s Fair.

Chris: Argh, I wish I could find those, but I did a bunch of the obvious google searches and all I could find were some Victorian events from the Sociedad Victoriana Augusta (

Michael_GR, Therru, and International?: you’re right, the title was a poor choice (I just lifted it from last year’s post on the same topic), but I do genuinely want to hear about things I’m missing, which I was trying to indicate with the line, “I’m sure I’m missing something (especially international events), but if you comment with something that I missed, I’d be happy to add it to the list.” I listed everything my initial research turned up, but I knew I must be missing things—especially outside of the US—which is why I was hoping our readers would have something to say. There’s a great list of International Steampunk blogs at the Steampunk Tribune (, but I’m afraid I don’t read the languages well enough to discern anything.
Debbie Randolph
21. JudithKC
There is a new event coming to New England in 2011. They already have Abney Park lined up to play. Check out the web site

This is going to be a gerat event.
Debbie Randolph
22. Erin_Tierneigh
Thank you for mentioning "Frozen in Time" and "The Steampunk World's Fair"! If anyone is interested in spreading the word on the two events I'm currently working on, TEMPUS (steampunk immersion events) and The Steampunk Worlds Fair, please feel free to contact me!

I would love to let you know more about them!

All best,

aka “Whisper”
Debbie Randolph
23. no human intentions
The Anachronism
Steampunk NYC Part II: Expedition to Candyland! is an awesome, friendly
Steampunk event happening tomorrow. It has a candy mountain's worth of talented
entertainment including Voltaire! cuter than a gum drop button and smarter than
a licorice whip. and dont forget No Human Intentions fashion show! See you
Debbie Randolph
24. Con-Fabulation
I'd like to add Con-Fabulation ( in Phoenix, AZ on 30 July 2011 from 4-10pm at Old Spaghetti Factory's large banquet hall in downtown Phoenix. It's a cross between a steampunk-themed interactive mystery dinner theatre and a tabletop RPG mini-convention.
Debbie Randolph
26. ConTemporal
June 22-24, 2012 Chapel Hill, NC
Check us out! Steampunk and SciFi Con for the Triangle area.
Twitter: @contemporal

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