Oct 28 2010 1:07pm

Steampunk Fortnight Giveaway: Steampunk Library

If you’ve been wanting to find out what’s been going on in the world of steampunk literature lately, or even if your shelves are just feeling a little bare, then this is the giveaway for you: a mini-steampunk library featuring a diverse array of steampunk novels, comics, and anthologies. Start by glancing over the lovely range of covers...

Steampunk Fortnight book giveaway


The Dream of Perpetual Motion by Dexter Palmer The Dream of Perpetual Motion by Dexter Palmer. A debut so magical… so extraordinary… it has to be read to be believed…. Imprisoned for life aboard a zeppelin that floats high above a fantastic metropolis, the greeting-card writer Harold Winslow pens his memoirs. His only companions are the disembodied voice of Miranda Taligent, the only woman he has ever loved, and the cryogenically frozen body of her father Prospero, the genius and industrial magnate who drove her insane....” And be sure to check out the steampunk art gallery publisher St. Martin’s Press put together in support of the book.

Flaming Zeppelins by Joe R. Landsale Flaming Zeppelins by Joe Lansdale. “What do the disembodied head of Buffalo Bill Cody, Annie Oakley, Frankenstein, the Tin Man, Captain Nemo, the Flying Dutchman, and the inestimable Ned the Seal, have in common? Find out as they embark upon a spectacular set of non-stop steampunk adventures.”




The Professor’s Daughter, Written and illustrated by Joann Sfar and Emmanuel Guibert The Professor’s Daughter, Written and illustrated by Joann Sfar and Emmanuel Guibert. “Imhotep IV is an Egyptian mummy who’s just opened his eyes for the first time in 3,000 years. Lillian Bowell is the daughter of a renowned Egyptologist. One day, when the Professor’s away, the two go out for an afternoon on the town. The heap of trouble that they land in—brought on by Mozart, afternoon tea, and a passing gentleman’s sensitive nature—onlydeepens when they learn Imhotep IV’s father is in town. Can Imhotep IV and Lillian stay together when both their fathers, the London Police, and even the Archeological society are desperate to drag them apart?”

Steampunk Prime, edited by Mike Ashley Steampunk Prime, edited by Mike Ashley. “Discover original steampunk tales in this anthology of stories written before there were actual rocketships, atomic power, digital computers, or readily available electricity. The modern day steampunk genre is a reinvention of the past through the eyes of its inventors and adventurers, but this collection is from real Victorians and Edwardians who saw the future potential of science and all its daring possibilities for progress and disasters.”

Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded, edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded, edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer. An anthology with stories by William Gibson / Gail Carriger / Cherie Priest / Jake von Slatt / Cathrynne M. Valente / Steven Baxter / Daniel Abraham / Caitlin Kiernan / The Mecha-Ostrich / And More





But wait, there’s more! We also have some lovely swag created in support of Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Angels, including two mini-journals to write down your deepest steampunk wishes. Journals will go to the first two winners selected, and everyone will get stickers.

Now, wouldn’t these look lovely on your shelf? Just comment below, and they could be yours.

The Official Rules: To enter, leave one comment on this post—duplicates won’t count—by noon on Saturday, October 30, leave a comment in Facebook, or reply on Twitter. The 5 winners will be chosen randomly. Please check your email on October 23rd and 24th; if we don’t hear back from the winner in 24 hours, another winner will be chosen.

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Scot Taylor
2. flapdragon
OK, I'll bite, since the only SP book I have is Boneshaker, still on the TBR pile.
Shay D.
3. shaydchara
Excellent! Would love to get my hands on this collection and do some serious steampunk reading. ^_^
7. joqatana
books? Free boooks? I have *this much* space left in my bookcases...
8. streetalchemist
Still have yet to actually read any steampunk literature as I'm slowly getting into the sub-culture. Started with style and music, but literature seems like the perfect next step!
Melissa Shumake
9. cherie_2137
oh wow! sounds like some awesome new reading =)
10. jefff
I could use a new, cool book, or two
Corey McKinnon
11. CMcKinnon
I would love to get started with some steampunk books, and free is always good.
Daniel Goss
13. Beren
This looks like it would be a great beginning to the steampunk section of my bookshelves.
14. BaronJonah
Pip Pip Clockwork Cheerios! I would delight in feasting my eyes on this curious collection indeed!
15. Chris, Elfland's2ndCousin
I'll bite: these books sound like a lot of fun!
15. novelbooks
I saw the VanderMeers last weekend and I'm liking steampunk. This collection will be a good start to my reading list.
15. mwinslow
Not just free books, but free steampunk books! And not just free steampunk books, but free steampunk books I don't have yet!
Maria Brown
16. MarieEmBee
Add me to the list! I've been having a blast with The Bookkeeper's year-long Steampunk Challenge, and would lovelove love another stack of books to blog about :D
Mark McKibben
17. Manzabar
I borrowed The Professor’s Daughter from my local library a while back and it was a lot of fun. The rest of these also look like they could be interesting and free is definitely in my price range. ^_^
18. Spiderbox
I can always use more Steampunk on my shelves.
19. photon
why yes, it would be a nice addition to my shelf.
21. Ahimsa
Count me in. I like books.
22. Roundabout
I've been writing limericks all week
but I still have not heard speak
that I've won these contests
despite trying my best
and being a right proper geek.
23. stv8
Might be a long wait ("Please check your email on October 23rd and 24th"), but I'm still gonna enter! :)
27. shinythings
Ooooh shiny.
29. Stephen P.
I am becoming a Steampunk superfan after reading things like Osiris Ritual and Affinity Bridge. I would love to win here!
David Levinson
30. DemetriosX
Cool. I have the Professor's Daughter, but none of the rest.
31. The Literary Omnivore
Oh, The Dream of Perpetual Motion and Steampunk Prime are on my reading list–they sound wonderful.
33. jmd
Yes please, these look wonderful!!
35. PhoenixFalls
Want. :)
Matias Miguez
37. meiyas
I have already lost, as I received no mail on October 23rd and 24th =(
38. Razorgirl
They all look like alot of fun! Would be very happy to add them to my library. :-)
39. Lindsy
These books look awesome!
40. Michael Habif
Yes please
Heloise Larou
41. Heloise
*coughs* Well, I suppose it can't harm...
42. Anassa
Those look great! I'm in.
43. Alden Ash
I would trade winning several of the other give-aways for this one. (Now, should I tell my friends about this or not ...?)
45. Story Cottage
I am sure my chances will end up being slim to none, but I can't help myself - free steampunk books!
49. Dr Tuka
I've GOT to find out what adventures Frankenstein, the Tin Man, Captain Nemo, and the Flying Dutchman have! Please choose me!
50. Teawench
Just getting into steampunk & these would be a lovely addition to the library.
52. sbass
More books to explore. Sweet!
nicole rich
53. nrich
this would be the best christmas present to me ever.
55. William.M.Heus
Pleeeeease! My gears are grinding just thinking about these!
59. hapax
My library can't keep up with patron demand for steampunk. These would definitely help!
61. Clupeidae
These books look amazing! Particularly the Tempest-esque story... count me in!
63. FantasyDreamer
Terrific set of books, I would love to enter this contest. Thank you!
Christopher Bradford
65. cbgrasshopper
Always looking to add to my already overburdened bookshelves...
66. LAJG
Well, I obviously don't have enough books. Otherwise, why would I enter this contest?
N. Swain
68. Jabberwocky
I just bought another bookcase and not just one but two of the shelves are empty. I clearly need your help to rectify this.
70. Ben Browning
71. Jayson Lorenzen
Oh, pick me, pick me please.
72. SBaker
This is fantastic, since I write speculative fiction and have been looking for some more steampunk to read, so I have a better idea of what the genre is about.
74. TomSydneyAU
I want these books! This is my entry.
76. KwanTi
I'm in too. I was looking for Steampunk II yesterday in the bookstore (just hoping it had been released and made it through the distribution chain).
77. Allegory
A whole set of books that I don't have yet! And I just built a bookcase and have an empty shelf. Clearly it was meant to be ;)
78. Sarah Wolf
Would love to win and try a new genre.
81. Paul A. Mitchell
Sign me up! I just moved across the country and had to leave most of my books behind. This would be a great start to replenishing my library.
83. Corvus corax
Oh, yes. I could always use more books, and I have a blank book fixation, so journals are welcome too!
84. dylanger
I need moar Steam!
87. Silverqueen
I would love to try some Steampunk. It sounds like I would like it.
88. lisanut
Wow! Sounds great!
tatiana deCarillion
90. decarillion
omg, this is EXACTLY what I need as an introduction to the genre :)
91. Timegirl
I'd love to read these books!
Binyamin Weinreich
92. Imitorar
I'm far from having shelf space to fill, yet I still want these.
93. badfaery michele
Oh yes please :-D
96. Vackor
I want it all:)
97. DaveQat
That would be awesome!
Jacob Silvia
98. aethercowboy
I ♥ free books.
100. Dawn the Glass Beadmaker
I'd love them, too...
103. robbmilford
These look good, haven't really read any steampunk yet unless you include Glass Books of the Dreameaters
104. aleden
Great collection!
Eduardo Gisbert
105. xgisbert
They look great! (Of course, all books do).
106. robert2402
that would be great to win!
Paul McCall
108. PaulMcCall
Steampunk is a better visual genre than prose but I'm willing to win so I can read more and reevaluate.
111. mlabbe
YES PLZ. These giveaways are the best!
Chuk Goodin
112. Chuk
Enter me, please. I've read some Lansdale in that setting before and it was excellent.
113. Stephica
I love me some steampunk!
114. Magentawolf
Booksses, my preciousss... books!
Steve Schaper
116. Sodbuster
Just a vision of an airship with Maxxim guns gliding over a column of fusileers on their way to Isalwanda.
117. voyageur
Full steam ahead !!!
Chris Hawks
119. SaltManZ
I need to try some more Steampunk. Count me in.
120. Nelle Daniels
This would be a great start, since I don't own any SP yet. (Gotta love public libraries.)
121. jab1972
Wow. Yes please. I found myself sucked into reading me some Steampunk this month (thank you Nathan Fillion & Castle), and this just sounds great.
David Epstein
123. sargepepper
Looks like an awesome collection, of which I've read none (yet) - Hope to win!
John Ginsberg-Stevens
125. eruditeogre
This is my hat. It is thrown into the ring.
127. pellarhos
I would love some more steam in my life.
128. VincentBlackrose
Was eyeing a few of these the other day...
Jessica Reisman
129. jwynne
The Professor's Daughter!!! The Professor's Daughter!!!!

Tracy Golladay
134. ojisama
please choose me, that my clockwork heart would beat again
135. Revie1
Wow, those are amazing!
136. dilyanap
Awesome cover art!
David C
138. Malkier
definitely could use some more sp background...
144. 8bitdad
Shiney, love the steampunk fortnight.
147. Rachel HC
Pretty neat covers!
149. FSimkin
More proof that the future ain't what it used to be
151. Lolatron
Looks great!
156. Sophie Gale
Lovely! Our SF/F book club is working on our reading list for 2011. We haven't read any steampunk yet. Bookmarks with our annual book list are distributed throughout the library system, so library users can read along even if they are not club members.
160. nuitblanche
Every book looks so interesting. Would love to win and read one!
161. SuperPenguin
"Flaming Zeppelins" is the best book title I've heard today.
162. O. J. Smith
Well, if I don't win here, at least there's always Amazon!
163. Niagareven
Books. ^.^
Rafael Penaloza
165. rpenalozan
I have just the perfect spot in my bookshelves for these
166. hidden20
sounds great be sure to pick me
Travis Splawn
168. MoreBooksForMe
Count me in! I want to try out some Steampunk.
169. MountainManCO
Start the steam
170. Erik Sorensen
Yeah! Steampunk! Oi!
Kent Aron Vabø
171. sotgnomen
Looks like something worth a few words of my time.
172. digitalbusker
I would like to be considered for this contest. Thank you.
173. Brevoort
I guess I better finish building that time machine in order to check my email on October 23rd as per the Official Rules.
Goetz Kruppa
174. goetznl
nice ones! I like your book giveaways...
Craig Duffield
175. Fansik
Must.  Finish.  Time Machine.  Soon.
Melissa Hills
177. melissahills
No need to finish time machine. I already checked my email on the 23rd and 24th. I guess I haven't won in the futurepast. Is this entry futile, or can the futurepast be changed?
Vicki Lemonds
178. jacardie
I love steampunk and can't wait to read more!
William McDonald
180. Wm_McDonald
Don't smack me, but I don't have any Steampunk books. I would love to read what it's all about!
181. Robolaw
Free Steam? Please.
185. Vylotte
Adding these to my library hold list!
James Cappio
186. cappio
One can never have enough steampunk--
Tim Schönfeld
187. fischziege
Dream of Perpetual Motion looks really good...
189. CRAusmus
This is an awesome prize pack.
Rie B
191. toggit
Oooo, I hope I get. I need a little more steampunk in my life.
194. Beth C.
I would love to read these books!
John Chu
195. JohnChu
Awesome collection. I'd make a cute comment about when I'm supposed to check my email, but several people have beat me to it.
197. trd2d2d
Nice collection!
199. Christopher Ware
I really need to get some steampunk on my shelf.
200. RTaylor
Loving Steampunk fortnight!
Bo and Steve Caunce
201. BoSt
Glad I found you on Facebook. Now it's a lot easier to keep up.
203. kglasgow
Hey, I think that I have all of those books on hold at the library! Neat!
Diane Pollock
204. blacksnake
Awesome collection...those I have already I could give as great gifts even!
205. Steven Jacques Roby
I never won any of Hard Case Crime's contests, or the past Tor giveaways I've tried for, but what the hell. I was somewhat interested in steampunk the first time around but have no idea if there's really any cause for excitement this time around. By all means, give me freebies and convince me!
Keith Adamson
208. Tyrunea
Literature AND steampunk. Just missing dragons.... ^^
211. Fred Coulter
Oh my! A collection of steampunk books printed on actual paper!

Yes, sign me up.

(BTW, I looked at my email for last week and I didn't win. Perhaps the date of the notification is wrong?)
212. Yvonne B.
Sounds like a great collection.
Finn Mclennan-Elliott
213. falpy
WOW!! this would be amazing!! I would love to get these, i'm so short on wonderful novels and reads!!!
Kohdi Petersen
215. Kohdi
I would love some new additions to my library, and I am sadly lacking in the steampunk genre!
218. Douglas R. Cobb
I love Steampunk--I read & reviewed George Mann's The Affinity Bridge and The Osiris Ritual, and really enjoyed them, so I hope I'm chosen one of the winners of these novels, so I can read even more excellent Steampunk fiction!
220. DaG68
Has this European reader any chance? Thanks!

("Excessive posting"??? You stupid steam-machine! First two or three times you don't like my nick, then you don't understand your own captcha, and finally I am the one posting excessively?)
Miss Kai
221. wolfkit
Sir, and Madams, I would be ever so delighted to take these excellent tomes of your hands but even more so considering the most excellent price tag.

Your servant in Steam,

Miss wolfkit
222. srayl
I'd love to win this collection!
Jenny Thrash
224. Sihaya
... and as you all can see, if one juxtaposes the flange with the bi-directional valve, the automaton will move the stylus across the page, creating a series of wonderful tales. The table-knockers call this automatic writing, but we have discovered that this is actually a temporal-aetheric phenomenon; the machine is reading vibrations from the future, copying books that have yet to be written.

All of this is good and well, but yesterday the machine created a book about something called copyright law. Ladies and gentlemen, from what my colleague can glean, some authors may have to pay us heaps of money when they finally write their greatest novels, simply because the machine wrote them first. The Society coffers will never be depleted.
226. Kolor
Those sound excellent! At the very least, my reading wishlist is a few tomes longer.
Deirdre Thornton
228. wyvernfriend
Those look very good, count me in if you send to Ireland
231. AlfredTungstan
Interesting...Very Interesting
232. Chris JB
Would be quite pleased to get my hands on any of these.
234. DrVicki
I would have to call in sick for several days in a row but, yes, I would like this. Very much.
237. jlesgold
Books are good.
238. MatthewSF
I'll bite.
I'm going to pick up "Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded" regardless. That looks like entirely too much fun.
gwern branwen
A debut so magical… so
extraordinary… it has to be read to be believed…. Imprisoned for life
aboard a zeppelin that floats high above a fantastic metropolis, the
greeting-card writer Harold Winslow pens his memoirs. His only
companions are the disembodied voice of Miranda Taligent, the only woman
he has ever loved, and the cryogenically frozen body of her father
Prospero, the genius and industrial magnate who drove her insane....”

That is a little transparently Shakespearean, I think...
Gabrielle Jagoriles
241. Geese5000
this sounds good, I would love to own these,
243. Harthin
Sounds good!
244. RocketRodBarista
This looks like one of the best giveaway's yet!
247. edthecatalyst
Good stuff!
Nyna Derringer
249. nyna
Dear Random Number Generator: Pick Me! I've been good!
250. KillaSmurf
Just when I've finished my current pile of books!!
David Booton
252. guruwammabe
ohhhh I so want these books I want them so much I forgot punctuation
Karolína Košťáková
256. Awaris
Ooh, those look nice... and how awesome they must be INSIDE!! :)
James J Murray
258. DrPaisley
Nice buncha books ya got there. I'd be more than happy to take them off your hands, er, tentacles.
259. Bahador
Count me in!
William Fee
260. WTBFee
These are great. I've been eyeing that anthology, for one, since I saw it for preorder...
ian keith
261. aequitas55
In the laconic words of our recently alive zombie friends, "Ooorgh, bhraynzzz."
262. Bob Cordwainer
Nice, very nice.
265. Chickymonroe
I heart Steampunk literature!
272. machete
I haven't read some steampunk in a looong time and this looks pretty awesome *o*
276. Patrick123
Great looking books
278. Rowanmdm
Steampink Fortnight has unleashed quite the stream of coveting.
279. vvb
swell steampunk pack!
280. Jflleon
What a giveaway! Maybe this one will finally be the one I win.
282. Dave Garrett
Yes, I would like to enter for these books!
Max Moseley
283. mmoseley
Ooh! This is definitely one drawing I'd love to win.
stephanie keenan
284. adriel_moonstar
Mais,oui! Je voudrais gagner ces livres s'il vous plait.
287. Heather Perkins
My bookshelf is looking mightly lonely.
Lila Fontes
288. lila927
I'd love to read these, or even just get stickers. Your picks are always so enticing, and there are too few hours in the day yet so many books!
Liz Shaw
289. lizandra
I am already planning what to do with my winnings!
290. SaraC56
Yay steampunk books!
291. Brunner1926
I have the perfect shelf for these books. It revolves about a small, steam engine system. I designed it myself and am quite proud of.
Gary Anderson
292. mindrazor
I don't own any of these yet. It would be nice to win one so that I an save a few dollars when I inevitably purchase the rest. Thanks for having a great contest and site.
293. JaneDrew
Comment, comment!
295. oyllek
Nice editions to add to my collection.
James Keith
298. JamesDKeith
Don't know about y'all, but I'm getting sick of all this steampunk, enough all ready ! Go read some Stross.
299. G mcCluskey
Cool! Nice contest!
Colonel Hazard
300. ColonelHazard
Oh, yes please! I spend far too much on steampunk books and currently own none of the above.
greg scott
301. worthy
Throw my goggles and aviator helmet in the ring!
303. Jack Avery
I'll try my luck.
Stephen Zielinski
304. zsaz1029
Very cool giveaway, but why would I check my email on the 23rd or 24th if the contest ends on the 30th? :)
305. Srishtee
I'm in! I want.
307. arnique
Please pick me! Steampunk novels and children's books have hands down the best cover art today. Why is that?
M. h.Todorov
310. Mamutoubietza
Yeah... so you post until October 30, but you check you e-mail on October 23-24!? O.o Some retroactive contest, this is! :-D
311. William Siravo, Sr.
I am a punk, so I deserve to win.
jman jman
312. jman
And I am steaming (from my nostrils), so *I* deserve to win :-)

Thanks for willing to steal so much space in my house ;-) I like that!
313. jtown
Yep, these are mine. I can't wait to read the crap put out of them!
George Grivas
314. Unuldur
What an awesome gift. I hope to win.
315. Staar84
All of these are on my wishlist already! I would love to win these :)
316. nishatalitha
The books all look pretty cool. Maybe I'll ask my library to get them.
317. Sara(m)
Lovely! I've been wanting to read some of these!
318. Mistermorg
A definite need for
I need them
319. Andrew
I love The Professor’s Daughter, and can't wait to read the rest! :)
Charles Dawson
320. CD4liberty
And they ask, "wouldn’t these look lovely on your shelf?" They would look quite lovely in my hands, while my mind devours their content.
321. TxMil69
Love the cover of The Professor's Daughter
322. milsom
Great selection - go on, pick me!
Jon Terry
323. Randall
The summary of Flaming Zeppelins is as good as the title
324. ennaS
Great! Is this one open to steampunky Europeans, too? *puppy eyes*
325. Jafferty
I love the cover of 'The Professor's Daughter' and the story sounds good too.
326. Coconutbeard
Ahh, steampunk. You can almost smell the oil and leather from here...
327. Innbranna
326 comments already - but I've nothing to lose, have I?
328. huesofblue
Dates are a little awry; perhaps time travel might be necessary to check that you won?

Unless, that mail I deleted days ago thinking it was a hoax meant I actually won something...
329. Scottc
Steampunk me, baby!
Ian Gazzotti
330. Atrus
Must... not... buy.... more... books!
331. Mechadeus
I can see the start of a research library here...
332. Brian B.
Count me in! I'd love some more steampunk fiction - I won a copy of Boneshaker last year, and it was great!
336. Redwolf
Books!!! I'm in.
338. dwndrgn
I'm all for filling my bookshelves! Count me in please.
340. grilojoe77
Great selection. Sign me up, too please.
341. rcutshaw
Good reads.
Twila Price
342. anderyn
Ooooh, the Professor's Daughter looks nummy!

Do count me in.
Rob Core
344. robtcore
Another escape from the Aether into begging for freebies!
Y'r ob't svt. &cetera,
Right Rev. Rob't Core
345. rubydog
Wow! Great collection of books.
Please enter me.
346. BobGillette
Count me in :).
347. coltwpass
They look like fun books. I'm in.
350. Jazzlet
Sounds like a wonderful introduction to a genre I haven't yet explored :)
351. psion3
Since I have no Sp books this would be an ideal way to start!
355. BeautifulMonster
Steampunk is a sub-genre I've been wanting to explore. All I've read so far is Priest's "Boneshaker". I'm quite intrigued!
Heather Boyle
357. Voyd
These would be amazing! And incredibly helpful. I don't know if I could ship them out if I were you!
360. Stormfield
Julia Nepper
364. andoran_g33k
I recently discovered I like Steampunk. Please give me books :)
366. Ztron24
Count me in.
Mike Timonin
367. MTimonin
These would look lovely on my bookcase, and so they should come to me!
Kurt Criscione
368. Dathar
Hell Just the Lansdale was enough for me, great assortment of books. Count me in.
Christy Donaldson
369. Goodnight
A great raft of steampunk for an incredible getaway!
Patricia Scott
371. dragonwomant
PLEASE pick me, these are ALL on my hellacious booklist!
Daljit of NORN
372. Enforcer
Those books sound great; I wouldn't know which one to read first! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this one!
374. Lady Marlston
Wow, this is awesome! Totally want!
375. TexSquid
a great collection
376. WritingWolfaert
Looks like an awesome collection.
Brad Hargrove
377. bullfye
I hope the brass finger of the steam powered random selection engine falls upon this humble line of text.
379. BaronPablo
Here goes nothing!
381. jonwings
I would love these!
Greg Lincoln
382. glshade
Have none of these and would love to get a chance to read and review these.....
384. tmartin
Ooooo! I could always use more books in my library, they all look quite intriguing. :)
388. Ricardo L.
Great promo but... is it available to non US residents?
389. Benjb
Oh yes please.
390. Cheri H.
Looks awesome!
391. pen21
I have read a little Steampunk. Really enjoyed it.
392. Commander Celli
What a great opportunity to expand my exposure to this rising genre. Thanks for the chance to win these great titles. Makes my clockwork heart spring a little tighter!
393. Tsuu
Definitely an awesome set of books!

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