Oct 26 2010 3:35pm

Steampunk Fortnight Giveaway: Phoenix Steamworks from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Today’s giveaway is something a little different: we have a full line of the perfume oil blends from the Phoenix Steamworks collection by geek-beloved perfume makers Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Phoenix Steamworks is a series of eleven scents designed to represent the steampunker within us even when we’re in jeans and a t-shirt.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Antikythera Mechanism and Obsidian WidowThe crucial question, of course, is whether you want to smell more like an Antikythera Mechanism or The Obsidian Widow? Luckily, you now have S. J. Chambers’ guide to the series to help you out with that decision.

Here’s how it’s going to work: the series will be split between five lucky winners: the first winner chosen on tor.com gets three bottles of their choice, the first winner on Twitter gets two, the first winner on Facebook gets two, and then the next two winners on Tor.com get two each. Which means that, while you can only enter once here, you can enter twice more on Twitter on Facebook to triple your chances. Once the contest ends, we’ll contact each of the winners and get them to pick their favorites in turn.

Good luck, and don’t forget to take a spin by the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab website and covet their lovely wares.

The Official Rules: To enter, leave one comment on this post—duplicates won’t count—by Thursday, October 28, leave a comment in Facebook, or reply on Twitter. The 5 winners will be chosen randomly. Please check your email on October 28th and 29th; if we don’t hear back from the winner in 24 hours, another winner will be chosen.

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Tranylle Simmons
1. tranylle
This looks awesome! I'm going to go with The Obsidian Widow. Hope I win!!
Elias Rangel
2. Elias Rangel
This sounds (and smells) interesting :D
Elias Rangel
3. Kevin Faulk
My wife would be quite interested in this....
Gillian Conahan
4. hanabi
I am intrigued! (As much by that spider illustration as anything else.)
Elias Rangel
7. stinkbug
Well-greased cogs and steam-driven cam pistons here I come!
Matthew B
8. MatthewB
Steampunk branded perfume? Seems a little jump-the-shark-ish, but i'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.
Elias Rangel
9. Heather Perkins
Oooh I'll be hoping to win for their Violet Ray. Off to FB and Twitter now :D
Sean Dustman
10. dustmans
I wonder how the wife would smell steampunky?
tatiana deCarillion
11. decarillion
Amazing concepts and scent combos, whether you care if they are steampunk or not :)
Skye Peters
12. Eilastri
Ha, I'm such a sucker for anything steampunk...
Elias Rangel
15. pirateslife
Oh, how fun! I love these contests, and I'd love to smell the perfumes.
Elias Rangel
16. Story Cottage
I am intrigued.
Elias Rangel
18. Parliament
reading the descriptions at Black Phoenix is like perusing a menu in Tantalus. impossible to decide, imperative to try at LEAST one...
Elias Rangel
19. ironekilz
I love BPAL! Count me in!
Elias Rangel
20. meganlynae
I love BPAL! It would be so cool to get some for free.
Elias Rangel
21. Roundabout
Once the misted cologne had dried
A manly smell infused my hide
Dark, musky, intense
With a hint of incense
And a sizeable dose of low tide.
Ginger Stampley
22. immlass
I probably would have missed this collection if it hadn't been mentioned here.
Elias Rangel
24. starmetaloak
I'd love the idea of these products! So cool!
Yehuda Porath
25. Yehuda
I can think of someone who would love this.
Elias Rangel
26. IsNotThat
An interesting idea. Sign me up.
Elias Rangel
28. hidden20
pick me. so my life can smell better
Elias Rangel
29. MistyMassey
Obsidian Widow smells amazing on me! (I'm a big fan of Follow Me, Boy, too, but it's not in the Steampunk collection. *smile*)
Elias Rangel
32. Taylor Taylor
Elias Rangel
33. JasonB
wow! These both sound like they would smell wonderful! I'm in!

Elias Rangel
37. Outofsequences
Sign me up! I love BPAL and Tor books so this'll be amazing.
Elias Rangel
38. Elizabeth Anne
Easy: Obsidian Widow! It sounds gorgeous to me...
Melissa Shumake
39. cherie_2137
would love to have some lovely new fragrances!
Elias Rangel
40. Emilly Orr
I adore Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, and this is an amazing production. Plus, wau, talk about obscure archeological history making its way to the lands of perfume...Win or not, I may *have* to find out what their Antikythera Mechanism oil smells like!
Elias Rangel
41. Delilah S. Dawson
The Coil and Smokestack sound lovely. I've been a BPAL fan for over five years, and I can't wait to smell Beth and Brian's take on steampunk.
Elias Rangel
42. chibi_missy
Hmm....how easy. HAVE A COMMENT.
Tina Berger-Everroad
43. slave1
I love BPAL and I love Steampunk and I love Science fiction! All win!!
Elias Rangel
44. Darcy Panak
Awesome ! I would love to win some of their great fragrances !
Elias Rangel
45. Sara Rockey
It would be fantastic to win something like this. Surely a treasured item. :)
Elias Rangel
46. Laura Boyd
How exciting! I love BPAL!
Elias Rangel
47. Dreaming Squid
An intriguing line of scents, most especially Smokestack.
Elias Rangel
48. seathingie
I have not tried any scents yet..this would be an excellent way to get started.
Elias Rangel
49. Ashley Bob
Wow, this is fantastic! Good luck to everyone else!
Elias Rangel
50. shadowmaat
Oh goodness! Decisions, decisions. BPAL's oils are always good and to have a whole line devoted to steampunk...! Double plus awesome!
Elias Rangel
51. JeniHotpants
*raises hand feverishly* Count me in for Antikythera Mechanism! I absolutly LOVE BPAL!
Elias Rangel
52. Elanya
This would be incredibly fantastic! I've been lusting after this line for a while :D
Elias Rangel
53. Laurenmonkey
I'd love to sniff these! Thanks for feeding my BPAL addiction.
Elias Rangel
54. AlexCain
I would have to go for the Antikythera Mechanism. The other sounds far too busy, with a lot of clutter in there. Too femme, too fussy.
Elias Rangel
55. sbass
I think my daughter will like this.
Kathleen Kasdorf
56. kakiphony
I adore Aelopile. Such a fantastic winter scent!
Elias Rangel
57. PersianPenName
Oh, this does sound like fun! Grats for the person who wins it :)
Elias Rangel
58. hph
I need to test more of the Steamworks scents, count me in. :)
Elias Rangel
59. Sugar Blisters
Hooah! Got to meet the lovely BPAL peeps at the comicon & it was so hard to walk away from their table without buying everything. Delightful & original scents that also support comics- what more could you ask for?
Elias Rangel
60. randomxyn
have been wanting to delve into several scents in this line, but others and a limited budget have prevented such indulgances.
Elias Rangel
61. omoidasu
Uho, delicious smells!
Elias Rangel
62. Lolita Storm
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab helped me discover Tor. And Tor now has a Steampunk themed contest featuring Black Pheonix Alchemy Lab. Pure love!
Elias Rangel
63. Zylphia
Ohhh! I'm in!!!! Here's hoping! :)
rhoda O
65. therhoda
comment comment comment, is that three entries
Elias Rangel
67. Ellabug
Woo, this looks awesome. I love BPAL
Elias Rangel
68. dlkfox
Count me in!
I've so been lemming after The Coil and Violet Ray!
Elias Rangel
69. CourtCat
Mmmm, more BPAL. Yay, enabling!
Elias Rangel
70. izile
Galvanic Goggles for the boy! (and hopefully FTW!)
Elias Rangel
71. Matrixchic
awesome! They both sound lovely - and I may just have to order the Violet Ray. I {heart} bpal. :)
Elias Rangel
72. wildspark
Steampunk goodness from BPAL...what could be better?!
Elias Rangel
73. Liz LaGarde
I love BPAL, and a Steampunk theme sounds fantastic! Can't wait to see who the winners are!
Elias Rangel
75. iPika
I love BPAL! Obsidian Widow is great!
Elias Rangel
76. Danya Michael
Oooh I've been DYING to try BPAL scents. Perhaps Black Widow would be appropriate...
Elias Rangel
77. Vavia A
Mmm. I have the Coil and love it, but I'd love to try more. (What BPAL wouldn't I love to try?)
Elias Rangel
78. Mickie T
The descriptions! I'd probably have to go eenie, meanie, miney, mo to choose if I won. Or throw steam-powered darts at a dartboard.
Elias Rangel
79. dwndrgn
Those scents all have fabulous names.
Elias Rangel
80. calivianya
I HAVE to enter BPAL contests. :) I haven't tried anything out of that collection yet, so this would be an awesome opportunity!
Risa Wolf
81. lupa
what a fantastic giveaway! I would like to be considered, please.
Elias Rangel
82. Khaibitu
Exquisite art in perfume form is BPAL.
Elias Rangel
84. Hayley D.
A BPAL contest? Count me in!
Elias Rangel
86. Samsara
The thick scent of pitch oil from the depths of the smokestack would suit me quite nicely.
Madeline Matz
87. mcmatz
I would like some steampunk stink, please.
Elias Rangel
90. Morgan P.
Ooooh, me me me me me!!! Soooooo need the Antikythera Mechanism....
Elias Rangel
91. cocobachaud
My friend and i were gonna be steampunk fo halloween...since we can only afford it once a year.
Elias Rangel
93. SidraW
Ooooo, I would love to try some of those scents. Thank you for the opportunity!
Elias Rangel
94. kitrona
Robotic Scarab smells AWESOME on me. I've wanted to try the others, too.
Elias Rangel
95. Grosbeak
Ooh, I've been staving off the urge to buy BPAL instead of food for ages. Count me in!
Elias Rangel
96. Razorgirl
I adore Black Phoenix. Adore them. Would be glad to have any of their amazing scents. mmmmm :-)
natalie wilkie
97. tesla314
I'm an electrical engineer, so I'd love Coil and some of the other "oily" scents!
Elias Rangel
99. Perkyrusalka
Oh, this sounds fascinating.
Elias Rangel
100. JJloa
Oh yes please!
Elias Rangel
101. Wendy R. HIll
Consider me commented (hehe) :D
Elias Rangel
102. ringofsecrets
Love that collection! I think I already know which ones I'd get too.
Elias Rangel
104. rook330
I would be delighted to win this!
Jenny Thrash
105. Sihaya
I would like topnotes of adventure and danger governed by an overall bouquet of industrial progress, please.
Elias Rangel
106. Chameleoninthespectrum
Definitely will comment for some BPAL Steamworks scents!!!
Elias Rangel
107. Nastasha
This is so exciting~
Elias Rangel
108. KwanTi
Sign me up. I've also been meaning to order the Neverwhere scents, so maybe this will inspire me to go make the order.
Elias Rangel
109. Barbara O
I've just discovered BPAL, and I'm in love with them! I'd love to win.
Elias Rangel
110. blodia
Would love to win these. :D Official entry go!

(Violet Ray is the most amazing Steamworks scent. :D )
Elias Rangel
111. starcr
BPAL giveaway? I'm in. One entry, please!
Elias Rangel
112. hep1013
As a long-time BPAL fan, I'd love to win this and FINALLY get a bottle of Violet Ray!
Elias Rangel
113. paloograx
Antikythera Mechanism seems to fit me :D
Katherine Otto
114. scifibklvr
(My internet has been messing up for the last day or two, so I'm not sure whether this has already posted or not. My computer claims "not," so please don't count this as a duplicate if I accidentally posted twice!)

I'd love to have some of those BPAL perfumes! =)
Elias Rangel
115. ChocoboDancer
Oh, I totally need to feed my BPAL addiction. ;D
Elias Rangel
119. seadragon
Sign me up! I need a bottle of Robotic Scarab!
Elias Rangel
120. Z. Mulls
I love several of these scents, especially The Antikythera Mechanism!
Elias Rangel
121. Franchesca
Sounds yummy!! Me too!!
Elias Rangel
123. Koley
POSTED! I sure hope I win!
Elias Rangel
125. Conley S.
Oooo yes! Signing up for this.
Elias Rangel
128. badfaery michele
Please? ;-)
Elias Rangel
129. mkl204
this sounds awesome
Elias Rangel
130. Lioness
Please sign me up. This would be a wonderful thing to win!
Elias Rangel
131. The Amber Dawn
Hello, and yes please! Enter me for the smelly goodness.
Elias Rangel
132. Lan Dien
Oh, me please~?
Elias Rangel
133. roogna
what a great contest
Elias Rangel
135. jenjenrebecca
BPAL is a swell company!
Elias Rangel
136. Kitsune
Love steampunk, LOVE scents. Awesome contest. :3
Elias Rangel
137. Miss Lynx
The articles never seem to mention my favourite of the series - No.93 Engine! But I've had the chance to sniff a number of them, and it's a very interesting collection all around.
Elias Rangel
138. CassR
Oh yes please - Robotic Scarab and Smokestack both sound fantastic :)
Elias Rangel
139. chromiumman
great giveaway - thanks for the chance
Elias Rangel
141. ReenaMc
I love BPAL and steampunk. Fun!
Tudza White
142. tudzax1
Do they carry scents based on American Gods, or is that somebody else? Either way, I'm sure they will have something I'm interested in.
Elias Rangel
143. GumdropMenace
Whenever I wear 'Antikythera Mechanism' I feel like my dirigible is invincible.
Elias Rangel
145. SoulfulScent
And who doesn't like to smell all steampunky when wearing jeans and a t-shirt? :) Sounds delicious.
Ian Brown
146. RunawayPenguin
Tor just has some of the best giveaways! BPAL Steampunk line? Yesh please!
Elias Rangel
149. ClancyReinhart
I have Antikythera Mechanism; it's nice ;). I'd love to try more of the series.
Elias Rangel
151. AishaHeartsBPAL
Oooh, count me in!
Elias Rangel
152. Veelove
Antikythera ftw. I hate spiders
Elias Rangel
153. Rylie
Enter me, please!
Elias Rangel
158. Eden192
This sounds awesome, and I bet my girl would love some of these scents.
Elias Rangel
159. coolvstar650
Oh My! I went to the site and already picked out my choices!
Elias Rangel
160. CitizenBree
Yay for bpal!
Elias Rangel
161. moon_ferret
Blah blah blah, BPAL emergency, blah.

What a great idea for a contest. I already have imps of some of these creeping around. Would love to have some bottles.
Elias Rangel
163. Sesana
I love BPAL! Fingers crossed...
Elias Rangel
165. Laura D.
I love BPAL! I just placed an order today for some of their Halloween scents.
Elias Rangel
167. Rowandre
Oh, yes! I'd love to get out to one of their full moon gatherings.
Elias Rangel
168. Kestral
Smokestack sounds intriguing, definitely one I want to check out
Elias Rangel
169. ProfUtopia
Galvanic Goggles, because the girl likes it on me
Elias Rangel
170. Siobhan60
What a fabulous giveaway! I can't think of much better than BPAL goodies, please include me! Thanks!
Kitsune N
171. Kitsune
D'oh, not intended as a duplicate (136), but now I've signed up for the community.

This would be AWESOME if I've the luck to be one of the five. Huge group of friends and I are doing Steampunk Peter Pan for Halloween. One friend and I are dressin' up as the Crocodile.

Elias Rangel
172. MeiLin Miranda
eee! BPAL!
Elias Rangel
174. impolight
I nearly scorched my derriere by way of toppling off my steam-powered velocipede! Excelsior contest! The winner shall be afflicted with glee! Even more if it's me!
Elias Rangel
176. ninkasi23
Any of the scents sound intriguing to me but it's really the artwork that makes me drool!
Elias Rangel
177. Crystal21
This is me commenting, hoping to win.
*fingers crossed*
Elias Rangel
179. Steph vr
Yum yum... fingers crossed!
Elias Rangel
180. Julie H.
I have an imp of Obsidian Widow and it's wonderful. How nice that you are giving these away!
Elias Rangel
183. mmarques
Of those two, I'd try Antikythera Mechanism. Intriguing.
Elias Rangel
185. mycrazyhair
Wish me luck!
Elias Rangel
187. aroraphire
excitement abounds!
Elias Rangel
188. stellans
and here's my entry!
Elias Rangel
189. blackoakwoman
How nice!
Elias Rangel
190. Jan M.
Oh, nice sounding smellies! *wants*
Elias Rangel
191. rubydog
My daughter would love it!
Please enter me.
Elias Rangel
192. Sue O'D.

Yes, please add me to the contest. :)
Elias Rangel
193. Danabren
I'm such a sucker for BPAL...
Elias Rangel
194. Arathreel
This is a most fabulous idea!
Elias Rangel
195. sargepepper
I want to smell better! Pick me!
Elias Rangel
196. Linda B.
An excellent giveaway - thank you!
Twila Price
198. anderyn
Me! Me! I love BPAL anyway, but had no idea they were doing steampunk fragrances.
Elias Rangel
199. base2wave
I want to stink pretty too!
Elias Rangel
200. kelpsoda
oooh! sounds so cool! hope I win. :)
Elias Rangel
204. Jacqueline C.
I've only really started getting into steampunk last year. The more I read of the genre, the more I love it!
Jacob Silvia
205. aethercowboy
reindeer flotilla
Jennifer Cerul
209. jennythereader
I love BPAL and would love to win this contest!
Elias Rangel
212. Fresca
Loving thesound of Obsidian Widow, the idea of pinot noir and night jasmine sounds like an amazing evening filled with delicious vampy delights })
Elias Rangel
214. Chickey
Oh to feel Steampunk and BPAL getting it on with the chemistry in my skin...
Elias Rangel
216. hanov3r
Oh, I *heart* BPAL very much.
lanyo lanyo
217. lanyo
Yay! I've admired their scent-names, but haven't bought before
Elias Rangel
219. zilvonias
Yes, please!
Elias Rangel
220. Amy O'Shields
What could be better than free perfume and reading books! Score! I'm so unlucky these past few years...maybe I will win this? :)
Elias Rangel
221. Tom Lee
Would love to win!
Elias Rangel
222. Kghia Gherardi
I want the spider.
Elias Rangel
223. O. J. Smith
Trying to stop drooling long enough to type! Do want, wow.
Elias Rangel
224. J Wiles
as usual, cool beans, but i shan't win if I don't try.
Elias Rangel
225. Corvus corax
I have a very, very modest BPAL collection. I'd love to expand it a little!
Elias Rangel
227. Passerby
Like they say, you can't win if you don't enter! I am sad that
The Obsidian Widow didn't work so well on Chambers - it is one of the scents I wanted to try the most. Then again, I tend to like the scents no one else does, so we shall see. X3 Good luck to everyone!
Elias Rangel
228. squarebear
this has my interest, i'm always up for trying new things
Elias Rangel
229. BaronPablo
What a fascinating contest! Here's hoping!
Elias Rangel
230. Sara(m)
Yay! Exciting!
Elias Rangel
235. StaleCake
Signing up, up, up, and away!
Elias Rangel
236. dangerpronered
I loooove BPAL, and their Steamworks blends showcase the good smelling side of steampunk!
Elias Rangel
237. Betaknight
BPAL's steampunk line as long interested me. I am definitely hopeful.
A.C. Gray
238. TomoeGozen08
I am probably too late but here is my entry.
Elias Rangel
239. Patrick123
Ahh the sweet smells

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