Oct 20 2010 4:22pm

Steampunk Fortnight Giveaway: Pendants from RockLove’s Anthology Collection

Steampunk events are one of the hardest times of the year for the staff, because we get the opportunity to ogle some of the finest steampunk acoutrements in the world...and then send them to someone else.

This first giveaway of Steampunk Fortnight is no exception, since RockLove jewelry is offering one of the striking pendants from their Anthology line. The line is comprised of eight “exotic historical relics for the historical traveler,” each of which comes on a 21” chain and real or fanciful historic significance.

RockLove jewelry pieces The Captain, The Nomad, and The Traveler

The Captain, The Nomad, The Traveler

Like what you see? For a chance to win one of the pieces from the Anthology collection, just comment on this post. It would be especially cool it if you could tell us which pendant from the collection you most envision guiding you through rough waters, but a plain old comment will suffice if you want to decide later.

But that’s not all! RockLove also has a special offer for readers: just enter the coupon code “TorSteampunk” on any purchase from the RockLove website for free international shipping on any order through the holiday season.

RockLove has been crafting elegant, edgy, and occasionally geeky jewelry for years, and their collection includes such gorgeous pieces as the Palimpsest Bee Compass pendant (inspired by Catherynne M. Valente’s Palimpsest), the Repo Zydrate Gun Necklace (of Repo: The Genetic Opera fame), exquisite sterling silver wrench earrings, and much more. Haven’t you always wanted to get your holiday shopping done before Halloween?

RockLove jewelryRockLove jewelryRockLove jewelry

And there we have it. Are you an aristocrat? A scallywag?  A historian? A mage? The Lafayette? Time to live your dreams.

The Official Rules: To enter, leave one comment on this  post—duplicates won’t count—by noon EST, Sunday 10/24. The winner will be chosen randomly. Please check your email Tuesday or Wednesday; if we don’t hear back from the winner in 24 hours, another winner will be chosen. [ETN: closing date is actually 10/24]

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1. PhoenixFalls
Ooooo. . . pretty. . .

My heart leapt a little when I saw The Captain, so I guess it'd be that one. ;)
2. Sarah E. Olson
Yes please!
3. Tamara J Ward
Gorgeous jewellery!! I especially love 'The Captian"
5. Galena
Personally I'm a fan of the Aristocrat or the Historian.
6. persiarose
I'd like the Nomad!
7. William_Mac_McDonald
I envision the pendant "The Captain" guiding me through life! What else could possibly do it?
8. Maria Brown
Oooooh, cool! Please enter me in the contest! I love "The Traveler" necklace :D
9. Phantasy
More books to read! Where should one begin?
11. Sarawackadoo
Oh! I covet!
12. SnarkySammee
I love all three, but... I think I like "The Traveler" the best. ^_^
13. Rob Blake
Steampunk is sweeping the world !!!
14. Scarlet Stars
I like the captain myself... :)
16. AndreaL
I love RockLove's jewelry. These are beautiful. I particularly love "The Captain"
17. Roundabout
My left arm is hydraulic
My right is clockwork driven
My backside, two curved plates of brass
That's pretty much a given
My bones are made of copper pipe
Each finger rivets gleams
Each hair I bear is spun gold leaf
My heart, it runs on steam.
19. Brooke Reynolds
LOVE RockLOVE jewelry!
20. Greenblood
Yes please. Any of the above = rad!
23. Whitney Gardner
Love it!
tatiana deCarillion
24. decarillion
They are all very interesting but I do like the Lafayette one best. I love fleur-de-lis patterns :)
25. photon
I love the scallywag pendant
28. AmandaV
I love the Aristocrat.... I have a thing for fleurs-de-lis!
29. Story Cottage
I will have to decide later, but count me in.
30. JessR
I play a steampunk LARP and would love to show off some of your amazing jewelry... And then of course, beat them off with a stick so that they don't steal it! :)
31. Jypsie
I absolutely love your styles!
32. Samantha t
I've always loved the style of Rocklove jewelery.
34. voyager
I've never heard of Steampunk until a recent episode of "Castle" featured it. It's unfortunate that it isn't more mainstream, as it should be. Great review of the episode, by the way.

I do like all of these. However, it's "The Traveler" I envision guiding me through the rough waters of time and space travels.
34. Webcudgel
I'd have to say the Nomad as I've taken up hiking and this seems to fit my style.
35. DD Syrdal
These are wonderful! I love jewelry that's different, something that has some history or meaning behind it. If I could be so lucky, I'd love to have the Lafayette.
36. Cytheria
Ooh I like the Nomad.
Daniel Hanley
37. Kythorian
Very nice...The Traveler is my favorite, I think, but they are all nice.
38. Kevin Faulk
The compass is gorgeous.
39. JohnCarleton
I'd love the traveler.
Jody Crocker
40. Jei
I'm either an Aristocat or a Nomad. Cool stuff.
Jody Crocker
41. Jei
I'm either an Aristocat or a Nomad. Cool stuff.
42. dwndrgn
I took a look at that website. Nice stuff! I'd pick The Captain if I HAD to choose.

Great giveaway!
43. Vavia A
My current interests include Age of Sail and Nelson and also an instance of a St. Christopher medal, so The Traveler seems ideal!
44. muddybuddy9
the aristocrat is defintely my favorite.

i love all of rocklove's stuff. i bought a pair of the lenore x-long chain earrings and i love them! they're such a dramatic statement.
45. JoeyS
Another RockLove jewelry fan. The Nomad, with the wolf tooth, appeals to me the most.
46. The Literary Omnivore
Oh, I'd take the Captain–I dunno, something about the HMS Victory coin manages to appeal to both my French heritage and my rampant Anglophilia (I'm not very good at being a Frenchwoman).
47. Beth C.
All three are pretty, but I favor the Nomad.
48. Callie H.
I love RockLove jewelry. I have the Zydrate Gun necklace and it's so awesome and well-made.
50. Danté Bell
I'd have to go with the traveller as a gift to my wife. She's been a flight attendant for 21 years and has only had some minor mishaps. I would like this for her to keep her safe on her travels as I can't be there to do that for her.
Dru O'Higgins
51. bellman
It's hard to pick a favorite - the Traveller, I guess.
John Riggs
52. jmvreality
I'm feeling much of a scallywag at the moment.
53. Wyldsage
Love all three. Either Would be a great addition to my wardrobe.
54. Renee Johnson
How lovely!
55. NCBill
My wife would look good in these!
56. Dawn the Glass Beadmaker
those are preeetttyyyy and shiiiinnneyyy

want :)
57. RobinM
I like the Mage or the Scallywag best,but I like them all.
Jenny Thrash
58. Sihaya
I think I like the Lafayette best, but they're all lovely pieces.
59. ForestC
The Aristocrat is perfect! I know a girl who would love it.
Ian B
60. Greyfalconway
I love all of them, they're all awesome!
I was just looking at a bunch of steampunk jewelry yesterday, but was sad everything cost so much, lol.
I like the Aristocrat, Traveler, Nomad, Historian, Mage and Lafayette the best though, I hope I win!
61. Brenda H.
Very shiney! :D
62. mirana
My favorite of the collection is The Historian, but of the three pictured, The Traveller. They are all fantastic!
63. Morghianna
Choose???? Well, if I HAD to(lol), I'm torn between the Historian and the Traveler;o)
Twila Price
65. anderyn
Oh my. The Mage and the Aristocrat are the two that stand out to me. Of course, all of them are very very very cool.
66. Alden Ash
I would have to say the Aristocrat.
67. Lingeorge
I love them all, especially the Nomad, or maybe the Traveler...
69. Tishalulle
The Traveler is BEAUTIFUL!!!
70. Hobbit
I love RockLove's work; in the anthology collection, the traveler and the nomad both call to me (for I am both), but if I were to only pick one I'd have to go with the nomad.
james loyd
71. gaijin
At first glance the Nomad was my least favorite, but once I saw the close-up and discovered that what I had taken for a moon was a wolf tooth it quickly inverted the covet rankings.

Of course any would be a boon.
Hayden Otton
72. ferall
Nomad! no . . . er ... Captain .... The Traveller -grrr I really have to choose just one?
73. Hammerlock
These are all so beautiful. Pick me! :)
77. nin_shark
The Nomad speaks to me, whatever that means...
78. Jobi-Wan
My wife would love some of these for her birthday.
79. trench
The Mage, screams awesome
80. RFFD
I don't have anything more creative then "WANT" to say.
81. Bryan Thomas Schmidt
Given my current chaotic life, I believe I need a Captain to guide me through to more solid ground. See you at WFC next week.
82. sophia_sol
Oh, these are lovely!
83. Alyson Toups
O captain! My captain! Love them all. Eachone has a history attached which makes them even more beautiful.
Tina A
84. Tinaa
The Lafayette! Ooohh, please, the Lafayette!
85. FreakFran
I'm an eternal traveller; I've been doing researchs on stories and tales about the fantastic and I consider each text I read a very unique journey and, well, in college I pretty much read about 80-100 pages a day so I can get all my articles done. I've just completed a 60-page essay about Sandman, so, I deserve "The Traveller" for I've came back from a long journey through the Dreaming.
86. cirelle
Oh yes, I love them all. As usual. But probably the Captain best.
87. Laurel Copeland
The Traveller reminds me of both why I love to read fantasy, and why I seek to explore as often as I can. What a beautiful piece of jewellery! I'm off to daydream...
Spencer Pr
88. mycoltbug
I love them all. The traveller also fits me most though since I'm an aspiring author working on writing the story of another world I have never been too.
90. Taylor Taylor
Very nice! Yes, please!
92. VoxOrange
as once told me by gentleman that worked in Industry before and following the Second World War.

"it was the age of steam. the engines get better and better. we thought it would never end".
Kate Keith-Fitzgerald
94. ceitfianna
These are amazing and I could see myself as The Nomad the Traveler since travel has always defined my life. I went and lived in New Zealand for three years and it changed the course of my life. Now I'm in Michigan learning to be a librarian and feeling very blessed and terribly busy.
ricardo perez
95. byzkitt
I would love to own one of these beautiful pendants.
Jessica Reisman
97. jwynne
Well, The Captain, of course, it goes with the current novel-in-progress brilliantly.
98. hidden20
i had a nerdgasm when i seen these i can see the The Captain, guiding me through rough waters
nicole rich
99. nrich
The Traveler is down right gorgeous!
101. Jlesgold
They both reached for the gun ... but only one of them won it.
102. HNCthenewbie
Waaaaant! They're all so awesome looking!
But given the sheer amount of traveling I've done in this last year alone (cross country drive...thrice) The Traveler or The Nomad would be most appropriate, thank you.
103. Britty
Fantasitc idea! I love RockLove, and love all three of these pieces, but I have to say that the Captain is probably my favorite. :]
104. shayk
I love the Captain...we are all captains of our own ships and lives!
Melissa Shumake
105. cherie_2137
wow, they're all beautiful. i don't know that i could pick a favorite!
106. RTaylor
I adore the traveller, although the Captain is a very close second.
108. CMar
I would love to wear The Captain and be reminded of happier times on clearer seas.
Peter Lam
109. Petor1
The Captain or the Traveler....just can't decide!
110. mbwilkes
If I must choose, I choose the Captain! Thank you for the opportunity!
111. CaptainMetropolis
Everything is amazing...
so many cool things to choos from!
112. K Scott1961
Love them all!!
113. TMBird
It would have to be a toss up between the Caption and the Scallywag. The caption for the connection to Mark Siegel's webcomic; the Scallywag becuase, who in the right mind would pass up a fine skeleton key? For me it sybolizes adventure to come.
114. AllisonPlus
The Historian.
With a little Traveler mixed in...
117. Anne_Mac
I fell in love with the Sailor Twain themed pieces the moment I saw them on Mark Siegel's page. They are all gorgeous!
Andrew Danielson
118. wonderandy
I dig those! I like The Captain the most tho ;-)
John Koempel
119. physicser
Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! I have no idea which one I like the best though.
Joe Romano
121. Drunes
Steam... it's a beautiful thing, especially wearing the Nomad.
122. KarmaKat
All of them are beautiful! The Traveler is the one that most calls to me though.
Wen Wen Yang
123. muteddragon
The Mage, the name just kicks ass. But I'll take anything.
124. AirBender
They are all lovely.
125. Sid Hancock
The Nomad, definitely.
Lannis .
126. Lannis
Comment! And the Captain is especially shiny! :)
127. mlabbe
Oooh, how lovely. I'd love to win!
128. Lurach
These are all great! But I particularly like the Mage.
130. MountainManCO
The Lafayette caught my eye.
131. Revie1
Love the Traveller best. But they are all wonderful!
132. Tracy Loeppky
Love ALL Rock Love!!!! Still waitin' for yu to come to Calgary .... so a free piece would suffice for recompense. ;)

133. Rowanmdm
So awesome! I want one, pretty please!
134. BettyBlue
Oooo, The Lafayette or The Captain, definitely! LOVE SAILOR TWAIN.
135. Speradigm
I'm enchanted by the traveler.
136. Eeek the Kat
I have a couple of pieces from RockLove and the quality is outstanding. I have been eyeballing the Traveler set for a little while hoping to get the money together to get it.
137. Shiromisa
Ooooh, I lovelovelove The Nomad.
138. Klarch
Repo Rocks. Have #108 from OhGr.
Eric Carlson
140. Tennerock
They all look great, but I think I'm partial to The Nomad.
Mike Foster
142. zephyrkey
I am totally in love with the Traveller. That work of art is just wicked!
143. margaery
The Traveller is probably the most beautiful thing I've seen. All the compositions are gorgeous. I rarely think of jewelry as art, but this is amazing!
144. Jenny D.
It's worth a shot! I love The Captain- makes me think of my sea captain great-great-grandfather and the sea/mermaid songs my aunties sang me when I was little...
145. myst44
steampunk ornament
more then just a pretty sign
door to factory
146. peachy
Oh, I could go for any... but I think the Historian.
147. prometheus
Hmm, big wolf fan, here, so the nomad seems like a nice match, although the traveller one is pretty cool, as well.
148. claudia cooley
i can smell the salt water and hear the history when i look at The Traveler.
149. &thegates
I've been coveting the Traveler since Mr. Siegel posted them on his blog.. they are all absolutely lovely.
150. R. Emrys
Nomad. Definitely Nomad.

Or maybe Historian?
151. Renee Robinson
They are all so unique and would make wonderful gifts but for me it has to be the captain, for my daughter the historian.
151. Jodi H.
I love the Nomad, its beautiful.......why have I not seen these pieces sooner???!!!!
152. Aequitas55
I'm mighty partial to the Traveler, especially since it has a St. Christopher medallion. My wife bought me a St. Christopher necklace and I wore it everyday I was deployed overseas.
Phaedra Collins
153. phaerie
very nice! I like the Scallywag myself
154. menottes
I'm a huge rocklove fan and I especially love the Traveler! Her whole collection is brilliant!
155. Doctor McHenry
I especially like The Captain and The Aristocrat.
157. ingrldlibrarian
jewelry for librarians?
158. SueRed
Oh pretty things.
Kim B
159. Amaranthine
Ooh, they're all so beautiful! Love the Nomad.
160. Noxqqivit
Love the Anthology line!!
161. Lisa (starmetal oak)
I particularly like the bee pendent (loved Palimpsest) and the wrench earrings!

162. wandering-dreamer
Not sure why but I'm liking The Nomad piece more than the rest, not my usual thing but it looks pretty darn cool!
163. spiderbox
Wow, the traveler has come...
164. CassR
Since I'm planning to go abroad at the end of next year, the Traveller seems especially apt.
Windy Brown
165. windula
I would love The Traveler piece. Granted I am not traveling so much right now but everyone needs a St.Christopher to look after them.
166. KDaliastaken
I like the Captain set! They are all so neat it's hard to pick just one though I admit!
Kelly Kilcoyne
167. kellykelly
They're all lovely, but my heart yearns for the Captain.
168. MiriamD
I love the Traveler set. You can pretty much imagine any old sailor of a certain time clutching a St. Christopher medallion in a storm--I think that one's the most fitting match for the medal of the HMS Victory. I was just reading some of the Lyrical Ballads by Wordsworth and Coleridge and that set immediately put me in mind of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. The 1805 timing of the HMS Victory at Trafalger puts it in roughly the same historical context, and the quasi-orthodox Christian mythology of St. Christopher fits in quite well with Coleridge's poem. Pretty much a coincidence--I read this post as distraction from reading the poems--but a cool one!
Rammy Meyerowitz
169. m5rammy
I think "The Scallywag" suits me best
170. BWolf
They are all extraordinary, but the traveler one is truly wonderful. The patron saint of Lost Souls indeed. Not all who wander are lost, no?
171. Chris Franklin
Thoughts fly! I'm a scallywag.
172. Danzier
Nice work! I like them all... :)
173. easnadh
I love all things RockLove. . . but I'm particularly attached to The Captain. Sailing is one of my most favorite things in the world, and it's one of my dreams to live on a sailboat someday. I can imagine this necklace reminding me that I'm a sailor at heart - even if I'm landlocked for the timebeing!
michael kaltenbach
174. dantegigas
I'd take the captain, mage, or lafayette. I'm just starting in the whole steam punk stuff, so I'm not sure where to actually start either. It'll make a great diving board!
175. Tina C.
They're lovely--the Compass necklace especially.
If I had to choose one for the giveaway, I'd choose either the Nomad or the Captain.

Thank you!
176. uskidsknow
Wow, I really like The Traveler! I'm a traveler myself, so having a patron saint with me would be great. :D
177. Daniwyo
They are all so gorgeous, very talented!
Cathy Mullican
178. nolly
Hmm, I think "The Captain". Or maybe "The Lafayette".
179. CLWaller
The Mage, of course. Life always needs a little magic :-)
181. BaronPablo
Here's my attempt at winning! May luck be upon you all!
Lena Vogelmann
183. kalafudra
I'd like the Scallywag. Or the Nomad. :)
184. dilyanap
I'm torn between the Traveler and the Scallywag...
189. Shimmer
I love 'The Traveler' - it's gorgeous =)
190. Dragon Sworn
I might live like nomad, but I'm a captain at heart.
191. CountVictor
Beautiful, the lot of them! But the Captain caught my heart :)
192. Shalista
The Nomad me very happy on the inside!
S Cooper
193. SPC
All the ones with fleurs-de-lis were my favorites.
194. SMuse
Please add me to the list.
Samantha Brandt
195. Talia
Commenty goodness. They are all gorgeous. :)
Dana Blackwell
199. jackdaw
I love the "sealing wax" fleur-de-lis on the Aristocrat!
200. osterozhna
Oooooh, I've been lusting after these necklaces for ages! I especially love the Traveler and the Captain. Cheers!
Ian Gazzotti
201. Atrus
The Nomad and the Captain are lovely.
202. Redwolf
These are very cool looking. I like both the Captain and the Mage.
203. Josielefay
I love the Captain, it's very beautiful
204. firesinger
I like the traveler most.
205. Emily Anne
I absolutely love the traveler.
206. Amanda Lynne
I am in LOVE with The Nomad!
207. cogkitty
I would wear The Aristocrat or the Historian. :)
208. CourtCat
I like the traveler the best. It calls to me!
209. Black Betty
I've been a fan of RockLove for a while now! Love The Nomad. So happy to see how this little company has blossomed in just the last couple years.
210. Ericdravyn
NICE... the compass pendant is a favorite...
211. Priscilla Tufano
*hopping up & down* Oh!!! Oh!!! Pick me!!! Pick me!!!

(Ok, ok, I'll stop acting like Donkey from the Shrek movie now LOL :-) I seriously love all of the necklaces, Rocklove does the most amazing work!!!! :-)
212. TwiHarmsy
Your jewelry is absolutely gorgeous! I still can't take my eyes off of the Repo scalpel necklace everytime I wear it. Your work is AWESOME!
213. Remedy Loame
I adore The Traveler! I used to have a St. Christopher medal but never had a chain for it, and it got lost (or it went and found another owner) during my travels.
214. Destiny Rain
I really love The Aristocrat or the Historian. Allison's designs are all beautiful. :)
My Zydrate gun and Scalpel are my two favorite pieces of jewelry.
215. anothermasque
Lovely work! I would love to throw my hat in the ring for The LaFayette or The Historian.
216. LouisaSwafford
EVERYTHING is BEAUTIFUL!! she is amazingly talented!!

Out of all the beautiful pieces, I'd have to say my favs are the traveler pendant & the bee compass.

Remarkable pieces!!!
217. Shelby W
Love your designs, Allison! Absolutely wonderful! Will always be a big fan of yours!
219. Kelly Moncure
I love, love, love the traveler plus it's in my DNA- a perfect fit! I love Rocklove!
220. rubydog
Please enter me.
223. Robbie Voght
they're all fantastic though i definitely love the nomad
Warren Ockrassa
224. warreno
Ooo. And I'm even a Sailor Twain fan and everything! Those who haven't seen the site might want to check it out:
225. Shelby Ayn
Beautiful craftsmanship.
226. SarahHime
227. Razorgirl
They are all just lovely, if given a choice The Captain & The Traveler speak volumes each to me. :-) But one would be silly to deny any of them.
228. damhnadepadrient
I love them all, but I would love to give The Nomad to my husband.
Kristy Kalin
229. dreamingrain
I think it best The Traveller be my guide. I know too little to be a Captain, but I know enough about my home to be a Nomad.
230. littlestar
I fancy myself a bit of an Aristocrat. :)
232. Betsy Urbik 1
My palms are itching to own all of them! They are amazing!
233. Ursadiana
Ooh-all gorgeous! But the Traveler is my fav
234. Terpette
I like the Traveler. My husband's name is Christopher, and he's seen a replica of the HMS Victory in Madame Tussaud's. He's also a military history buff. And I have friends living in Hawaii now. Would love to win this as an early holiday gift for me. And an excuse to start Steampunk costuming!
Melissa Walters
237. ladytwinoaks
I like the bee compass! It fits so perfectly on so many levels!
238. kakiphony
Shiny! The Traveler is my very favorite for sentimental reasons. (The very first time I ever traveled on an airplane -- at age 4 -- my grandma pinned a St. Christopher medal on me before I got on the plane.) But all three are seriously fantastic
240. thebookelf
Clever bits! Inspirational in a way.
241. HipCzeck
My daughter would love "The Aristocrat." The tall ship pendant is appropriate because of the time she's spent working and sailing in the rigging of a brigantine, and the fleur-de-lis is a perfect representation of the importance of her francophone heritage.
Jeremy Monts
243. monts
I'd have to say that I'm def a Lafayette kind of guy, and not just becuase that's where I live! Who doesn't like the fluer and gold?
244. rcutshaw
Great giveway.
245. Psuke
I love the contrast of the wildness of the Wolf's tooth with the sophistication and elegance of the Steampunk theme. So, the Nomad would be for me.
246. Duncan Long
The Traveler pendant saved my life by blocking the sting of Dr. Mordoff's deadly clockwork scorpion, the poisoned point striking my lucky charm with a heavy whack.

The machine backed away, readying for another strike, a loud whirring coming from its brass body. At that same moment, I drew and raised my ancient blaster and fired point blank between its eyes which still glowed with the cold blue of its radium brain.

The scorpion shuddered and then gears grinded to a hault with one last high-pitched squeak.
247. Nisa Ganiestry
This would be a perfect match for my Steampunk Halloween costume!!
248. dreamingofdreams
wow love the captain! symbolic of taking charge of where you are going in life, captain of your own destiny!
249. Feywriter
These are lovely! The Captain's siren calls to me.
250. Rordawg
I need one of these pendants, so I'll have better luck with these giveaways!
251. DrewCampbell
I own the Zydrate gun - RockLove's work is beyond fantastic! MORE!
253. Chip Kaufman
All three are beautiful. I am picturing my wife wearing the Nomad, obtaining protection from the petrified wolf tooth. I would be pleased to wear the Captain necklace myself.
254. deetronic
Moving every couple of years, skipping interests, eyes always on the next adventure, ever the lonely researcher/writer ... Patron Saint of Travelers & Lost Souls? Sounds like my guide for sure.
255. merlin513
Lovely assemblages! The Nomad calls my name!
Kristin Brenemen
256. wyldkyss
I'm torn between the Captain and the Traveler necklaces - the medallion choices on each are lovely. I'd have to lean towards the Captain's asian mermaid charm as the more interesting though.
257. IrishHarpy
A *big* fan of RockLove's pretties... count me in!
258. BeckyIA
I would have to say "The Mage" speaks to me the most. I can see its magical powers leading me through the mazes of my life.
Kristin Franseen
259. musichistorygeek
I'd love any of this, but "The Traveler" and "The Historian" are the most wonderful!
260. killerqueen
Oooh, love The Nomad! Thanks for the chance to win!
Linda Lindsey
261. Wishwords
They are all lovely, but I think "The Captain" is the one I like the best.
262. maxine hecht
feeling the traveler - just got home from travelling to see my daughter who loves this jewelry.
263. Osomir
The Historian would lead anyone through a rough spot. Sitting around the neck of a giant it clearly saw the past and glimpsed ahead into the future. If anything can help right a floundering ship or life, it would be knowing the mistakes of the past in order to correct the rudder of the ship struggling in the current of the present heading towards the mysterious misty land of the future.
Emily Lind
264. Malana
Wow. Those are amazing. I think it might be the key that did it, but 'the scallywag' made me breath catch when I first saw it.
265. YouKnowMe
These are gorgeous!
I especially like the mage. And the nomad. And the scallywag...
266. FoofLemay
I'd love to have one! They're all lovely :)
268. RosiePeriannath
Lovely pieces. It's very hard to choose, but I think I'd pick the Lafayette.
269. navintzac
Wow, I love all the jewlery on the site! The zydrate gun makes me overly happy!
I think my favorite, though, is the Captain. The sailing ship calls to me; I'm a US Navy Sailor.
If I can't have a necklace, can I request more poetry from commenter #17, Roundabout?
270. melemolly
The Captain is gorgeous.
Jo Morrill
271. JayceM
Wonderful offer, wonderful selection. I like the Captain but I think I'm a Traveller. Any of the three would make me happy.
272. JordanAlana
I love all of them! :)
273. amy2e
The Nomad suits my adventure style~
274. Sarah Charter1
Ooo, pretty and cool! I LIKE!
275. hep1013
Not to follow the trend, but The Captain is amazing.
276. Gilebert Wilkynson
Like them all and all of RockLove jewelery.
277. cchamp
Gorgeous pendants, one and all
278. coolvstar650
Traveller. As my husband's name is Christopher and he is my saint!
279. Catherine S.
They're all beautiful, but I love the Captain best . . .
Angela McClendon
280. LadyInsomnia
Beautiful, all, but I especially like The Historian and The Traveller.
282. Lolrus
Methinks the Captain doth take my fancy.
Never thought I'd write a sentence like that on a public forum!
283. DRickard
My precious!
285. Mark Wyzenbeek
I would love to win anything from RockLove.
286. mta
The captain speakes to me, perhaps because of the sinuous, organic twining of the mermaid coin juxtaposed with the Victory medallion.
288. mta
The Captain speakes to me, perhaps because of the sinuous, organic twining of the mermaid coin juxtaposed with the Victory medallion.
289. Shaby Kaderi
I used to wear a chinese coin on a chain when I was younger. I lost that necklace over 15 years ago. Seeing these brought back so many memories. I think it's a lovely collection and The Captain and The Lafayette especially remind me of what I once lost. :)
Stacia Schwartz
290. monsteralice
Aren't nomads also travellers? Love them all!
291. jackplug
A HUGE fan of 'The Captain'!
292. effulgence
They're all stunning! I'd take any of them!
293. SuperPenguin
Sweet! I'm digging the Traveller.
294. cawingcrow
Hmm, hard to decide, quite probably the Nomad, but there are 4 I'd have to decide between if I won.
Leola Brooks
296. gryphonreader
Gorgeous pieces:) I think I like the Captain best but all are exquisite.
297. Audra (UnabridgedChick)
The Traveler made my heart miss a beat, but I'd love any!!
300. Emily Elizabeth
All of these pieces are absolutely gorgeous! As a fan of the Sailor Twain webcomic, The Captain and The Lafayette appeal to me the most :)
301. jen in ypsi
lovely works of art!
Matt Paolucci
302. invisiblexninjas
That Captain one is really really cool. But, the Traveler piece probably speaks to me the most. Not because I'm an accomplished world trekker, mostly because I'm rather vagrant.
304. clairelesley
Beautiful, as are the other pieces featured here and on their website. Of the three noted, I think I'm most drawn to 'The Nomad' though.
305. Mickie T
Beautiful jewelry! I think I hear The Traveller calling my name...
306. KimPDX
Ooh, I am definitely an Historian. Unless, of course, I'm a Traveler. So hard to decide!
307. TheCryptOrchid
I absolutely love all of the Rock Love pieces. Allison has an amazing talent and I could not thank her enough for sharing her treasures with us!
308. Spadaccino
1st, thank you for offering free goodies to people who read, very nice of you!
I'm sitting here listening to a bunch of Sea Chanties, so I'd have to go with The Captain, though The Aristocrat is also very nice.
Im Possibilis
309. impossibilis
They're all beautiful, but I like The Nomad the most.
310. Kyra R
The Historian and The Aristocrat are totally the best ones. Here's to luck!
312. SalinaD.
I'm partial to The Traveler.
314. Rachel H(C)
The Historian and the Lafayette are amazing.
316. Kvon
I like the compass best.
317. Keigwyn
All very beautiful, but the compass is my favorite.
Tim Lewis
319. RaPToRFunK
Nomad is my favortie, but I like the compass too!
320. Medomai
Oooh, the Captain, please.
321. TehBane
cool... I like the traveler.
322. Aeriim
Oh man, I don't even know. I'd be happy with any of those. :)
323. Brockdc
I would love to gift The Captain or The Traveler to my beautiful steampunk girlfriend!
Dana Clemmons
324. whozanne
Love them all, but i'm an ocean girl, so the captain wins my heart.
325. Soveh
I adore the Nomad...don't suppose I could have those lovely wrench earrings too, eh? Well then, just the necklace I suppose. :)
326. Sunryse
My favorite is The Scallywag. There's something about keys that are almost magical.
327. Jkrowyn
all are beautiful, I was thinking the nomad, but the more I look at them I'm thinking The Traveler. (Although the Bee compass is pretty sweet too!)
328. purpledodah
I have fell for The Mage. I would love a wolf tooth for protection, I need all the protection I can get lol. the 'sailor twain' on the necklace reminds me of my dad, he was a sailor. He's not with me now, so I guess my imagination could see this as a way of having his protection around me again.
329. Alleya
Argh! Too many nice ones to choose. I think the Nomad is the best for me.
Melissa Cooper-Martin
330. Melissima
As a lifelong Francophile and lover of mermaids, I can see myself wearing The Lafayette as a writing talisman.
b vamp
331. bevisvamp
They're all gorgeous as far as I'm concerned.
332. Kyshandra
Oooo, this might be my chance! I wish I could afford to buy something from RockLove.. but winning something would work!
Shay D.
333. shaydchara
I would have to say the Scallywag is my favourite: I'm a fan of old keys. The Captain would be my second choice. ^_^
334. Yrsa
Great stuff! I like the traveler, but then again any piece of RockLove is something I'd wear :P
S Barlow
335. Lizzibabe
The Nomad takes my breath away! I would wear it in joy and delight!
337. Nicole S.
I love steampunk jewlery!! It is so beautiful and yet complicated at the same time!
Andrew Ty
338. eldritch00
I can't choose yet, but I know I want one!
339. bandersnatch
I am the traveler, and he is me.
340. Sean C.
While I would never even begin to classify any of these as "steam punk", they are nice pieces.
Scallywag, Mage, and Nomad were my faves.
Kah Perry
341. halfsense
"The Nomad" is amazing. I rather like it.

I thought Sunday was the 24th and Saturday was the 23rd, but the rules say to enter by noon on Sunday the 23rd. Oh well.
342. eileensc
All wonderful and well traveled. Any of them would be welcome.
344. Yvonne B.
From the giveaway, it's a toss-up 'twixt The Nomad and The Traveler.

How about a mage historian? :)
345. Koshy
I would love the Historian, The Aristocrat, The Lafayette
346. IngridRBurke
i am in love with the nomad and the traveler. and the mage. they're all amazing. rocklove is amazing.
348. Finny
I am in love with The Scallywag, and the ideas/images it invokes!
James Felling
349. Maltheos
I these, the Traveler or Nomad both rock the house.
350. grunen
pretty pretty shiney shiney
353. 8bitdad
So many things to choose from.
354. Laura D.
I really like the Lafayette.
Alana Abbott
355. alanajoli
Woah, nifty designs! The Captain and the Nomad seem equally cool -- I'm torn between the mermaid coin and the tooth! ;)
Alana Abbott
356. alanajoli
Oh, and now I've discovered the Mage, which has both of those pieces, but not the ship coin. Decisions, decisions, decisions.
358. dragonwomant
I would definitely choose The Captain. The mermaid on it is really cool.
359. goldendelicious
How am I supposed to pick just one?! I think I like the Mage the best. Or maybe the Scallywag.
361. Shay J
I like the nomad. I'm a traveler at heart and that fang just appeals to me on many levels. I need to get a new fang anyways. :)
Irwin Primero
362. time_to_read
Sign me up...and remind me to bookmark RockLove!
365. Thom Marchbank
I consider myself a Captain sort of man, personally, but they all look lovely.
367. Liz Benbrooks
I'd have to choose The Mage. It's the most inexplicable.
368. zencrow
Er...too many good ones to choose right now.
369. bitb
the historian is awesome
370. Nickie Whittaker
Simply amazing, the traveler speaks wonders to my soul, and wanderlust to the rest of me.....I choose this one.
371. Neroon
The Mage is my hearts desire.
372. Jason L.
It seems impossible to choose. I love the Nomad, the wolf tooth is excellent. The Traveler's St. Christopher pendant is perhaps more appropriate for my steampunk costume, though.

But you know, you got to go with what you feel and I feel like I could come up with a good story for a fossilized wolf tooth. Nomad it is. Perhaps an instant fossilization rifle could be conceived...
373. nishatalitha
The Traveller and The Historian are both fantastic - I did a BA majoring in Classics and History, but I'm planning to go travelling soon. Too hard to choose between them.
374. Sadira Tash'mir
I think the Nomad peaks my fancy the greatest. It feels as though one should always have the light of the moon to guide oneself through the deepest night. For even reflected sunlight is stronger than a great darkness.
-Sadira Tash'mir
375. Jane Virgo
They're all so pretty! I like the Captain, 'cause the square hole in the coin is so exotic - like Chinese money. But I'm a scallywag at heart, so the Nomad calls to me. I'd like something a bit wild to guide me across uncharted waters.
377. JJazz
Hat, name in it, please
378. ninjapenguin
Oooh, cool. I love looking at cool jewelry designs.
379. TommyO
So very cool. Even though I don't wear jewelry, would really like to see that Palimpsest Bee Compass on one of my daughters!
380. Flackboy
These are *stunning*. I am under strict instructions to enter this, or suffer eternal wrath and confinement in the Bermondsey data mines under the tyrannical overseers with their goggles and top hats...
Karolína Košťáková
381. Awaris
Oh, The Mage is just so beautiful!
Paul McDonnell
382. Momus
Well me moll loooovvvvveeeeeessssss the pendents - in particular the Palimpsest Bee Compass - would suit her stinging tongue.......
383. Vackor
I'd like to win:)
384. Mary McIrishName
Ooo! Ooo! Pick me!

(I'm a bit of a Traveller, but I'd be happy with any of the prettys)
Siobhan Sanchez
385. Irishshys
I loved the Asian inspired theme of The Captain, although all the pieces are beautiful. Thank you for introducing me to RockLove!
Julie Goodrich
386. Hawkeyegirl
I love them all, but I think I like the Captain best :)
387. Kathy Moon
I can't decide!
388. Jess Mar
I fell in love with these pieces when they first came up on the Sailor Twain site. My favourite is the Traveller.
Brian McCullogh
389. webmccullogh
They are all spectacular but the Captain has the edge. Thanks for the opportunity.
390. Olearable
It was quite a journey to the end of the comment list - but I would love the Traveler-
391. NatCawley
They are all too beautiful, however the Nomad is stand out.
392. Captain Grim
Ooooo I love the Bee Compass.
393. coltwpass
Lovely pieces! I'm torn between the Historian and the Traveler.
Colonel Hazard
394. ColonelHazard
I have always been interested in her jewelry, and the chance to win a piece is awesome! Thanks, Tor :)
395. MADW
Oh, they are beautiful. Love the Traveler!
396. mkl204
I love all things shiny
Christina Morris
397. cmorris
Love the Traveler, love the Captain.
Very shiny!
398. Babbie
pretty pretty stuff!
399. Peninah
These are so beautiful! Such a lovely topic too!
400. John Gallaher
They look amazing. I can't wait till I'm wearing one!
401. Lee B.
Those are lovely!
402. LesleyD
I love these pieces! I hope I win :)
Isabelle Santos
403. RedFloyd
RockLove makes some quite beautiful pieces of jewlery, and these are no exception.
405. MissPierce
Beautiful collection! I'm drawn the The Captain the most, but The Historian is a close second.
Marijn van Zanten
406. Asmodemon
Wow, those are really lovely. I especially like The Traveler.
408. J Wiles
well, I never win anything, but it's worth a go. I fancy myself the travelling sort, to be honest, but they all look lovely.
409. O. J. Smith
Oh! I think I shall be staring at The Mage quite longingly for a while.

And the linked online fiction is quite a find, too.
410. Tris Chalker
Hmmm looks like a 1 in 800 chance.... I LIKE THOSE ODDS :-P

Beautiful pieces! Love 'em.

-Thanks Tor
411. Miss Allen
Felicitations! Since I made myself a Traveler's Pouch this spring, I would be so delighted to have the Traveler's necklace to complete my ensemble. St. Clare, the patron Saint of needleworkers, needs a traveling companion, and St. Michael would be perfect!
412. Lyra N.
I like shiny things.
413. Lauren Rae
The captain is beautiful... loving the mermaid. Though that wolf tooth rocks! The sterling silver St. Christopher medal is calling my name also.... I'll take all 3. Ha!
414. Frank Vieira
415. Lydia Nguyen
I love the Historian. :) I don't usually wear jewelry, but these pieces are gorgeous!
417. jwillis7
nice nice nice
Tyler Goodwell
418. hightechhobo
Gosh. Those are awesome. I'd have to say I'd go with The Traveller...
419. Raikha
Oh, those are beautiful. I'm sort of in love with the Mage...
Sierra Bangs
420. Justice 8D
Oh my, I really like the Captain! The Mage is very nice also!
421. Minglish
They are all lovely, but I think The Aristocrat is most beautiful.
422. Megen
I would love any of these necklaces...or anything from RockLove's website, for that matter.
Angela MacRae
423. angelshimmery
They are all so pretty but I think it would have to be The Lafayette for me.
424. Dogzard
I absolutely love the Compass pendant. I've never heard of RockLove Jewelry before...will have to check them out!
425. Basia
I find myself drawn to both the Captain and the Traveler, because that's life, by turns, in a nutshell.
Dovile Petrasiunaite
426. dova113
I can't make up my mind so quick:) I'd choose mine if I'm so lucky as to win. Thanks for the chance!
Cat Carter
427. bohemi-mom
I would love to win the Repo Zydrate reminds me of all the good times spent with my dad watching what would later be termed Steampunk movies (and radio shows!)...this was all back in the 70's when I was growing up...if the term had been created, we didn't know it but he sure was a fan and turned me onto it. He didn't live to see the glory it has become. He died in 1980, *on* my 19th birthday...celebrating my bday ever since is a mixed emotion event. 30 years gone and still missed. I used to write stories as a teen and he even drew a gun that looked a lot like that for one of my stories..he called it a Vacuu-bubble Gun, encasing bad guys in the force field bubble and reducing the inside to a vaccuum! (Messy but
428. bbibo
Wonderful things!
But the traveler speaks to me.
David Fortier
429. NewGuyDave
Wonderful stuff. I'll decide if I win.
431. daxpup
I have several Rocklove pieces and her designs are amazing. I have The Nomad and it's even more impressive in person.
432. Thellie
The Captain and The Traveler are speaking to me. So very creative are the pieces, and so much more on the site. My wallet is wimpering as I browse.
nancy evans
433. shaynatower
Hi Shayna here! I am just in awe of all steampunk jewelry! It is fine work you do and i would have to choose The Nomad piece..I am more of a loner and love to read! Thank you for showing your pieces!
434. L-cubed
Too many beautiful pieces, but my girlfriend would love the Palimpsest Bee Compass. Its layered stars, the partially "unknown" circular design embedded in the layers, and the featured image linking it all with the physicality of a working nature would make her go crazy (and she might never take the pendant off).
435. cookie-cutter Jezebel
Oooo pretty
436. t.martin
Love all the pieces. Thanks so much to Tor for featuring so many wonderful atists in other media (like RockLove). :)
437. Shetan26
The Historian would be wonderful but I love all of RockLove's creations!
439. Brent Snider
The Traveler will be mine
441. AnaisAngel
I have an affinity for The Aristocrat for two reasons.One is my perpetual fascination with royalty in history,and the other is my penchant for Fleur De Lis!
The bee pendant is also a special piece.The literal translation for my name in Hebrew is "the bee".
442. WritingWolfaert
Oh, I love The Traveler. I can see one of my characters wearing something just like it.
443. Kim Collier
Ooooh love anything with a Fleur on it! Also love the compass one with the bee on it. :)
444. Liathiana
Wow! These pieces are awesome! I especially like The Captain.
David Edmonds
445. tapestry100
Loverly! I'm particularly fond of The Captain!
446. Leah Hansen
Ohh, these are absolutely gorgeous. I'd be happy with any of them, though if I was forced to choose I think I'd say "The Traveler".

But I love the Nomad too.

And the Captain...

*cough* Okay, posting now.
447. mokkancs
Lovely, and I love the comic too, it would be great to win
Katherine Otto
448. scifibklvr
Dang it! My internet was down and I missed the deadline by 12hrs. =(
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