Oct 12 2010 4:00pm

Sarah Jane Stratford’s The Midnight Guardian Giveaway!

The Midnight Guardian by Sarah Jane StratfordGreat news for fans of Sarah Jane Stratford, paranormal fiction, and the Millennial series. St. Martin’s Griffin, the publisher behind Stratford’s latest book, The Midnight Guardian, is giving away free copies!

We’ll be randomly selecting a total of fifteen commenters, five from this blog post, five retweeters, and five commenters from Facebook in the next 48 hours. (Until 3 PM EST on Thursday.)

The Midnight Guardian takes place in 1938 in the midst of World War II. Hitler’s tentacles have commenced their stranglehold on Europe and the Nazi empire will soon be purged of all “tainted” bloodlines…including vampires.

London’s ancient tribunal of vampires is aghast at the destruction taking place on the Continent and resolves to send its five most formidable vampires— immensely powerful “millennials” who have lived more than a thousand years— to infiltrate and destroy the Nazis. Brilliant and beautiful millennial Brigit is loath to go, for it means leaving behind her vampire lover Eamon, whom she made eight centuries ago. But go she must; her powers are needed if the mission is to have any chance of success.

You can also read an excerpt from the first two chapters here on Tor.com.

1. Galena
This looks very interesting!
tatiana deCarillion
3. decarillion
I like 'period' pieces that have scifi and fantasy in them. They are different 'reads' than those current-day or future novels are.
4. Alden Ash
This does look interesting. I would definitely read a free copy.
Nate Ostman
6. Natro
Have never gotten into vampire books, looks interesting though.
7. Greyhawk
Can't argue with a free book. My wife loves vampire stories.
8. photon
I liked the first chapters, and would like to read more
9. NCBill
I like this idea!
10. dwndrgn
For some reason I have seen a resurgence of WWII mentions in paranormal fiction recently. Not a bad thing. I like seeing the differing takes on what happend and why and the results. This one goes on my 'to read list', thank you.
Andrew Barton
12. MadLogician
My name is MadLogician, and I am a bookaholic.
John Massey
14. subwoofer
Seems to be something I'd sniff out:)

15. SueRed
Sounds interesting.
16. Story Cottage
Count me in.
James Killion
17. Gunrock
I liked the sample chapters given it was enough to get me interested but not enough to give too much away of the story. I hope I get one of the free copies !
18. DanP
I really liked the exert posted earlier.
19. DRickard
I'll take a stab at it.
21. Bahador
How can I not put a comment here?
24. SaraC56
This sounds lika a facsinating plot!
27. Tirana Neal
Interesting twist. Alternate history seems to be a popular way to go these days.
30. Jeff Wetherington
Looks like a book I could REALLY sink my teeth into.
32. rubydog
Looks great!
Sign me up.
Maggie K
33. SneakyVerin
I have not read Stratford before, but this looks like an enjoyable read
35. Sarawackadoo
Definitely already on my wishlist! Really want to read this.
39. HRuth
Definitely intriguing
Stephanie Ellis
40. Steph.Ellis
Looks like a great book! I'd love to win a free copy!
41. Traci Olsen
I have been dying to read this book! Yes, please.
James Kemp
43. kempo13
I like it. Nazis and Vampires? Brilliant.
44. Paula Tarone
Read it. Loved it. While vampires are all the rage, this book really looks at their creations, the relationships the vampires have built and what they mean to each other and not all of it is the thigns of teenage dreams. It was an amazing read and hopefully Ill be reading it again soon :)
Jody Crocker
45. Jei
Sounds like something I'd like to read.
47. dp2sholly
Throwing my hat in the ring for a chance. When I win, can I get it in ebook format please?
49. Karol Nielsen
Riveting book! You don't even have to dig vampire novels to dig this one!
50. Duane Anderson
I loved reading the story of Brigit and the other vampires. The history in this is excellent regarding world war II. This is the first vampire novel I have read that is a historical fiction combining both fantasy and history to make a compelling story and good read. I am waiting for more from Sara Jane Stratford.
51. melemolly
Looks quite interesting!
52. Justin Gustainis
"The Midnight Guardian takes place in 1938, in the midst of World War II." Really? In this universe, World War II began with the German invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939. Is Ms. Stratford writing of an alternate universe, with a different timeline? Or is somebody being a little sloppy with their dates?
55. firesinger
Sounds cool. I'm in!
Rammy Meyerowitz
56. m5rammy
My copy arrived today and was aded to the TBR pile, thanks


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