Oct 27 2010 1:39pm

Raiders of the Lost Ark in the style of Popeye. And in 3D.

Raiders of the Lost Ark by Chuck ForsmanChuck Forsman has summed up Raiders of the Lost Ark (the only Indian Jones movie) drawn in the style of Popeye. My morning is made.

Now I want to run home and play with my Raiders cards.

And watch the movie.

But not in 3D. Why, George, why! Weren’t those other two movies travesty enough against the Jones name? I’m not against 3D on principle, but I am against revisionist filmmaking.

[Chuck Forsman link via Drawn]

Mike Conley
1. NomadUK
I think it's about time for George to just stop fucking things up.
Calico Cat
2. Calico Cat
3D alone would never be a drawcard for me to see this movie, but I am too young to have experienced it in theatre. I would probably see it in 3D just for the experience of seeing it on the silver screen, despite the travsety you mention (which I agree with wholeheartedly).

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