Oct 26 2010 4:20pm

One More Week to Towers of Midnight

One more week...

Along with creating the above book trailer, Jason Denzel and Dragonmount are releasing some great articles and interviews in the run-up to Towers of Midnight. Check out their recent interview with Brandon Sanderson, and read the history behind the Robert Jordan signature now prevalent in the final books. (Also, the Wheel of Time FAQ has been updated? Wow!) Happy reading!

Kurt Lorey
1. Shimrod
Well now! That was just all kinds of awesome. Kudos to all involved.
2. Freelancer
Dragonmount is currently offline for upgrades.
Please check back soon.

::mumble:: Happy reading, indeed. Ok, Jason, I'll wait...

Is it ready yet?
Josh Matthews
3. jdm
I have plans to take the day off work.
Evan Langlinais
4. Skwid
It was nice to see that I am still FAQing Awesome.
A.J. Bobo
5. Daedylus
It's good to see the FAQ updated. A friend gave me a printed copy of it right before ACoT came out and it was a truly invaluable reference, since I hadn't read a WoT book in a few years at that point.
Joseph Armao
7. joeyesq
Awesome to see the FAQ restored to the relevance it deserves. Also awesome to see my name in its credits. I forgot I was active enough on the newsgroup to even warrant such accolades! =0)
8. nihiru
I'm living in Japan now and I received my copy of the book yesterday. Did the release date get messed up anywhere else?
Jonathan Levy
9. JonathanLevy
I live in Israel, and pre-ordered the book 2 weeks ago and amazon, and the status is currently 'shipped'.
I think iternational orders were sent out a bit early, under the assumption that they wouldn't arrive before Nov 2nd.
10. jrooks817
Nihiru, Yes. I am in TX and I recieved a message this morning that the release date for the States was moved to Nov. 2. I pre-bought ToM back in......April, I think. Another week won't kill me........well, it might!
John Massey
11. subwoofer
@Nihiru- hmmmmmm....

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Crap basket! I wish my local bookstore would bugger up like that! I considered B&E but would feel lame if I got hauled before a judge and had to cop a plea of insanity due to WoT addiction.

OTOH successful capture of this book might further my plans for world domination. I must ponder this.

BTW- I don't see Moiraine riding anywhere on her horse. I am sure being in Finnland as long as she has, Moiraine has discovered that horse meat is very tasty.

12. ItsjustB
Maybe I'm beating a dead horse here but...

IT'S NOT A WEEK FOR THOSE OF US WITH EREADERS! Thank you again, Tor, for delaying the eBook version by a year. 8 letters. Starts with "A" and ends with "holes".
13. Thelonius
I've bought the book today in Vienna, despite the official relase date of 2 November. Was really suprised to see it there.
Alice Arneson
14. Wetlandernw
Okay, so for people who complained about the Great Hunt not coming to them outside the US - they're really getting their own back here! Some of them are getting the book days before us! Thbbbppt.
15. leowwaaa
and where is the Kindle version?!

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