Oct 13 2010 7:06pm

Dark Horse: The Shepherd’s Tale is Definitely Coming!

Dark Horse Comics noticed that’s very own Richard Fife started blogging about the Serenity comics and, per Richard’s latest post, they wanted to send an assurance that the long-awaited The Shepherd’s Tale book is definitely coming soon. This soon:

The Shepherd’s Tale

Let it be known: Shepherd Book always had a moustache. The mystery unfolds in two weeks...

Richard Fife
1. R.Fife
Woo, and I see as of today, Things From Another World (where I had grabbed the November date from) has changed back to the October release! Awesome!

Oh, and, um, Chris... younger book to the right doesn't have a mustache. Just saying.
John Massey
2. subwoofer
And the Book with the headphones too... sans 'stache.

Daniel Goss
3. Beren
Are you sure? Yeah I suppose that could be a shadow . . . or not.
John Massey
4. subwoofer
dude- that's a shadow- and a lip outline... unless at some point Sheppard took to wearing half a moustache.

Teresa Jusino
5. TeresaJusino
YES! Honestly I haven't been thrilled with the Serenity comics - but THIS one should be really cool! And Joss and Zack are writing it?! Holla! :)
Chris Greenland
7. greenland
@Fife. Oh, I know. It only adds to the moustache mystery!

I saw a Dark Horse panel at Comic Con with a promo piece for this book, but it didn't have the pub date or interior art like this. I remember it being in November, too. Really cool of Dark Horse to send this over.
Scott Allie
8. Scott Allie
Book did not always have a mustache, but he was always THINKING about growing a mustache. This is the main theme of the graphic novel, which is what Chris was picking up on. Chris understands good art.
Scott Allie
9. The One True b!X
October 27? Not in December? That's two days after my birthday. Hmm.
Scott Allie
10. wetwarez
Well... Sheppard Book wasn't always "Sheppard Book." Maybe the mustache came with the name change.

Can't wait to find out!
Scott Allie
11. Xenaclone
I don't expect the good (or not so good...) Shepherd had one when he was a baby
Chris Greenland
12. greenland
Looked for this at the store today but it's been pushed to next week. Ah well!

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