Oct 18 2010 4:38pm

Brighten Up Your Commute With Free Original Story Podcasts original story’s original stories are now available as a free podcast! You can find us on iTunes under “ Original Fiction Podcast.”

We’re kicking things off with “The Speed of Time” by Jay Lake and “Good Night, Moon” by Rudy Rucker and Bruce Sterling, tales of the weird stuff that goes on deep in space and deep inside the mind. A new episode will go up every Wednesday with either the new story or one from the vault.

Chuk Goodin
1. Chuk
Is this going to be available to people who aren't using iTunes?

Also, are they all going to be author-read? I just ask because some authors (even those who also happen to be good readers) might not have the best sound-recording equipment.

(And thanks for getting these going again!)
Janice Hopper
2. Archergal5219
I agree. Many of us who listen to podcasts do NOT use iTunes or iPods. Please have an mp3 feed that's not through iTunes.
Natalie Rubin
3. natabat
I'll third the request for a non- iTunes feed. Thanks!
Irene Gallo
5. Irene
Hi guys -- please forgive my ignorance but, what are some of the other popular platforms for podcasting? (All stories have audio options on our own story pages -- looking for easy options for listeners to subscribe/download.)
Dave Miller
6. Borogove
Podcasting predates iTunes support for it, significantly. See A podcast is basically just a certain kind of RSS feed, with encapsulated audio files. The RSS feed tools on this site are fully capable of driving a podcast directly, as evidenced by, no iTunes store necessary.

Apple has actively tried to control podcasting and even, to some degree, redefine the term by encouraging podcasters to provide their 'cast directly from the iTunes store, which I refuse to go anywhere near, for various reasons that aren't relevant to the discussion at hand.

I would suggest using the podcasting engine already available on, and avoiding alienating the iPod-free crowd.
Irene Gallo
7. Irene
Thanks Borogove. I see where we skipped a step. We'll double back and try to offer both.
Joris Meijer
8. jtmeijer
It has been said before, but you had a perfectly fine short story podcast feed going on here. Any idea why it actually stopped?

Personally I avoid using itunes at all, the store bit irritatingly looks (or looked last time I used it) like a proper web-browser while working like one from 10 years ago. Furthermore, the program insisted on informing me all the time of updates for programs I never installed and had no intention of ever installing.
9. Tedd632
I loved the original Tor story podcast. The Stross Laundry stories were excellent, and caused me to get some of the Laundry series. I also loved Kowal's First Flight.

I download all my podcasts using a non-iTunes feed, so I would appreciate it being available like the original podcast.

I also think a podcast with reviews and author interviews would be great. There is probably already one out there, I just haven't found it.

Thanks for bringing back the podcast!
Declan Ryan
10. decco999
Great idea, bringing the podcasts back. They got me through the tedium of the commute to work in the past. I need five-a-week, however !! iTunes as the source is no problem: I'm no expert, but they arrive on my PC in MP3 format and transfer to my non-iPhone mobile phone without problem, no hassle.

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