Oct 1 2010 11:23am

Audioslice: John Lindqvist’s Let Me In

Some folks at work went to a screening of the American film version of the vampire novel, Let Me In.*

“It left people speechless,” my boss said.


“Apparently some people couldn’t talk for a bit after they saw it…and when they could, they said it was awesome. It was surprisingly tender and super-gory.”

Surprisingly tender and super-gory. “That’s not a combination you see very often,” I said.

“Gorier than the Swedish version,” he added, rather gleefully.

While that sounds charming, I’d prefer to have John Lindqvist describe it in his own glorious words than watch blood spurting out of someone’s neck for two non-Swedish hours. (For those of you who are squarely in favor of blood-spurting-out-of-someone’s-neck-for-two-hours, I believe a review of the film is coming Monday.)

Thanks to narrator Steven Pacey, you can have your gore without seeing it too. Here’s an excerpt from the audiobook version of John Lindqvist’s Let Me In:

*Titled Let the Right One In in Sweden

Liz is...irrationally excited over the glittery D&D dice she got for her birthday.

Thomas Jeffries
1. thomstel
Loved the original, not yet very fond of the new one based on the trailer's standard "white iris, crackly white skin" vampire tropes, but the "feel" of the film comes across as similar enough that I may go see it.

Also, that sig...loving new dice is never, ever irrational. :)
Liz Maverick
2. lizmaverick
thomstel - I'm one of those people with a bias against American remakes. (If there's more gore, of what is there less?)
Re: new I just need a personal dice carrier to obsess over. And not one of those Crown Royal bags.
N. Mamatas
3. N. Mamatas
*Titled Let the Right One In in Sweden

Heck, until a few months ago the book was titled Let the Right One In here in the US as well.
N. Mamatas
4. Dave Fried
FYI, viewing your post is making my browser want to install QuickTime.

There are many free Flash-based mp3 players which you can use to embed audio on a blog or web page. They are all better than QuickTime, especially on PCs. There is no need to force users to download additional software and/or plugins.

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