Oct 29 2010 2:16am

Attention Malazan Fans: Join Steven Erikson and Ian C. Esslemont in conversation.

Hi gang,

We’re at World Fantasy Con, in Columbus Ohio, with Steven Erikson and Ian C. Esslemont. The guys will be stopping in for some conversation here on (specifically in this post) starting at 2:30 PM EST. Ask questions here or save them up for later in the day. They will continue to chime in as the day(s) go by, as schedules allow.... It’s like WFCon panel extended!

Tricia Irish
1. Tektonica
Whoo Hoo...very exciting!

I'm posting a comment here in order to get it in the Latest Comments list on the left of the Main page. It's too early to think of anything to ask....need more caffine.
Thomas Jeffries
2. thomstel
Gah! I am two hours (and $165) away from the festivities. Fate can be cruel sometimes.

Will be tuning in at 2:30 for the goods though. Thanks for the heads-up!
Steven Halter
3. stevenhalter
Hey guys--welcome to the 'States (or the lower 48 for Cam). Thanks for taking some time out of the real world Con for this virtual one.
Todd Tyrna
4. Ezramoon
Thanks in advance Ian and Steven for taking the time to answer our questions. And welcome Ian, it will be great hearing from you for the first time!

Between old interviews and what Steven has graciously answered here over the weeks, forgive me if this has been covered. I'll just ask a simple question that involves you both.

I realize the deep history you both have with creating and role playing the Malazan world together. Being a shared world, how much collaboration, if any, is there or has there been between you two while writing your own respective books in the series? You are telling your own stories, and I haven't read the entire series so I don't know how much crossover there is. But I just wondered if later on you still had any discussions, phone calls, emails to each other to help clear up a character or avoid future continuity issues while writing your own novels?

Also, as a side question...have either of you read the other's work and said, "Oh no he killed this character or went the other way with that event! That's not what I had in mind!" Or are you both pretty cool with letting the other have complete reign over their part of the story and enjoy being surprised?

Thanks guys, enjoy your time in Ohio!

Marc Rikmenspoel
5. Marc Rikmenspoel
The same question I asked in another thread, are all the books by both of you written in British English? My Tor editions of Gardens of the Moon and Deadhouse Gates are in American English, while the rest of SE's Tor versions are in British English (and, of course, from House of Chains onward are the British typesetting), while ICE's books are also in British English (and typesetting?).

How much of this is how the authors write, and how much is the editor's/publisher's decision?
Steven Halter
6. stevenhalter
Here's a question for the both of you:
Overturning fantasy conventions was one of the concepts you have mentioned that you started with. Was there anything in particular that triggered this? Or, a general annoyance with the wrongness of some conventions.
For example, one of the fantasy conventions you overturn in the Malazan world is the romantic view of Kings (or any of the other words for dictator). In Malaz, as in this world, the lives of people who aren't at the top of the foodchain are often unpleasant. This overturning, in particular, makes the Malaz world much more realistic.
Drew Riley
7. drewoftherushes
For Steven - Did you do a poetry elective at Iowa?
Thomas Jeffries
8. thomstel
For both:

Can you give any insight into "why" you write these tales?

I know such a question is really open-ended, so here's some potential answers to give you a starting point:
- Fun to tell a story and share it with people
- Exploring the light and dark side of humanity through the lens of literature
- Trying to teach your readers a lesson that you feel is worth communicating and doing so through the tales
- Become millionaires with a rabid fanbase ;)
- Enjoy the craft of writing and happy working in a setting/continuity that you know well
- etc.

Also, as a chaser, have your motivations for starting the tale morphed over the years to the point that your original reason isn't your primary reason any longer?
Robin Lemley
9. Robin55077
Thank you both for taking time from your busy day to do this. My question is similar to Shalter's, but I think/hope different enough to ask here.

Your stories are basically told from the POV of the "little guy" rather than the people/entities in power. Personally, I think this is a part of why I find your characters so relatable, so engaging. What made you, as writers, take this route in your writing?

I love that you took the risk and this was the result. Just wwondering.

Steven Halter
10. stevenhalter
If anyone is watching here, notice that they are conversing over at: a-conversation-with-malazan-series-authors-steven-erikson-and-ian-c-esslemont#

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