Sep 4 2010 5:42pm

Watch the Towers of Midnight trailer

Tor Books is proud to present the book trailer for Towers of Midnight, the penultimate thirteenth novel in The Wheel of Time series, written by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. [Warning! Contains spoilers!]

Produced by the joint creative forces of Dragonmount and Mythmakers Entertainment, this trailer is the first-ever official video representation of Robert Jordan’s masterpiece series. The majority of the crew for this project were fans themselves, and were led by Dragonmount founder Jason Denzel, who directed the short.

Go behind the scenes and watch the making of the trailer at Outta This World.

For more information on the making of this video, as well as the latest news related to Towers of Midnight, please visit Dragonmount and

1. Freelancer
Very cool. Good work, Jason.

What's with Moiraine's all black eyes? Kinda creepy. That an easter egg of some kind?
Abdel Masdoua
2. TheDarkOne
Wooohoo! Great stuff.
Kudos to Jason and everyone involved.
4. Hysteries
Absolutley brilliant, now just take that and extend it to four hours and with any luck we may just have a great adaption of a book-to-movie block buster on our hands. cannot wait for ToM, and this has just made the wait even harder.
8. T. Cass
Very Impressive, Jason and co. I've been waiting for this moment ever since we found out about Moiraine's letter to Thom... in a word: Excruciating!
9. AndrewB
Great job. Thank you.
Jennifer B
10. JennB
Bell and chimes?? Guess not, but love it anyway.
Maggie M
11. Eswana
Brilliant, Jason & Team! Love love love. Even more excited (was that possible?) for 2 November.

I may or may not have just watched this about seven times a row.
12. Prometheus

Goosebumps indeed. Can't wait!
Jennifer B
13. JennB
Oh my gosh! I wanted my husband to see it, so I streamed it to our HD TV. My eyes actually started to tear up.
14. Nuk3d
awesome, i just cant wait for it and the movie of the first book
Chris Chaplain
15. chaplainchris1

Ok, but seriously...after the first three words, when I realized what I was hearing...and about to hear...I literally started shouting SQUEE at the top of my lungs. While drumming my heels on the floor.

All I'm saying is that, er, 'squee' was not in my vocabulary until Leigh's re-read and community. You all a cool way.

If it's not clear, what I'm saying is that this trailer is beyond being made of awesome.
Joseph Blaidd
16. SteelBlaidd
It is indeed very cool.

I don't think a spoiler warning is neccesary, though.
Janet Hopkins
17. JanDSedai
I loved the imagery! But as someone who is mostly deaf, I would love to get a transcript of the monologue. (I can't read lips on a voice-over!)
Maggie M
18. Eswana
Highlight the text below; I don't to inadvertanly spoil someone (though why they would have read this far in the comments and expect not to be spoiled is beyond me... but in any case:)
"My dearest Thom,
When you receive this, you will be told I am dead. One day soon, you, Mat Cauthon, and another man, may try to rescue me. If you do, it must be only you three. More or less would mean death for us all. Should you still decide to come for me, young Mat knows the way. But come soon, for the end is close, and I may yet have a role to play. May the Light keep you safe, and perhaps I will see you again soon. Moiraine."
Thomas Keith
19. insectoid
To quote our Re-read's Fearless Leader:

OMG! Moiraine! Squee! :P

john mullen
20. johntheirishmongol
@17 It's Moiraine speaking her letter out loud that she wrote to Thom.

Very cool, can't wait to read it. And then reread it.
21. alreadymadwithsquee
That had my hairs standing on end.
Moiraine! Squee!
Tricia Irish
22. Tektonica
I'm twitching!!!! And Squeeeeing!!!!

Wonderful. Thank you!
Mari Davis
23. sheiglagh
OMG... Yay!!! It's so good. I can't take it!!! Kudos to the team who created this movie short. :-)
Lindy Brown
24. lbrown
I agree with SteelBlaid @ # 16. It wasn't very spoilerish at all. Anyone who's seen the cover of TOM should know this is coming.
Henry Loose
25. schrodinger
Best book trailer I've ever seen (from both a cinematic standpoint and content wise). Moiraine's voice caught me by surprise, as I expected it to be a little faster. By the end though, I was used to it.

Down to the nitty gritty. Popular theory has her inside the ToG... which we clearly see in the bacground. That, and the wierd air leads me to believe that she is in T'A'R (in the flesh) with the ToG as a gateway to get there. Mat, Thom, and Noal will have to pass through the ToG to get there.
Sam Mickel
26. Samadai
Without a doubt the best book trailer I have ever seen. Jason, you did an excellent job. I hope Red Eagle uses your eye for any film adaptations.

and Squeeee
Andrew J
27. Waitingforthenextpost
Oh holy carp!!! That just made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. LOVED it!
Lucas Vollmer
28. aspeo
I've never seen a trailer for book before, so I didn't know what to expect. Now that I've seen it, I absolutely cannot wait for this book! My hat goes off to the makers of the trailer, also, because it definitely was better than a lot of movie trailers I've seen!
Ben Kane
29. NerveAgent
Thank the Light that I first read this series only last winter; it appears that I've only had to wait a few months before seeing Moiraine again. You poor souls that have been waiting since 1993...I don't know how you've been able to bear it.
30. saab
@freelancer #1-there are no effects to moraine's eyes-the actress's eyes are truly that black-i think they are beautiful
Tess Laird
31. thewindrose
Very cool! Great job Jason and company!

::Note to subwoofer:: Is that Shawdowfax;)

James Jones
32. jamesedjones
So... what are the possibilities for the spoiler Jason mentioned?

Was the top of the tower blown apart?
Was Moiraine modified/augmented during her time in the tower causing her eyes to go all black?
Did she pick up a cool terangreal (flashy light) whilst in captivity?

What else? Let's discuss.
argenteus .
33. argenteus
I am drooling....let me at it...let me at it!!!
34. CWL
WOW - November 2nd is waaaaaay to far away. Goosebumps for sure.
David Quinton
35. spanishjohnnyuk
Wow. That send shivers down my spine. Nicely done.
Lindy Brown
37. lbrown
schrodinger @25
Moiraine's voice caught me by surprise, as I expected it to be a little faster. By the end though, I was used to it.

I believe the voice is that of Kate Reading from the audiobooks. The reading of the letter is probably taken straight from them.
Lindy Brown
38. lbrown
Never mind to my previous comment. I just listened to this part on the audiobook and it's Michael Kramer who reads this part. Maybe they had Kate Reading read it specially for this video.
Lindy Brown
39. lbrown
Oh, and also, it's a shortened version of the letter and the words are changed in parts, but still convey the same meaning.
40. speedy29
*goosebumps*. watched it 10 times in a row with an officemate behind me. wehehe!
Jhon Mondarte
41. SpeedyProcrastinator
*33 more days to go... give me give me give give me give! GIVE ME ToM NOW!
Kat Blom
42. pro_star
I squeed. and yes chaplinchris @15, this wasn't in my vocabulary either until Leigh's re-reads.

The countdown is on...

And yes, I squee'd in the middle of the office and danced around all giddy like for the rest of the day when I first saw this. (yep, my coworkers are all convinced I'm nuts.)
43. Silvelix
very nice! great work everyone who made it happen.

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