Sep 1 2010 11:27am

The United States of Star Wars

It’s a trap! No,'s a map!!! (Sorry, Admiral Ackbar). Welcome to Rebecca Crane’s United States, in which each state has been reimagined as one of the planets from Star Wars, in order to form a more awesome union. According to Crane, “Planets were assigned based on partial terrain, landmarks that correlate with the planet and state, types of people in the state and planet, famous landmarks, or slightly randomly selected (but loosely based on facts) from my brother and myself.”

You can check out the complete list of states and planets on her blog, as well as a larger version of the map. Also, while we’re curious about why South Carolina has the distinction of being the Death Star of the S.W.U.S.A., as inveterate geeks we’re more concerned with wondering whether the Death Star actually counts as a planet...(and there’s at least one Jedi Master who would argue that it’s not even a moon). Then again, who are we to quibble with greatness? Best. Star Wars Map. Ever.

Evan Langlinais
1. Skwid
Texas is Kessel? The second largest state of the union, with all its beauty, history, and varied cultures, is a tiny misshapen prison planet?

James Hogan
2. Sonofthunder
I second that comment, Skwid. :( Texas != Kessel. I'm not sure what would be best for Texas, but certainly not Kessel!!

But Florida being Dagobah is a good call, I guess.

Maryland being Sluis Van is awesome, and very fitting.

And those are all the states I've lived in. Cool map(minus Texas, grr).
Chris Long
3. radynski
I particularly liked Bespin as WV, with the similarities in Mining. Also, Minnesota was cute as the planet with 1000 moons.
Chad Cressley
4. Chad Cressley
I like Kessel for Texas. Symbolizes a place I wouldn't want to live (Austin is ok, though it is still hot).
Alejandro Melchor
5. Al-X
The question would be... would you do the Texas Run in 12 parsecs?
Chad Cressley
6. Speradigm
I knew that Arizona was a den of evil. And Maryland fits pretty much-- though, not everything there has to do with the Chesapeak Bay.
Chad Cressley
7. kranerian
Nar Shaddaa!? Lies. That only applies to Camden.
Del C
8. del
No! Connecticut is peaceful! You can't possibly— 
Alex Brown
9. AlexBrown
Not to offend anyone, but, at this point I think Arizona has proven itself far more capable of being the US's Death Star than South Carolina. And that, my friends, is the limit of my Star Wars knowledge. Oh, that and Ewoks.
Matt London
11. MattLondon
Couple of things, @1 and 2.

One! Texas is the #1 oil-producing state in the Continental US (only Hoth is higher). Kessel is known for its mining operations and the extraction of valuable resources (same diff).

Two! Texas has the second most prisoners of any state in the country, and the most executions of prisoners. Kessel, as you mentioned, is a prison planet. I would say this is one of the most inspired of her choices.

On the other hand, I'd put Louisiana as Alderaan, because that state has been totally destroyed.

And finally, maybe California as Endor, since, you know, the Redwood Forest actually IS Endor. And Arizona as Tatooine, since, you know, the desert actually IS Tatooine.
Chad Cressley
12. Kyle McLaughlin
the biggest mistake of the map is that california is not naboo I live in Marin county which is where george lucas himself live and he has specifically said that the marin county civic center was the basis for theed, heres a picture
Also the hills of marin were used for the backround of the battle between the gungans and the trade federation

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