Sep 11 2010 6:42pm

The Best Astronomy Photographers of the Year

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich has announced the winners of its Astronomy Photographer of the Year Award for 2010. The vistas captured both in space and about space are stunning in their scope and startling in their contrast. The winners range from the hectic galactic neighborhood of Orion’s belt, to the silent mountains of our moon, to a tranquil snowy plane ripped open by auroras.

Click here for an excellent five minute audio slideshow of the winners, with helpful narration from Dr Marek Kukula, the Royal Observatory’s Public Astronomer. You can see photography from the other entries here.

Image of star trail by Flickr user and Astronomy Photographer of the Year entrant Jonah J.Ingles-Le Nobel

Ron Garrison
1. Man-0-Manetheran
WOW! Thanks Tor for that link. Wonderfully beautiful and well done presentation.
Tricia Irish
3. Tektonica
Absolutely stunning.

Thank you so much for posting that!

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