Sep 23 2010 5:44pm

Robot International Trailer

We know that everyone’s going crazy over the new Harry Potter trailer, but Stubby would like to draw everyone’s attention to another hot trailer of the moment: behold Endhiran (Robot). The upcoming SF movie is the most expensive Asian film ever produced and will be released worldwide on October 1st...and it features a GIGANTIC ROBO-COBRA. Pretty sure Harry Potter doesn't have one of those (although a robo-cobra/basilisk fight would be pretty great). Just sayin’. Check out the trailer below, and the film’s amazing official website here.

1. JD92
I was interested, then I saw the dance routine and knew this was going to be like every other Bollywood movie out there. Except with guns and explosions.

East meets West. Guess it's time Bollywood caught up to Hollywood for explosion movies.
Thomas Costick
2. Zerf
I'm not a Bollywood fan, but this looks fun. Reminds me of the Umpaloompa humour in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (maybe the best aspect of that film, imo). If the reviews are good I'll be watching this.
Peter Erwin
3. PeterErwin
"...the most expensive Asian film ever produced"

The most expensive Indian film ever produced, I can believe. But Wikipedia claims that the budget for John Woo's Red Cliff (2008/2009) was about $80 million, which is considerably more than this movie's claimed budget of 150 crore rupees (= 1.5 billion rupees = about $33 million).
4. seoranker
I like robotical movies and i love to watch these kind movies, in movies we can do stunning work with robot..


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