Sep 21 2010 3:31pm

Return of the Living Tor.com Name-that-Zombie Caption Contest Winner!

The entries of the zombie caption contest (rules here) have been chomped considered and eviscerated evaluated, and the winner is:

163.  Wyvern

“When there's no more room in Hell, find a match made in Heaven!” Alas, the zombie dating service was doomed to failure from the start...

But that wasn't the only good entry! Here are a few honorable mentions:

199. David Coulthurst

Being caught dead in it, Melissa had no choice but to wear white after Labor Day.
141.  JohnKeller

Chomp brain wishes and cadaviar, everyone! This is Deathstyles of the Ripe and Gangrenous! See you next reek!

Congratulations to Wyvern for penning the winning entry. The Zombie Prize Pack to End All Zombie Prize Packs includes more than $500 of hardcore zombie goodness, including copies of my anthologies The Living Dead and The Living Dead 2, along with a bunch of other books, DVDs, and assorted other zombie miscellany!

Congrats again to Wyvern, and thanks too to all who participated!

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David Coulthurst
1. David Coulthurst
Thanks for the honorable mention! Now I have to go through the list of prizes I didn't win to see what I need to add to my library.

Me: @dacbeerpig
Work: @CCD_Wausau
My zombie tweetstory: @WausauLoner

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