Sep 13 2010 10:56am

HBO Reveals New Game of Thrones Preview

Helen Sloan / HBOIf you were watching True Blood last night, then you might have caught HBO giving viewers a breakdown before the show of all the new productions they have coming up. And if you were watching that, then you might have caught new material and interviews regarding Game of Thrones, including footage of Emilia Clarke as Daenerys (pictured at right).

HBO has also gone live with a new production blog with videos from the preview and a word from the show creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

The new Game of Thrones preview is below. Visit the HBO production blog to look at new behind the scenes footage, along with high-res photos, and more.

Andrew Liptak
1. JediTrilobite
I'm looking forward to this - I haven't read the books yet, but they're moving up the list.
Matt London
2. MattLondon
Except for the high speed camera stuff this kind of looks like a fan film. Medium wide shots, blah cinematography... any idea what the production budget on this show was compared to, say, Rome?

Who knows, the source material is so good, maybe the script will save the day.
Rob Munnelly
3. RobMRobM
@1 Yes, read the books - at least before March 2011 when this is expected to air.

@2. Production budget is actually very high - at least as high as Rome. HBO execs apparently have been thrilled with the preliminary footage.

Jennifer B
4. JennB
Don't get HBO. :-(

Guess I will have to wait for the DVD on Netflix.
Sanctume Spiritstone
5. Sanctume
I cut off my HBO, so I would be waiting for a season DVD release.

I prefer watching series in one weekend sweep instead of waiting weekly.
6. denari6
I too look forward to the series in HBO. I just wish GRRM would finish writing the books. I would hate to see a Dune or WoT scenario here =/
7. cranscape
Looks great. Remember folks, this is a stylized trailer using the few clips that the HBO media people were given. These things aren't made by the people making the show, the colors aren't what they will be, and its possible these clips won't even make an episode. That said, I'm still excited we got to see more than that original teaser. They've thrown a lot of money at this and it should show up on film just like it did with Rome. HBO only does the best.
8. JoeNotCharles
@1 No, don't start the books now! Wait until the series is finished publishing. Otherwise the waiting will be unbearable.
john mullen
10. johntheirishmongol
As much as I liked the books, I am so peeved at GRRM for not getting the job done I may not buy them if they do come out. You dont commit to a series and quit on it if you still have readers buying your books as much as these.
Rob Munnelly
11. RobMRobM
John@10. Martin has been working hard on book 5, and recently cancelled attending a con to keep making progess on it. The vast majority is now finished, but he's being cagy about what is left to finish it. Not an issue of quitting or lack of effort- rather, an issue of getting the characters in the critical middle novel to be placed properly so that the rest of story falls correctly in final books. I'd bet significant dollars that the book will be done by early 2011 and be published this time next year at latest. And the good news, such as it is, is he's moved several finished chapters from book 5 into book 6 so he has a head start there already of more than 100 pages.

Rob (the optimist)
13. cranscape
I am not sure why everyone is freaked out about the duration between books. Some series just take a long time to finish. Katherine Kerr's series took forever and she even had health issues towards the end of it if I remember correctly. I was reading those HALF my life and I don't remember saying bad things about her work habits along the way. For some reason the rest of the arts gets a pass through the mystic of creativity and inspiration, but everyone thinks they know how books are written enough to be openly snarly at the author.
zac d
14. Asio
I am a pure GRRM fanboy, without a doubt frothing at the mouth for this series. All that other stuff is addressed perfectly here....
Bouke de Boer
15. Bouke
Sweet! I've just finished A Clash Of Kings and will by parts 3-A, 3-B and 4 shortly (right after I finish WoK). This looks promising!
17. tatterdemalion
@#10 GRRM is not going to finish writing these books until the success of this HBO venture is gaged. Note that the last one was published in 2005. He probably halted the publishing schedule once HBO started expressing interest.

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