Sep 24 2010 2:31pm

Charles Vess and The Wheel of Time. Or, Charlie Goes to Randland

Charles Vess, Wheel of TimeNormally I don’t show off sketches without having the finals to back them, but when your inbox contains ten Charles Vess sketches for the Wheel of Time, it’s hard not to crow.

Charles Vess, Drawing Down the MoonCharles Vess, artist for the New York Times-bestselling Instructions, Sandman, and countless other glorious drawings (yes! I’m a fan-girl) is creating the cover plus ten interior drawings for our young adult e-edition of the first part of the Wheel of Time, From the Two Rivers. Above are two sketches. The book will be available March 2011. 

If, like me, you are finding it hard to wait, check out Drawing Down the Moon, Charles’s art book from Dark Horse, in the meantime.

Irene Gallo is the Art Director for Tor Books and

Dominick Saponaro
1. SwashbuckleDom
Very cool! Cant wait to see this. Im such a sucker for these chapter illustration books (Man I wish more of these were released each season). And of course Charles rocks it too. I am Curious as to the choice for no interiors on the others though... or am I missing something painfully obvious here?
Karen Bovenmyer
2. maxmelig
I can't wait! Watching him work is amazing. He piles on the detail and defines it all with scratches of a tiny ink nib. Everything I've seen him do is from his imagination too. He's an amazing guy!
3. Brentus
Cool, I can't wait to see these!

I really like all the new covers for the series. I was wondering though, now at 4 days before the release of the New Spring e-book, we've seen the new TGS cover and now some of the art for the following e-books, but not a peep on New Spring. The new cover art for New Spring hasn't been forgotten, has it?

Also, what about Towers of Midnight? That isn't on the e-book release schedule given with the announcement of each new cover, but amazon is going to sell it on the Kindle in November I think. Will it get a different e-book cover? It would be weird if one of the e-books used the hardcover picture when the others don't. The hardcover pictures are supposed to be wraparound images for dust jackets, and aren't great for the square e-book cover image.
4. a-j
Big Charles Vess fan, but am I alone in thinking his uncoloured work is more satisfying? Check out his b/w illustrations for Susanna Clarke's The Ladies of Grace Adieu.
Probably just me.
6. Mike Rhode
Umm, there's not going to be a paper copy of the book? Because I'd buy 2 - one for my 12-year old daughter, and one for me (just for Vess' work), but I won't be buying an electron-only version.

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