Sep 20 2010 6:17pm

Celebrate Caprica Day in October!

I had way too much fun making that promo.

Caprica fans rejoice! Remember that nonsense about Caprica Season 1.5 not airing until January? Yeah, SyFy realized that was stupid, too. Now, Caprica returns on Tuesday, October 5th at 10PM EST on SyFy, right after Stargate Universe.

In addition to Season 1.5 airing on October 5th, that’s also the day that Caprica Season 1.0 will be released on DVD! The boxed set, which also includes the unrated/extended pilot episode, comes with oodles of extras including podcasts, video blogs from the set, and 48 deleted scenes!

Wait, was that a typo? Let me read that again… *reads again*

Nope, that’s right. 48 DELETED SCENES. I swear to Mars that if too many of them are Sam Adama scenes, I’m gonna cut a bitch.

In any case, this isn’t only good news for fans. It’s also good news for newbies who want to give this show a whirl. Buy/Netflix (I love that Netflix is a verb now) the first half of the season and marathon the frakkers so you can watch the new episodes of Caprica live!

And yes, if you enjoy the show, it’s important that you watch the show live rather than DVR, if you can. There’s still no word on a Season 2, and they probably moved the remaining episodes up from January is to see how it does in the ratings in a new time slot with a strong lead-in. Those ratings will pretty much make the decision for them. So, like Bill O’Reilly says, DO IT LIVE! (That never gets old!) And spread the word to people you think might like the show. There’s also a #CapricaArmy forming on Twitter!

Lastly, whether you’re a Caprica newbie, or a fan who needs a refresher, SyFy put together this video to get you caught up! Enjoy, and get ready for the exciting second half of Season One of Caprica!

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Alex Brown
1. AlexBrown
Actually, it's better to DVR than to watch live because the live numbers are only counted by Neilsen box ratings and the thousand or so people that are called. The statisticians then extrapolate out to the millions to guestimate how many people watched. Whereas DVR ratings are counted separately (and are actually individually counted to give an accurate least that's the prevailing theory of what should be done), as are views on the official websites (and, more importantly, click-thrus). So, really, if you want to make a difference, unless you're one of the lucky few to be a Neilsen home or to get that once in a lifetime call from the ratings people, watch on Syfy's site and click every ad on the Caprica page you can. Ad revs from click-thrus are slowly becoming more important as TV viewership dwindles...

But yay! Caprica!
Teresa Jusino
2. TeresaJusino
Actually, as Craig Engler, VP of Digital Media at SyFy has said numerous times on his Twitter (@SyFy), watching live is counted more and given more weight than watching the show recorded. When you watch live, it's counted, even if you're not a Nielsen family, through your DVR box.

Wouldn't have reported it that way if I didn't know it for a fact. :)

But your other ideas about clicking the ads on the Caprica page are great, too!
Michael Burke
3. Ludon
From Milo1313
"So, really, if you want to make a difference, unless you're one of the lucky few to be a Neilsen home or to get that once in a lifetime call from the ratings people, . . ."

I got that call four or five times. I had to turn them down each time. No. I'm not crazy, I was just disqualified for working in the telecommunications industry when those calls came in. And the last time (I'm not sure if it was te Neilsons or some other service), I had to decline for the silly rule that you have to have a working TV to take part. My TV hasn't worked in years. The only reason I've kept it is because it offers a few useful surfaces to lean paintings against to dry.

I will eventually watch the series on DVD on my computer.
Teresa Jusino
4. TeresaJusino
@Ludon - well luckily, the DVDs are coming out soon! :) Or, as she said, the eps are available on SyFy's website.

@Milo1313 - Something I wanted to clarify about watching it live - what I mean is, if you have a DVR, don't record it and watch it later. Watch it when it's on. Even if you pause the DVR while you're watching to go to the bathroom, your viewership is counted differently, because they know you're not watching commercials. It's all about the benjamins, apparently. If you want to support a show, the bottom line is, no matter what platform you watch it on, you have to suffer through some form of advertising.

But it's funny to me that a lot of people seem surprised for this. Television started as a MEDIUM as an advertising tool! It wasn't about art or telling stories - it was about getting Milton Berle on television to promote Texaco:
Alex Brown
5. AlexBrown
I gotcha, Teresa. If you've got a DVR box then you're counted if you watch it live. I was talking regular non-DVR TVs :)
Alex Brown
6. AlexBrown
Ludon @ 3: You were a rare anomaly, my friend. Most people will never get that call, and certainly never get it multiple times. They call only about 2,000-5,000 people a night and get maybe 1,500 responses and then extrapolate out into the millions.

There's a shift happening in the industry right now where some of the younger generation are starting to pay more attention to click-thru ad revenues and online sales/viewings. I think Neilsen (or maybe it's someone else) actually has a ratings listing for them in the morning ratings. It's becoming more and more common, but it's still seen as the red-headed stepchild. And then you get the older dudes who still think they can strong arm people back into appointment television. Silly, silly people.
Ruth X
7. RuthX
I pre-ordered S1.0 just for its own sake....48 deleted scenes and well I actually won't cut a bitch if they're all Sam Adama because better now than never. We don't have any cable here, but I will be watching on Hulu, blogging, tweeting in the #CapricaArmy...and voting with my wallet by buying the series. Here's to at leasst one more season!
Teresa Jusino
9. TeresaJusino
Go RuthX! :) And you're right. I'm grateful for more Sam Adama no matter HOW I get it.
Mike Conley
10. NomadUK
TeresaJusino@4: It's all about the benjamins, apparently.

And this entire thread makes me so very happy to pay my annual licence fee to the BBC.
Teresa Jusino
11. TeresaJusino
Milo1313 @5: Which you'd have to have if you're watching Caprica since it's on cable, and most cable providers only provide DVR boxes for homes now. Also, though I'm not sure about this, if you have any sort of cable box you're counted, too. And as we've all switched to digital now, people either have some sort of digital box (or digital converter), or they don't have a television. So, people are getting counted (which is kind of creepy, when you think about it).

@NomadUK - but it's not as if you don't have adverts, right? :) Though I know it works very differently. Still, you have advertising, you pay a licence fee. Your television is getting paid for by you somehow! And more directly, I might add! So, it's still all about the, um....Elizabeths?
Mike Conley
12. NomadUK
TeresaJusino@11: Well, actually, no, on the BBC we don't have adverts (well, except for other BBC shows). And I'd much rather my television get paid for by me directly than via advertisers flogging shit and passing the profits on to Rupert Murdoch, thanks very much.

It is all about the Elizabeths, and who controls them.
Teresa Jusino
14. TeresaJusino
@NomadUK - Gotcha. OK, so where ARE commercials aired? Because I know I've seen British was my understanding that they air between shows?

From what little I know of it, though, I actually love the way British TV works. I especially like how much they seem to respect their writers. So if you happen to know any cute, single British blokes who wouldn't mind marrying an American girl looking to write for British television, we should chat. ;)
Ruth X
15. RuthX
I just saw that! Was hoping one of them might...I was rereading it this morning when I remembered that Caprica Day is only 2 weeks away! :)
Teresa Jusino
16. TeresaJusino
Getting back to Caprica for a second, which was the whole point of this post... :) Check out this hilarious Re-Caprica video from SyFy. It's actually really good.
Mike Conley
17. NomadUK
TeresaJusino@14: The adverts are on the non-BBC channels -- ITV, Channel 4, the steaming Murdoch-spawned maw of Hell that is Sky, etc. I try to avoid them whenever possible.

As far as cute, single, British blokes are concerned, I don't know any, I'm afraid, though I know there are a lot of them about — as well as a fair number of non-single ones (you never know!). Cheers!
18. politeruin
Does anyone happen to know when this will be shown in the UK? I can't find it on syfy's UK schedule so i presume it's being shown on Sky1 again.

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