Sep 30 2010 1:16pm

Applications Open for Towers of Midnight “Tower Guards” Program has opened the applications for the “Tower Guard” program! For Wheel of Time fans unfamiliar with the program, it provides an opportunity to assist on the upcoming Brandon Sanderson and Harriet McDougal tour for the next Wheel of Time book Towers of Midnight. (Tour dates and locations listed here.)

There are perks to being a Tower Guard. From Dragonmount:

The Tower Guard will get the rare opportunity to meet with Brandon and Harriet in a casual setting before the actual book signing, and discuss whatever you guys like. You can also get your books signed and personalized in advance.

Of course, a Tower Guard doesn’t spend their time just chatting:

In return for this opportunity, we’re going to put you to work. Each member of the Tower Guard will be asked to help document the event in different ways. Some Guard Members will take photos. [...] If the bookstore needs help organizing lines, one of the Guard will be there to help. If Harriet needs a glass of water, the Tower Guard will be there to take care of that.

The application form and many more details are available at Dragonmount.

Barry T
1. blindillusion
Well, I applied for the VA job. Hey, I'm willing to take leave in order to Guard the Tower.
2. ShannonDour
uhm.... are 9 month along pregnant ladies still in the running?? I could sell ad space on my belly! *lol*
I'd totally do it, 10 days out of the 'official' due date or not. ;D
John Massey
3. subwoofer
Sooo- I am gathering that this is limited to the folks that would be in that particular neck of the galaxy. Poopy.

4. Freelancer
Yeah. Sacramento is the closest thing to me on this trip. Most places in the nation, the distance from here to there would cross 3 or 4 states. It's almost as easy a plane flight to go to Provo as to Sacramento, and I'm reasonably sure it's a more interesting town.

I seriously question the judgement (or maybe just the calendar) of whoever scheduled this visit. Cahleefooorneea's Capital is NOT where I want to be on this Election Day.

Just saying.
Marcus W
5. toryx
Yep, I'd throw my hat in if there was a stop less than 3 hours away from me. Alas...
Evan Langlinais
6. Skwid
I had a great time as a Storm Leader last year, so I'd encourage all interested individuals who don't mind a solid day of work to apply!
7. CescoAiel
Dang! Can you please include the Netherlands in the tour? I'd apply in a heartbeat!

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